You have to be a better NFL reporter at this level... 2/9/18

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Friday, February 9th

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Hillary lion pride it's even more than usual if that's possible in this next segment because we have a story about reporting. Heidi report on things and how you don't it affects all of us were sports fans it all starts with TV dropped low. Who today signed that deal why daughter in 37 and a half million over five years making him the highest paid player in NFL history. Jimmy gee was asked today if you ever imagine being the highest paid player. You know I saw my brother who nonetheless. Has played four hours flying here and everything inside and got a new dual masters look to my mom this is a reality finite. But you always do lobbying Noel both quarterbacks and everything and this is just you know or something that's. Yeah I guess OK so we also. Heard reports that Tom Brady was. Threatened by Jimmy grapple. Yes if you are if you want her back to the EST unit yelling that suggested that Brady wasn't happy with the idea that drop low might be pushing him. And that's one version of of of events is that he wanna grapple moved out. Today though Boston Herald ran a big story write a column by Ron Borges saying that Tom Brady. Was gonna hold out and last he got a Jimmy or publicized deal from the patriots. Watts a big story that's a very big story so what's the problem. Well I am a couple really Whitey one of the problems is that it's false. And and then the other problem is is is is is how it came to be. In the first place the Boston Herald has issued a statement after the paper published an inaccurate story. Call by Ron Borges and today's herald regarding patriot Tom Brady's salary discussions was based on information which proved to be false. Herald columnist Ron Borges reported last night Brady plan to sit out part of team's offseason. And pre season working Lester received a contract comparable to drop low as I said so how in the world could an experience columnists like Ron Borges. Make such that such an egregious error. I'm not sure I can answer that but I can tell you what we think happened in this case because there's a guy who claims he knows. And the guy who claims he knows is the guy who says he can't finished Ron Borges. By texting him pretending to be. Don Yee agent for Tom Brady you're talking about WEEI collar nick in Boston can Boston never heard on Maroney. I hadn't neither until this story broke and I'm not even sure there's only one they can Boston new calls and called in today to say yadda I bet stories because of me. I am I I texted. Ron Borges. Until I was donkey. So this morning you figure that people are trying to figure out what it way it would in the world where did they get this why are they when they retracted it then and then nick in Boston calls WEE balances somebody tweeted Ron Borges is phone number. I just picked it up and for some reason I just thought hey I'll text him and Sam Don he. And he just went where that for some reason. Here's the funny part well it's all funny but here's the funny your part. He tried to call me three times I just an answer but then I was just like whatever screw it all his column and he's gonna know it's not Don he. But I column and I was just like hey Ronny at star and and so we gave them the story. And Ron Borges went with a well. That's the only version of events we have right so it's always possible that this guy's also strewn with Debbie. EI and that's a true you know what people don't typically do that though they they don't call up Sports Radio stations and say things in her trim mess around not and not often. Not often. Anyway. I'll say this no one has jumped up to say that's not what happened. And considering the Boston Herald already essentially retracted the story. It's always possible that he could have said. You know something to the effect of that's not what happened or retract the story anyway Borges is column has been suspended pending further review according to the Boston Harold so it sounds like we're I think we're in a cup and world of hurt here for a couple reasons one is that Ron boards is no kid he's been in the business a long long time. The aunt and and that he. This is just kind of basic journals and that someone texted him and it's a number he doesn't recognize. Then the very first thing you would have to do is absolutely verify identity. And there are lots of ways to do that even go to. If it was an issue he goes to even his own Boston Herald reporters. Because they all have access to Don Yee. Players' numbers you can't get the agents numbers practically walk up to you here here's IU country. I'm going to need to comment to you from time time some saying that if from gorges. Is a columnist at the Boston Herald Ali as do's call up his pages beat writer hey this guy says he's dying he is this the right number there's nothing to. So this version of events is what happened. It's kind of beyond. I mean it's beyond lazy because it suggests that he just. Called the number back and a apparently was satisfied that he was actually speaking on utility. And then wrote columnist. And that's Stephanie put your newspaper and a terrible suit me that's cute. This is your freest into if fears it doesn't matter if it's a printed newspaper fits you know. When you go to an editor and say a good story he says where's it from in you say. It's it's a source I trust. There in a tablet they either have to believe you or not and Borges at least according to what he trinity said he had multiple sources. That's another problem with the story again based on what we now. There's someone we know he had he had source but he hasn't commented publicly cents retraction I bet and they told them don't say a word I said earlier that no winners you point out well WEEI as a winner and Sosa Boston Globe of bright the box includes a winner. Well they're certainly a winner he committed plagiarism while working for the Boston Globe so he's not their problem anymore does you know guys trust street problem. It's shocking not pretty I think Ed werder I think it was at werder tweeted that's great congratulations to the prankster you just. Cost the guy's job trying to be funny. He asked but with that I mean yes of course it's stupid is yet give it had too much yeah there's no way in the world he should default that's right an Edward or would never fall for so I understand heat but Ron gorges is well liked guy don't get me wrong. Many people known very well in and all that I'm I've met him multiple times but. That's what this is about the means mean and Ed werder would have checked it five ways to Sunday. Because he's a reporter deeply invested in the processor reporting. So anyway that's what happened a guy set up reporter the reporter fell for it. The story runs everybody's embarrassed. He's suspended on obese fired Beattie suspended and and I think the pavers bigger problem is now after a back with at all as other stuff that say. Okay what was the source of this aground as a source on the ballot how much of it might have been fake news if you will yeah. In the vernacular to ever put some money he didn't exist I worked with the person at the sanity I know I remember you're thinking about that the this is not new. I days feel good. Cries what's the idea the Friday feel good what are we even bother. The idea of the Friday feel good surely lost on me that hasn't explained to me. The idea that you haven't yet been a long week they mean I feel great about things in your life. But then along comes lighting with this snappy background music. And he placed use story that kind of makes you put it on perspective and realized problems aren't so bad I could have been. Raw power guy Roberts. Miles Hamas. I could have been Robert mile Harman of CR EPO IS we see that history though great well Merrill. There right he was in the midst of a hunting party with three friends in Easton Maryland. Andy fellow waterfowl hunters fired they are blind shot. On a flock overhead yet. What could possibly go wrong I don't know yeah. A dead goose. It. Bell about ninety feet. Yeah and knocking Roberts mile how Marat out instantly causing head and facial injuries. It's. Win mile Emma came to US coherent but according to Maryland natural resources police quote unquote easy. They two can be ambulance to to the blue tint on the sideline. Yeah apparently he's got economist at that dead bird also knocked out two of mile hammers. T cells. And pay back and any sympathy from the from the Burton thousands of Canadian geese in the US migrate south each year. Filling the sky with a long be formations. Adult Canadian geese weigh about twelve to fourteen pounds that's a pretty good hammer from the went ninety's about ninety feet 23 get hammer yeah. Well jewel in Lillehammer. You know they are fired the shot now. Is mind his own business. The hawkers as the birds called for their noisy calls or pennant every. Contiguous US states and at least you're not known if your honor not we should not Robert to meal hammer of critical. Maryland you know but the story has a happy ending right because he's been called Ron Borges in. You know. Had a little fun and you know. I don't have a happy ending may be now I'm violating my story TV actually other. Happier ending he didn't wake up thinking he was telling me I'm trying to figure out this all dovetails ya OK fourteen parent whose fall from ninety feet can do a little bit of damage not good I will it keep my out this weekend is figure out to go to causeway who knows was flying around out there post shots fired often. Out on the on the nature preserve where I am often in the mornings they're actually from miles away it's only check behind the some time ago.