Ya just can't call him a game manager anymore. 10/3/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, October 3rd

Alex Smith's taking some chances during games because of the team he has.


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Last night she's 29 Redskins when he had to be politically correct. Casey over DC it was fun wasn't it in the last year Redskins. Well plead your Redskins fan and you watch the game. You just saw really gave gaming your team lost in the end and that was it is is you do you know the Redskins had. A drive with a chance score a touchdown couldn't get it got the dot the F Google. To tie it in the chiefs had a great final drive that's it then the extra points at the very end or really more for. Your line may vary a great Alex Smith. Stops if anyone raise an eyebrow by so that that's a data on the two minute drill that ended up winning. The aim for the chiefs you have to be Smart in that situation I think pick your spots but intimidate you trying to get some momentum going Tony is some you know positive yards on and I knew we had a couple timeouts so just trying to see if you can get to charge here there and look the religious on the second play with the scramble government it. And heck of a place rematch and then the cat so. You can't call him a game manager anymore at least not now at least not now. Alex Smith last night well let's see he's won a two quarterbacks in the history the NFL. With a completion percentage is 758. Passing touchdowns and no interceptions in his team's first four games of the season. The only other got to do that and hopefully four games through the season but the only other got to do that is Peyton Manning and 23 team. He went on to throw 55 touchdowns and that may not happen at 5477. Yards. To right now Alex Witt game manager knowing eight and it has a lot to do all the weapons he has that's all afternoon as coach flip the ball here and Kareem honor somebody's grabs it runs seven yards yeah. I'm a huge advantage to have the kind of versatility that they have their offense right now but really if you look at what Alex Smith did on balance last night. It reads. It's a media slightly exaggerated version of what they always ask him do he was 27 of 37. Four. To 93. A rights and and in a normal game he might be 27 of 38 forward to fifty years have been a touchdown and no picks that's really in Alex Smith game the difference is that in crunch time. Alex Smith was able to ticket team right down the field and that's why I think you see this operator must have crater is. He's been in this game so long is still performing at such a high level that keep confidently took Kansas City down the field the chiefs are. Fun to watch right now in lesser raider fan you don't like the chiefs and I respect the heck out of that not only because they have so many outstanding skill players but it. They've got a coach. Who's not afraid of a wrinkle or two case in point last night from pro football talk fourth quarter third into ball on the redskin 33 Alex Smith. Shotgun. He's got Korean hunt to his right. Alex Smith takes a step back. Travis Kelsey the tight end comes from the right side of the line. To replace Smith where he had been standing and he got Tyreke kills shifted from the left slot to the left of Kelsey. And then eventually Kelsey takes this now. The tidy and takes a snap fakes a handout they hill runs the ball into the middle for first yeah. It direct snap. It was an interesting play as one and they're real a couple of really interesting plays and I think someone. Who has it and maybe it was Jay gruden actually in the days leading up the game was talking about how Andy Reid's tough. Attempt to plan for. Because he's such a creative play collar and yeah some Mosul backfired and they they ran another play it it might be on the game winning drive the field will drive that is. We're dream hunt lined up. Behind Alex Smith moved to Alex Smith's left kind of moved to his left hip but then cut back right. Behind a pulling guard who swung around it was a really unconventional. Play and I noticed Jon Gruden noticed it he said wow. That is a really unconditional run play I mean it was really not designed to do anything they give Kareem hunt not a different back him especially. This little sliver of cut daylight. Which she sliced through from. Actually I don't do on them. Mowing the halfback and others fullback rival what does that mean first guys ignite their again well used to be as that's basically it these two call for only way back when. The linemen would they were before words and a guy who is all the way back was the full back. Halfway between the fullback in the forwards was back half back as he's halfway back. Halfway between that halfback in the forwards was the quarterback. What makes perfect sense actually at least it's a term that makes parents might get it. I'm and now in these days you'd be key piece to the creators would be a little confused as quarterbacks not there anymore. He's way back here at the fullback used to be this is weird but Alex Smith as they say not a game manager eight completions on passes traveling more than ten yards downfield. Tied for the second most in his career including a touchdown pass to Travis Kelsey on the first play after first charged Norman got hurt. Alex Smith has four passing touchdowns on throws like that this year matching his total from all. Of last year he they they bring involved in all this announces. You know it's nine. In any feud if it if he took dream and how this mix I don't think would be having this conversation. Sometimes it's about to be a little bit lucky and have any guy turn out to be way more and you thought it was going to be NBA and able to incorporate a rookie. In your offense the way they're doing I think it's given Alex Smith. A license to to take some chances that they didn't have before I bought by the way I think moms would enjoy that same benefit. I wouldn't argue about Alex missed motivation. Is at the very least like he's motivated for his next job in case this is it in Kansas City. Is this a thing mark Chrysler in I again ask yeah. Rise guys present is that it didn't I guess it's. First when he eight minutes of the game the chiefs no points. Pressure percentage 44%. Last 32 minutes. After Norman was injured in mourning three points. 