The window has already shut on last year's best team in the NBA 7/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, July 10th
Was the Rockets the best team last season?

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Sure the warriors won the NBA title last year but during the regular season the best team in the league with the Houston Rockets right 65 wins and I think the window on them being the best in next year's RD. Shots. And there are hoping to land. Or Melo Anthony who has. Received permission right from your team here thundered to talk to other clubs yeah and Carmelo was according to reports meeting with the other teams. The rocket's third team their their their. Kitchen Carmelo are they want Carmelo and they wanted to come in there and help fill the void created by. The free agent defections of Trevor resent and Luc Mbah a Moute. But even that. If they get Carmelo Anthony obviously defensively they're lose and a lot bear. And then that's just assuming. That everything goes smoothly with him playing with a new team new system here it even a best case they're losing something. Defensively oh yeah. And I think there were soffit they don't give him because and they got a gaping hole at that position. So here when you've got so many good teams. And you've got the lakers and you've got in the west you've got the warriors in their improving. It looks like anyway on paper and then the rockets taken a step back you're good luck. Barring unforeseen circumstances regarding you know help or something sari is you know I'm gonna run it back like you did like Chris ball says are gonna do. Did their best case scenario. Is too. Compensate for the lack of defense with a little bit more offence but to do that here. If they sign a Carmelo they're they're adding a guy. Who shot. His worst percentage of his career last year. And scored a career low point for game. It's not as simple as that and you can always be better and a different system or or you know in a different situation. But. Reason I think is the biggest loss they've suffered and by the way they're kind of at a stalemate with Capellas. That's another got a Avant resigning yet because their first offered to him was apparently way below. Not a little but way below what he was hoping take to obtain them so they haven't even cleaned up you know their their mess yet. And I'm just look I watched Carmelo lot I didn't admittedly because last year for the knicks I was paying very much attention to the next but I watched him a lot last year and he's a bad player right now. He can score but his scoring costs use cell much the owner of the or. Says luxury tax is not impacting the rockets' decision once they re sign Chris Paul for years a 160 million. And it was virtually guaranteed that they be paying the luxury tax. So the owner says we know we're going to be in electric tax. And if you wanna compete for Jimmy tip after elect unless you get really lucky Gannett. Be in the luxury tax so it is what it is it never even came up in any discussion but to your point about capella. According to ESP NN sources the rockets initially offered him sixty mil over four. And it looks like he's. Hoping for something more along the lines of Steven Adams. Four years hundred million dollars yet I don't think they can do I don't think it's a question of whether they would want to I don't think they've got. Item dated debt because that. Everything they're doing now pushes them into luxury. Tax. You know penalty. And after resigning Chris Paul big I mean. It's astronomical what it would cost them to give capella deal and it's can't do it or more of the GM acknowledges I mean this again is a brilliant GM. He says both Trevor and mbah a moute were a big part of our team that's part of my job and our staff's job is to put together new group for this year we feel confident. We need our best team on April 15 were gonna either sign or trade or something to get this back to where we need to be and we also really like our group. Share it but there's almost inevitably going to be at least a little bit of a drop off there oh yeah. Although he I wouldn't put past me is very creative GM shear but they're you know my Carmelo or something now don't look like it's meego Carmelo can work for them. I'm in and in that specific way of you know of of them. The offensive threat he doesn't do a lot of Soria in the I would argue that his offense is way overrated by it. Whatever you want me to have them but but his I agree with you but certainly he's shown that he can be yeah I. He can have a lot of offensive impact I think those days are done by you could sue after the rockets gonna roll the dice on some hey maybe we plug him in the yes or do we find some there yes and again. And I think is a very important to remember. He's. He fits in other ways he's basically in mid level exception. But with the defender have pain so he's a guy can afford honestly mean and he might be the most palatable. Out of the guys that you think you can afford who would actually signed for a mid level exception or something like. That's about all the rockets have to offer so apparently the rockets have met with Carmelo back coached in Tony was there he had a rocky relationship with Carmelo. And it was described as Whitey Chrysler ask who. Yeah so you local. That he shows is considering yes. That all kidding aside and Tony made it clear to Carmelo. That he thinks now is different does this will be great we're yup. They're gonna love it here we're gonna look at it. I did Tony has to sell right now. And partly that's because Miami's not a bad option it I don't know how serious Miami is. But it's been reported dead Spoelstra would like to have Carmela Spoelstra a Spoelstra partly is described as a strong advocate of signing Anthony. And he could be a major player for them at power forward yeah they they actually have a starting spot for him. Whereas I don't know it Houston's think in. But it's been reported by that in BA writer and here's Jonathan pagan and covered them rockets on an everyday basis for about 25 years. That their pitch. Would be. Two Carmelo would be for Carmelo to possibly come off the bench and anchor the second units with Chris Paul. At that sounds like a really. It sounds like a really tough way to try to convince Carmelo Anthony a ball people to come to your team well and he has made it clear has any that. Quote it's something I really have to think about up I really wanna be this type of player finish out my careers this type of player knowing that I have so much left in the tank. And it brings so much of the game of basketball that's reset and April it about essentially coming off the bench him. Yeah I mean that's. That's the issue is is that he started. Every game he played for Oklahoma City he started until the plants now maybe were not given enough credit because he said my focus would be on kind of figuring out what I want. And the rest of Mike Grier. What I wanna my future what I am willing to accept so maybe Smart guy maybe he's gonna get to a point where is gonna say yes I'm going to have to accept a lesser role than it would surprise me but. Certainly possible yes. And and eat you know you don't have to guess you can note it did general mores are to work on other contingencies in Houston Chronicle reported that they talked to James Ennis urges people and collective unit trying to figure sign green they brought green back right. And date. I think that they day. The word out he says that they really new reason would leave because usually look for money that they they contain. Button. Mom it's a date didn't know until. Yesterday. Or probably Americans they probably news Sunday that. They thought it was not at all clear that they would lose him and from the Houston Chronicle Jenny doubt creek says Carmelo and the rockets operate fit. Carmelo Anthony specialty is an Ali has been. Name on the back get right to meet Leila I know it doesn't work with everyone that I eat. It's called up about not being clear all the time that a special eat there is no better coach in the NBA. At facilitating that specialty MI and don't. That's the system he created in you and the majority evidence James Harden and compelling him and he wouldn't have to understand that. When hard pressed England went holing a breather if you have another guy who does what don't you guys you don't you don't have to change anything not when you're Iraqi. And a lot of an end and then things that he had been viewed at the egos back to be well. But aren't here basketball. He does it was what Iraq and inning. Their shots their forum but Kenny holed does so. Into the bargain at the other end of the floor. Now probably not nuts I really not the rockets I think that rockets are gonna inevitably. Take a step or two back this year and there were so close and her so close to her and I can't really get that close this year there's really banking on. I'm Dan Tony style kind of winning even a tough times and end. On Chris Paul being generally healthier not just we're always that easy easily can't plan so many minutes yeah it's easy to think about the last you know couple games of the conference finals that he missed I think 24 in the regular season two they got to maintain him if they really want him.