You'll never guess why a Kings' player is in the news now... 8/8/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, August 8th
The Guys also talk about the NBA opening and holiday TV schedule!

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What do we make it describes sterile mr. rob. Lil Wayne is upset if frank Mason or they've got they've got a business dispute here. In 28 teen. Mason fired young money. At the end at the urging of a former why an employee. Because while Mason signed a Wii's these young money AP AEA sports group in April 2017 red for the draft it's part of the deal. Young money says that advance frank Mason 40000 dollars agreed to pay its pre draft expenses 52000. Dollars what. A pre draft in hook them up with the 111000 dollar diamond young money changed the but then it's when he eighteen as I mentioned. Mason fired young money OK but now a young money is asking the judge to force Mason C a demanding 92000 in cash plus. The chain plus damages she wants a chain back well why cancel Mason's contract stated. That if he ever left the agency he had to repay the money and give back his story. Oh. All right and you just sign that this is a paper case. Is very similar all Muller thing okay. If he's got the docs he's got the docs and I don't know whether he does or not but that's their case okay. So frank Mason needs someone to argue that contract isn't valid for some reason something happened to nullified the contract that's actually it's kind of outside of work over the chain yeah 92000 dollars in cash Mason. He made one point three mil last season which would allow up to do but if you make one point three mil in someone's demanding 92 foul been. On its. That's a lot of money tests if they wanna know that's like you they can go to court to get it. But how much you want to obtain a court costs as a whole other story. While that works itself out I didn't actually know that that was misrepresentation anyway. Not anymore. Not now on. But the kings allies they don't know news none news. There's no kings news but they're so interesting right the sac town royalty points up what those kings are always in the headlines. The kings are not mentioned in the news NB ATV schedule for opening week Christmas Day and Martin Luther King Jr. day. Because they unveiled the national schedule anything jump about it Jack how about that Christmas schedule. Yeah I mean. What jumped out at me was that did you know you can tell by that. If if you just look at opening night are opening week even and Christmas and an MOK you know the teams that the on networks a party decide the mustard to the sixers are in their for a lot for example. I'm you already know the warriors are gonna be on TV Celtics gonna be ought to the Celtics will be a lot but the sixers are you know. Exactly what the networks a sort of looking for these young there's a lot of energy. You're thinking the best days are ahead so there suddenly very attractive so their early games are being followed pretty closely. By the way show up on Christmas and on MLK day. Also that is a tried and true formula those of you who may have been watching gospel for a long long time when you're one game week. It was the lakers the box the knicks and the Celtics who occasionally might get the bulls. Or. Does about it yeah only there was a scheduling core yeah but no that that was it for the national game. Lakers knicks bucks and Celtics lakers knicks was pretty close to prime lakers Celtics was okay. And that's salad no structural so if you just got to go. At Christmas Day is the usual you know full racked up five game. Set start finish box nicks in there. Okay see in the rockets why hasn't thunder I was on TV six herself enough that thunder and everybody understands and lakers warriors and that trailblazers. G. As I'm not really sure what happened there that was the one kind of jumped down ms. Palin admit that your last game it seems like. Just to be just going on played hits lakers who worries should be getting he'd finished with a clippers or team that's been on Christmas still on the Chris you're clippers are no longer. A star studded correct yeah you can you can see who. The networks are looking for and yachts I mean I know they wanna have five games I'm saying. Even order seems a little odd seems like the lakers warriors would be a late game no matter what power be ordered. You have lakers warriors as the last game. As sort of your prime prime game no the well the prime game is the next the last game the last scheme is the one that's starts at 10:30 eastern yeah right. So you know people watch that as much the prime game of the the lakers were to be on that 8 o'clock eastern 5 o'clock our time. Yeah it and that's true although on LK day the last game is attempt thirties or cern in nets lakers warriors so. Meant I mean it depends on how many market. Well I did get on all it's always about market size but lakers warriors whether it's at 5 or 7:30 Pacific is gonna get huge numbers. Even a late start billion big numbers so yet the usual suspects wherever LeBron goes. Plus the lawyers currently. And then as what he said you know the Celtics could be crazy not to have the Celtics on T a lot because they. Should be very watchable seasons can open up October 16. That's not far away though it's not yeah I exclusive double header on TNT sixers against the Celtics and the warriors hosting the Seattle Sonics. So on and yeah it. They don't have to while Oklahoma City Seattle Sonics he means that under. Yeah the Seattle Sonics he's like I said yes and before the game wears get their teams are brings anyway to me the story there is October 16 then that's almost here already. Well not relieve it purports to yeah. It is. And Adam and it looks like by the way it looks like Carmelo is given a verbal to the rockets. Of course yes I mean it did yes I'm I'm. They've they've done everything but figure out paperwork and that's exactly what everyone understood was gonna happen and now be the rockets problem or whatever. Told him that they'll finally be passed all the talking in L actually one day Antonio wake up you know next week at some point say OK now I've got. Now I think we're gonna look back at that that team next year and say man that windows are shut on them an honorary veteran. When I'm not that they're gonna be bad but there I don't think they're gonna win 65 games again you know they're not going to be I mean in. Haven't two chances to eliminate the warriors on their home floor right in there also one chance what do you know the bear. The dynamics of the lead of the conference around them. Are you know pretty amazing teams get eaten. You know progressively better fast. And the rockets didn't really image they're adding Carmelo but they I'd say lost more than man. And you know for everybody else is says Chris Paul's a year older and you know even some of the really good supporting players are your older. You know getting you know on the far aside their careers yet the last couple years is Daryl Morey says. He said in its all about the warriors closed the gap on the worst and I'm not sure who really did. You could argue the lakers closed the gap on the words but that's still a big gap. Yes or like say in the lakers close the gap on the field a little bit yeah yeah other than that nothing the rockets have fallen back. I think so I'm I'm I'm now may be the thunder a little bit by you know addition by subtraction. I think so again like I think so but I'm so. You know my opinion on Carmelo is so biased by what happened last season with asunder that. It's I'm I should its course it's possible. Debt Gerald Lawrie is right and debt in Dane and Tony is gonna have some greatest years Carmelo whatever that is that whatever is greatest use. Antonio figured out. Maybe but CF it's not a matter of them Sam while we got to do that it's a matter of we don't have many options left here what's left of forests. That's not great but it's the best option available yeah. Make my daily all Carmela that the rockets is about right now it's like well if we don't do that we don't have any better options not like yeah we're right back where we were I think they know it. Maybe. It's maybe they knew that a reason lesson to stay maybe they knew he's gonna get an offer that Regis can't. Touch even if it's a one year we can't throw fifteen mile that at that one we don't have it to get it. You know we can't pay attacks that time maybe that was it but as soon as you know reasons leaving and I don't know if what they thought about mbah a moute. Maybe that was more surprising but that's those two losses he was hurt last year take you down quite a bit. When they have learned about hard knocks you watch at the end it's been like tomorrow. Nice day there throughout the credit them last night yeah I guarantee Rowling's. And bearish Judd Gregg Williams yes bounty gate Gregg Williams. He's got her rehab his coaching career pretty insane guy he always was so yeah I mean he's gonna have to publicly I guessed it he's as.