22%. Pressure percent and yet. Absolutely that's the thing straight up that the Redskins this guy classes gums like you did against the raiders what he can play he's just he's a player and you know he cleans up a whole side of the field defensively it changes how you how you set up every pass play and you point out they went right Kelsey. You know right in the spot norm would have been it's going to be ready and on the next play again immediately and and you know. Did the key play of the field will drive the wind what was the winning sequence was Alex Smith scrambling right kind of breaking pocket and scrambling right. And it's Albert Wilson I guess 22. Broke free. And I kind of unchecked upfield. And seriously just normal would have never let that happen that he just wouldn't have been heated tried it but it would have been covered Alex Smith has since saw it. You know released its 37 yard gain changes everything on you know I it's definitely a thing. It to me it makes it more impressive though what the chiefs have done without Eric Berry. Not that he's Josh Norman but he's awfully good. End to lose a guy that good on your defense is still the plane at the level they're playing is really compress it. Couple more chiefs numbers that are just mind boggling cream 177. Of his honor and one rushing yards in the second half. His second half yards or more than any other players total rush yards for the season. He's got more yards in the second half a game this year than anybody else has an old games and hunt with yards from scrimmage this year. 659. Second most in NFL history through players first four career games the only guy with more yards from scrimmage this is for Rudy. Yeah if you've been watching football and a the only guy with more yards from scrimmage then hunt. Over his first four NFL. James was Billy Sims in 1980 yen down here with Detroit yes 745. Area. Really remember him being much on past catcher users and he was probably all on the ground. But just think like Kansas City thought the year mine hole. And then they realize maybe they realizing camp I don't know well. Deck guys went. Wait a minute. And Andy Reid is so quick on his feet when it comes to offense that he. He you know not that he retooled the offense but he figured out ways to take advantage of Korean hunt. From game balloon from Thursday night in in in Foxborough. They had Korean hunt already figured out like we love this. This guys with a it's he now. He they they they figured out how to take a rookie and immediately make him not the centerpiece of the offense but by far the most featured high political copped to it I think a lot of us all of this speak for myself on Oz we'll speak with that massive project and mr. Armey Mac one apparent. Are you thinking is expendable he's very expendable yeah. And they really haven't even got I mean. As the season goes on I I I have to think you're gonna hear more from Tyree kill so there's you know they got some in reserve stow. Mr. and Sacramento as a couple touchdowns already for the ravens and he's he. The raiders from this week I don't I don't think there's any doubt that they do wish they still adamant they couldn't keep everybody. And the reality is. Albert Wilson's has stepped up huge and with Kelsey function like a receiver which is something they've enjoyed before. Tony Gonzales was their guy they know what it's like to have a tight end who's a receiver. It's just a huge bonus huge bonus to have a guy like that. The niners had that a few times over the years so we're really good bottom line the raiders better out of their car backed by the time they play the chiefs. Yeah and I would imagine if they're best case scenario would be some it would be beat Baltimore this weekend at home. Grind down an ugly win over the ravens the charges came toss up who knows in the end. It's a short week which are hoping you have car back in basically. In two and a half weeks to the Thursday night game against Kansas City can get their car back on the field. Beyond I mean honestly beyond that nobody no one knows you know who the chiefs have coming up now. He deja on what sedan. With a I think you had is. Is that how I miss is that this weekend. That's the thinking get Houston's next bill O'Brien talking Sunday about I'm get my team rated player James that's exactly oh it's the Sunday night yeah. Okay cities of the yen said this seats go from the Monday night game the Sunday night game. I'm where alligators there is that Houston. What's tough to pick against the Texas right now and home on a Sunday night short week further. Chiefs it's only Tuesday by its football locks dot com says Kansas City minus one and a half. Just so you know. I'm doing they right now but I know if I did tell it to Houston after last night's game anybody's fool if they're from the I'm Greg I know exactly what I think.