Why the Cavs are more pretender than contender 5/24/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, May 24th
Are they hiding something?

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Okay yeah I said that. Home team and win all the games. Long ways to go yet I mean. Right now given up on the cavs only. It but I didn't take off. I mean it's it's it's kind of been trending one way in this in this series but the losses have been bad losses. And that that's. Usually assign. Of a team that isn't completely new Gaby can be really badly might I can't explain Boston losing by what they did but that's. A figure they at least played a close game in Cleveland yet they feel like they've gotten a little better each Simon in Cleveland here's Al Horford on the chance to you. Close out the series in Cleveland tomorrow night. Did were supposed to do we won here you know. Big game five fluorescent. And now we have a big challenge to go on the road. The first game we don't play very well the second one I felt like we played a little better over there. And we we're gonna have to tune to play great game come Friday. Because you know there's Tulsa home yes. At least in our series they'd be malicious have their way. So while we have to make sure that we're really. Focused and committed to playing the right way. The whole game thing do you know we've done that spurts over there we have to be more consistent. And bossy Coach Brad Stevens on clothes and at the cavaliers. Seth play the next possession the right way and do that as much as you can't 48 minutes it's it's easier said than done. You know it's two to do we want to do we still have to beat this team one more time. And it's hard winning game in the NBA takes. Tonne of preparation takes time to focus takes time effort. And that's what's that's the task. Yeah. Still got a winning game. And I do it's not inconceivable of course that LeBron and the cavaliers find a way to win the series I don't think they well but certainly it's. If they win the next game a lot of people are gonna be thinking well they got all the momentum now LeBron in game seven against young team forget about it. But in my opinion Boston's gonna win this series and I think Cleveland is I think they're more pretender than contender. Here's why here's one reason why the cavaliers have lost five games by double digits this post season. Only one team is made the NBA finals after losing at least five post season games by double digits. That was up Portland in 1990 and they lost to the pistons in five. But here's another thing that's perhaps more germane to the conversation. Boston last night in transition they had twenty transition points. Tied for their most in a playoff game over the last two seasons. Cavaliers nearly had as many turnovers as it it points in transition. On the cavaliers transition defense last night west air bubble and terrible I mean boss is coming down. And you saw a number times Applera like Tatum. Would be able to come over half court gets stopped key look around and see that are taken the basket because the cavaliers were in disarray right sometimes at guy's face in the wrong way turn if. Got to my got to guard here ya ya was terrible I think that's a big part of it is the quality of the of the of the win for Boston. Was notable and I and it but I just think that Cleveland's. If if you if you believe that these series are chess matches. I think Cleveland getting. Maneuvered into a tough spot. Like the Celtics have figured out a lot of what they wanna do they were able account or move on the Horford. On Cleveland's ability to bottle Horford for example. They've they've they've come out when multiple ways. T you harassed just about everybody not named LeBron and they can live with LeBron going off if it I think they've. In and I don't think that there's too much in that. In that lineup in Cleveland or on the bench that really scares Boston. Not from a defensive standpoint right. The price feel that they can go defend defend just about everybody that tightly might reach for corporate about the the only real wild card in my opinion. Because he's hard to defend. Mean he gets a shot off so quickly and if he's hired. He can he can change a sequence our opinion changing game they can change seek Clinton you know he can change several minutes and a quarter. Buddies he's hard to guard really simple to guard that is you do know how he got. Guarded you know what you gotta keep him from duke Brett aware exactly but I'm just saying he did because he needs a little daylight he can be real close to playing great defense on him and he can get a shot up. Just through the sliver of a of one Venus for. Not even a breakdown so tomorrow night is is gonna be LeBron James last game as a Cleveland cavalier. I think they win the game and I think I remember now I went every game no. But I think he might be playing. In his last few weeks are as last week as a cavalier. I I'm sort of work my way back around of that thinking. Oh really well I am partly though I think the class a comment on it in some ways won because watching the team you realize how far they are. From where he would need them to be next year in order to make sense for him Stan. If if if what he's got us continue to pursue my fuels continue to pursue its hard look at that roster. Even put everybody healthy and say yeah yeah I can really see it. You know their after falling behind Boston. Com remember they were. Fourth in the east this year via I just it's tough I don't it's hard to see Jeff Finger on the assessing the bronze and his cast performance at dot. You know he had a game now was very forgettable tonight he continues to turn the ball over a high rate. I defensively not as energetic as we saw in Cleveland particularly in game three. And so he's gonna have to be great but he's got to get some help you don't look like Dodd had a good game. Everybody else had a very very below average offensive output. Moon then that gets his background to the LeBron was tired conversation yeah. I don't he definitely didn't have as much energy our enthusiasm as he typically does for whatever reason that's true in the turn over is look some more just straight sloppy. And that can happen in a playoff against a really good defensive team but he can also be the sign of guys. Being carried his team has backed forever I I I buy into it I mean I don't I'm not trying to. There's no excuses in the playoffs and if he wants that too tired to win that would really be a shame and I doubt continuance can never say that. But he did he click. I am not set and I'm a broken record but he played the most minutes of anybody in the NBA this year broken what. Record you know whenever they they used oppressed these things on vinyl and back now I can yeah ground can have one for 35 dollars now why. But she he played he let the NBA in minutes played. He's leading Indian policies in minutes played they're just I've emptied into the ground. So either he's just so great that it won't matter or he may have a game or even a quarter. In which he's a little low energy or. He doesn't get the rest that tightly wanted to give them because the circumstances dictate he can't stay on the bench and he's come back in the game by the way sir Chad Vander Venus calling you out on the Twitter Chad intervene Chad Vander being you know we were I was asking you. About. Kings fans are they pro warriors because they're local or because there's so so much fun to watch her. Are they anti warriors because they're kings fans who and you said to some bouts. You think warriors transcend something rather yeah this currently discouraging as you Chad Vander being on Twitter says mark is wrong as a bitter and disappointed kings fan. I can tell you the warriors transcend not paying. And last year ten. Wow all. That it's. Through the dominant right there Chad Vander being duly noted Chad thank you. Somehow we doubt in my college route I would never been question your bitterness. Had I put it nicely. I believe your bitterness. I think that they're an awful lot of people are following the warriors and as much that may disappoint you to hear it they are you know there's also a lot of people have warrior fatigue. Whether they're kings fans or not but I get that 20 I think they're so good now they get Kevin Durant went there all they think they're so good he thinks he's so good he's binary exacting way for them to lose those people are watching to see that assisted. The warriors have become. What the NBA would love for them to be which is a little bit villain. They were good in there are great story and they were the you know positive story and gathered the villains story a little bit and that's good for the NBA to their very watchable. And it's I don't have any doubt that there are some kings fans who it's they'd never not familiar I don't care. But I'm you asked me what in general in this market I think a lot of people are watching north I think round and against them that there ought to round one of the Chrysler. Intervene beef goes to I think it goes Chad and has done. Well played Chad thank you honored with the.