Zach Randolph, come on, man. 8/10

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Thursday, August 10th

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I'll tell you it here's a handy tip. Your day isn't going great if it's TMZ sports reporting when. So go to the king's. It really happen Zach Randolph. The news was on teams he sport's first time now explain NASA's teams he does a decent job. I I don't never said that I wouldn't of senate couple years ago. Am been wrong about this at all attractive and out front on this story. Since it happened I've been read the LA times all day and believe it or not teams these guys. I'm the bottom line for the kings that they got an offseason distraction they didn't want the bottom line for the king is that they don't. They they have now a challenge to them that that they didn't anticipate in it isn't whether or Zach Randolph can play basketball future not 'cause coursing camp. He was arrested and LA overnight. Essentially late at night by early this morning he was. He had posted. A bond and left jail. But it was arrested last night on a marijuana possession charge. The quantity within a second but that the British the short of it is that. That the kings. As an organization as a front office Gilani. The back. Dave Dave for that matter awoke today to an absolute. Completely unnecessary distraction. And some that are probably take some time in some energy and without knowing anything else including I don't really know what the but the legal do about it whenever it comes down. Something will happen Zach Randolph probably apt is a Ford. But in addition all that big kings. Once again Keyon not. Enjoy a placid offseason. Listen coming up in a last year and in my opinion is my experience almost every of the to Marcus was involved with the team. I never felt as though things are placid anyway because there was an awful lot roiling I'm not saying is to Marxist fallen saying those years if you really line at the Marcus. In the ceased since those are remarkably tumultuous years a lot of it was coaching changes on the staff was unexpected. I'm there was rarely in offseason where you felt like a group kind of calmed down here. Last summer was. Equally sort of weird to with Davy you're actually in being hired in coming in. It was still a notion that the front office was a wreck there were open questions about the next leadership and ownership. Some of them came from this show and I regret not having it all was all spot on I think that. That the king's direction. Was an open question. And because that there wasn't much about it offseason than ever felt class. That the draft didn't feel the offseason moves in field. Like it was any sort of necessary unifying purpose. A lot of that went away over the last several months. Yes summit that was Scott Perry did a very professional diver was there that long summer can say it was all because one guy. Some of it was the franchise calming down. And maybe even. Gaining a real sense of of what planning for the future feels like. Some of it was to markets being dealt that was it a looming decision. Over their head collective head of the franchise. I doubt that it was any one of those things by itself but sort of taken together. And then and then paired with. A draft which seemed not only reasonable but in many ways. I'm through a forward thinking and cause for some optimism. And a free agent period in which speaking Israel at a couple of pieces that. I think you can argue are very least useful. And at worst. You know. Not tremendous but not costly. So there was this sense that the franchises moving along at a fairly. In a home down manner. Last summer. You know. There was. I'm sort of the that was on there was offseason upheaval of course. There was there was Ty Lawson at some point it was Collison at some point. I'm. And and and this year. I don't know it also pretty get I guess that's one of saint though pretty get. Up pretty good. Zach Randolph arrested overnight for wheat. Two pounds is what again in two pounds of wheat. So two pounds of weed by any law mean ends you know parlance becomes. Intent to sell whether he had any intent to sell. Isn't it I'm not saying it's beside the point it'll become the point. Somewhere along the army is the point now you can be charged with a felony. It just got out of the quantity of weakness in your possession according to TMZ two pounds of pot. His agent and attorney and man named Raymond Brothers. Told the AP today those charges are false and misleading. We're looking at all options to resolve this matter. The kings issued a king's statement. That said we and Armand who we is we are aware of the situation we have no further comment this time we have a comment and also Swedish army further comment. But the kings have a challenge because they have trying to figure out what it is that happened. First and foremost and have fear out what the NBA thinks about it or may or what the NBA may find if it investigates further. The circumstances surrounding the incident are not good. It was late night and or wasn't there in the morning it was you know before 11 PM but it was in a real bad part of LA Nixon gardens. Is an aryan watts. Huge crowd that had gathered. They were smoking or drinking they were playing music. Blocking the roadway I guess is what caused the cops going in trying to disperse the crowd. Was Akron office subsequent subsequently arrested in appears as though after that when a couple of apprehensions were made there's not a guy arrested. On a charge of being in possession of a gun as an ex convict. If you go if you know Zach renounce. Personal history you know that he has a history of questionable associations that go back to high school and before. Although it seemed as though the time in Memphis and put a lot of that to rest so here's Akron enough in a terrible place at a terrible time. I'm in possession or at least having us on his person. Of them staggeringly big amount of a weed. And that each arrests and navigate charge so he's charged with a felony where it goes from here I don't know but. For the king's. I say not China porn outlook the kings have to deal with that they'll deal with it. Things happen in the NBA I don't think Zack with he misses time you might miss a little bit of time but to me the bigger thing is tournament. He's been a lot of time in Memphis kind of turning around your image you spent some time in Memphis. Really digging into the community to Zack Randolph was beloved. By the time Siebel by the time he left Memphis by Tommy looked the grizzlies it was really popular. And there are lots of reasons why is really outgoing guy he's he's. You can be incredibly emea big person. And he was clearly being in the community did a lot of stuff that really helped put reached out for him there in Memphis was a tough parting for Yemen for them. But this is issued Dick curiously stupid you're in the wrong place at the wrong time with absolutely the wrong crowd that's best case scenario. The best they can possibly be said was you were in the wrong place the wrong time of the wrong people. And for the kings the little worry here's Akram Austin 36 year old man eagerly wants but for kidney kings as a front office the problem here is. That's exactly the element that they were trying to get rid. That was that Matt Barnes. Element that they were trying to get read. In some respects cousins of dogs I've please understand I'm not Lincoln Emma. Directly but in some respects. They they what they wanted was sort of a drama free period didn't get it. Didn't get a maybe they won't have for awhile now. So this is pickings offseason now is trying to figure out what happened to get out in front of the story before the story overwhelms the kings stay. A law did. We need. A news Stephen name I appreciate it it's. Rated by some and take.