Why an 8 team college football playoff is inevitable... 12/5/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, December 5th

...and what it would look like this year. 


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Cogent responses to my question on Twitter how many episodes of security after watching one sitting to be binge. Watching it was a question for cried learn Jason Jones of the B. Says great question cutter christened it dynasty any answers yes and great question Christopher says in some states it's four but in California we are little more open minded so we call three shows and a night hash tags soft hinging. In Rick that's that Rick roll 314 assists for. Its foreign we have from. Juju mowed down for the total viewing time must exceed the longest of long movies that's the rule damage though. Thank you. Yes it would it be just like when every half hour series ever. With millions watching is also called binge you viewing or marathon viewing it thanks survey conducted by Netflix in February 2014. 73% of people defined binge watching this quote watching between two and six episodes of the same TV show. In one sitting frank. Vegan thing. Frank. Pick a number it's six obviously recent is amendment argued had been watching should be defined based on the context in the actual content. Of the of this to you later oh please thanks. Tried but he went in not responding and he hasn't said anything since the World Series are about that. The below it and and that was me doing Larry King. Yes I just fine thank you Wikipedia to his sixth thanks a lot got it is so basically anything more banks clearly it's for millions is clearly says but it's also possible that you don't have to you binge watch in one sitting. If you watch a whole show over a week's time you were bench watching that's possible to. We know we've been watched and only can we caught up on. You know forges new black whatever I write for a okay. You mean you just kept chipping away. Let's not into watching I'm sorry I'm just being more open minded to other people's views on this at all no not I'm try not to be so didactic. Yet now I mean you asked me did your big thing is others cried Larry and answer if ever uttered what I get an answer. You have a series isn't a sense it makes perfect sense unless it's three on the first day and then six in the sec I never in my dad has said it's six no I asked you when you said. If you watch three the first day six the second day. Urged it not been watching but if you are sixth birthday for his second they both have been wanting all of downing the first day Erica that the answer is six on the first day is binge watching inning you followed up at three or for the next day. You've knocked off most series are you gonna be binge watching any bowl game action. She her I won't because I'll be listening alike to listen on ESPN thirteenth when he more than I like to watch them right other than the right but here since I'll be home I'll be watching a guy you know Unita radio and home. I know we once did not know we count me in none of that you know maybe maybe signaled. Macon on of that as well it's and a few IndyCar and be great because I do and I understand it already happened sentences but salmon commuter you don't understand. And his Santa yeah I think his stand on our credit and new car. Prior Alia the words Santa so just about sent to skelley. I think that an eight team playoff in college football I think it's inevitable I think it's gonna take a long time don't they grab at any time soon the but I think we're get their mean there was a time we didn't have any. There we had to you now way up for Semitic let me. They you've got all this time now these teams are playing for awhile you've got the ball games already. It could be one way of even saving some of these bowl games you know what that's of all of able whatever and now it's actually a playoff game and how about that. So when you say inevitable you mean that you think that the put that the money push will eventually just win now yet and I haven't I haven't crunched the numbers but I think so well yes I'm not telling you made there. I I've I of a long time ago that wasn't my idea someone else came up when it first nine Dallas but. I ate 25 years ago I laid out a sixteen it's at fifteen game sixteen game bull playoff. Eat at the time and involve basically all of the bulls but every game was an elimination game. And it's unwieldy and it would never work but it might mean as what you're trying to do is just identify couple has. Quarterfinals the problem for college football before we go too far down this road is. Some of those teams now would be creeping up into the fifteen. Game or sixteen game. Kind of Iran. And big question would be is a university willing to lose as a regular season game. In order to because bill get pushed back from. Is it university presidents and even a DC say we can't play many games yes but mr. universe of president. We slide this over it that's how much money we stand to make. Right. Right so the same few schools and get filthy rich every year because the same you know. That the app out of out of eight spots between twelve or thirteen schools every year to be qualified for the same rates. Often so really tight about the richest of the rich and one half of the 1% in college football just trying to have some fun here it's too bad in a way that we don't have an eighteen playoff this year assuming everything else went the way it has gone. This year he had before the playoffs one Clemson would be playing eight USC. To you Oklahoma played number seven Auburn didn't. Three Georgia plane number six Wisconsin. And number four Alabama played a number five Ohio State's. Case. Free. Throw great games then of course you got number nine Penn State number ten Miami eleven Washington where we have what where we got snubbed you know that's always an app you'd also have conferences asking do we really have to play the conference championship. And the reason that they do by the way is money. Because if you know what difference does it make if Ohio State's in either way wise why would they risk plane conference championship now if you went to sixteen and maybe that's inevitable to. But then you'd have like Michigan State against Clemson in the first round I don't know if you have a legitimate sixteen teams. With a claim yet minus minus sixteen teams fifteen games I believe winnable broken down. And it's due schedule wise it's doable but again you're asking a few teams I've a very select few to play a lot of games guessing your team would play in the first round after it was a sixteen team team playoff we went to vs fifteen. TCU again yeah. I mean. The the idea was ever that even BCS as flawed as it was was really just an attempt. To satisfy the number of people who. For a long time rightfully asked why is division one football. The only college sports exercise in which they don't have a playoff and a national champion. You realize that for division one there FF CES now then and DT and everything else they've always had a playoff. Although some kind of is like we we we act like well how do you do a playoff and an. In college sports or how we gonna do this. Was every freaking level and every sport in college right now so of course it can be done how about Alabama against Stanford. First round if you had sixteen teams and play Pressler would just declare for the draft is not plan Alabama's defense I cam actually climactic. I'm sorry. That wouldn't be as good as maybe it looks on paper. Sixteen I don't think I don't think there's enough there there's enough I don't think there's enough quality there but eight I think is at least this year it is very doable. As everybody concedes. Yet it did that they've controversies actually kind of good for football and oh yeah it's not going away in on there's it's rigs. And Nancy go latest lapse that's great yeah. Football they. Like on wanna play quarterfinal on the number one team in the country. The what do money money you qualify six teams. And let three plays six and four play five in and you know what it to get I tell you what what are we wait a week before you start knocking more of our players out. I mean I think has what it that's what a guy like Saban would say is if I play myself to a one cedar TC. I don't want have to play some small Friday might have. Three good quarters one afternoon and knock us off that would also work this year 'cause one Clemson in your school to Oklahoma. Get the bye and then three Georgia placed number six Wisconsin and and again Alabama Ohio State and I'm. Imagine that it's headed toward an eight team playoff because it's cleaner. But if I were the one seed I would just wonder. Really does it matter what might play if I think I'm comfortably in the top eight. I aids in mountain I don't care about being a one seed by the way you know I like to joke and tease about Oklahoma there's nothing funny about that. The allegations against your star running back but woody woody got on that just the usual. I just read it puncher of course you know me we're not get through college football season about some slimy. I have no idea of the particulars of the case and it was longer charges of acts have been filed yet. But I and they may not be nobody protective order was issued against the player. So in his lawyers Ari on record as saying absolutely nothing happened you know it's just terrible story with a no upside. And it's the usual discussed that I feel every time college and college sports is is that tough but we we watch it we're all interest in it. It's low levels slimy. And my program and a different unfortunately. Seeing usual I have I don't. The weird thing is that here's 34 year old first time head coach by the way Lincoln Riley he probably doesn't you know delighted poll what do I do I play him. Can he practiced with us is under a court protective order. Connect even come on the field and there's gonna be someone at the AD level that says yes absolutely he's playing with you. Until they put in handcuffs. Is not coming off the field and that's wrong what's wrong for a lot of us with college football.