Who's more upset by Richard Sherman signing with the 49ers... 3/12/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, March 12th

Will Sherman have control of his "destiny?"


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Good news of your forty niner fan who has been blocked. By Richard German competitor he says he. Going over all of that and I need a list. He's in a forgiving space they need to list of people that he's gonna unblock. Because he's. Boy I there are too many signings that they could have made that would have generated more heat. And its coverage. It in in every way in it isn't just the niners signed Richard chairman which is definitely newsworthy but it's also. What Richard Sherman has said and what he has said about the Seahawks and what some Seahawks fans. Have said to him. Mean we can talk about the football side of the 49ers and we'll do that but in terms of just impact market impact. I'm not sure that they're very many bigger signings they could have announced. Now I don't know if he's exaggerating to make a point or this is true he says people in Seattle are quote out their burning my Jersey. C'mon I'm not the one who that meego they let me go I didn't abandoned anybody so it's interesting one of the few things. That some forty niner and some seahawk fans can agree upon is our man at stakes Richards refute exactly it that's terrible yeah and a feeling 49ers fans warm up to it may take a little while. If he's healthy right if he plays well great it is and play well I'll I'll bomb. He's never gonna really cost them too much if he can't play or if he can't play well. Dallas the other thing about it that was newsworthy that I guess I. I I I hinted at this last week he represents himself and one of the things about representing yourself as you may or may not know. What other teams think about it market value I'm not sure he got that far down the line because sound like he talked to the raiders. And Reggie McKenzie told them we'd site I can't figure and and the cap system there's Acadia. And the 49ers went right after him in you know a dinner in a negotiation later it was done. But like he he really wrote himself a kind of a one way deal very team friendly. Mostly incentives. So 49ers fans won't have too much to be upset about it he can't play can you won't cost them look it makes a Pro Bowl eight million dollars guaranteed the next year forms loses his media ability to control my destiny yeah putting NS have skin in the game I have skin in the game. In my former contract no matter what I did this year nothing would be guaranteed to be next year I couldn't feel secure in my contract now I play the way I know I'm capable of playing. I know I'm gonna get he'd. In quote interesting to me that he in the 49ers both said that they expect him to be ready for camp so. That would be one major. Mark it gets hit if he if he's able to show up right on time for camp. Because on his think from a 49ers fans perspective you first on his. Wait he's he's probably done right he's a thirty year old quarterback with a ruptured Achilles. So yah your right like he's gonna have to prove that he's okay. But if for whatever reason he doesn't they're not out too much. And they still have to go get secondary help and they know that so he's one answer not the answer I know it won't cost them all a lot of money but I can deceive if he doesn't play well we could cost them. Yardage on the field fans would be to have their own right about that you're absolutely right and there's no question they signed him to play him. Do you know John Lynch mentioned the mentoring. Thing I don't know if you saw his his prepared comments but he mentioned it just makes perfect sense he's like a coach. Potentially in the cover three absolutely also a kilo Witherspoon is their returning cornerback. Set last year well he's young and pretty good they like Camelot but he said last year that Richard Sherman is his caddie he models his. Tried to model his approach after. So now he'll be. Theoretically at least practicing playing alongside the guy who he's. Whose game he wants to emulate anyway. So. Makes a lot of sense of posting time the 49ers still lagging behind their now arch rival once again rams. When encompasses signing corners in this particular offseason that's right. And they still have work to do. One of the questions that I think comes out of this news. Okay. How how much he risking on this in terms of the way you approach the NFL draft got the night there. Do you still go get another guy for the secondary or do you if he if Richard Sherman is is good. Then you might be able to afford a pass rusher instead. And or you can. If frigid chairman's dude you might assume that your pass rush and get better anyway just because he's doing his job on covering Britain nobody don't know that's a camp starts there's a pretty good tackle who looks like looks like he's going to be available. Soon. And he's a 43 guy and you know 49ers player. Or three now so what do you think of dynamic and sue dolphins planning to release him. Them. You wanna defensive line and one of you mention. Wright is a tackle you mention of beef and appear defensive line get well has little is a pretty good player yes. He is a bad player probably a hard pass from me and Thomas. Players. In more trouble than he's been worth and he is in any time a good football character any time a good football players who is more trouble than he's worth up for a so probably let someone else try am I heard the Seahawks might be tough to. No kidding so I would think a lot of teams to be talking to him. The raiders might talk to I don't know. I doubted but you never know the weird thing of the raiders is when it comes to Ndamukong soon we don't know for sure yet I may. But I don't believe we know yet if they're gonna play 3443. In Gunther. Was a I think he was a 43 guy in Cincinnati but he's not necessarily married to that schemes so. That may have a lot to say about whether or not they show interest Ndamukong Suh. But if Reggie McKenzie told Richard Sherman wouldn't we camped generally cap then they can't anchor a benefit economic consume Monica. Less misery kinsey was just telling Richard Sherman something nicer than we don't want. Or we're not interested. I don't know I mean I didn't read Jenkins in Santa. To us and sent it to Richard Sherman and it's some house gone back to us the problems who has had though I mean this is all on field stuff curing stomped going name. Has been for a playoff game in. Stepped on. Aaron Rodgers and Cole he thinks it's football he sings happy days the spirited player yeah. On field issues yeah and in blocker in the issues sound as though they've accompanied him as well. But anyway idea and he's just a respect for anybody probably one you know. Serious money and some teams and have to tell them bite down hard and decide he's worth the trouble or. Or he'll be troubled by it. Or or that he'll be different for us which is what teams tell themselves all the time when they wanna sign a really talented guy my right right he's got in the system now I mean look. He's being kind. In he's gonna have to take a pay cut just to get another job in the NFL surely this'll change him. Well back to Sherman I mean to your point about the contract could there be a more club friendly deal as far as the 49ers are concerned. You got a guy who has been. Arguably the best corner in the league and he's motivated to show you that he's still good yeah. Right and he is he assuming. Health. It's completely in his hands summit teammates which is where he wannabe he just played really well to earn a lot of money for. He has to basically make a lot of checkpoints. Actually drop closed deals has laws and stuff it you know you get a lot of money for being on the roster. At a certain date yet a lot of money for being. At the first day of camp or OT it. That's how it's been a mountain and that's really what that is very team friendly one thing's for sure here at the 49ers last year they were building something here it's gonna take time. And now all of a sudden. With things happening in the division is they have there's no question right now the 49ers trying to win this year that I mean it will all right but clearly it's like okay. Here we go. Prices a year in which we are trying to win this is no longer a well we're just trying to laid down the framework here and get the process started. Yeah I know agreed and he. You know beat the beat writers over the weekend almost to a man made the point that. The 49ers cap situation remains in relatively positive. They have lots and lots of money to spin if they want to in free agency. On if they want to bad. A receiver in free agency if they want to add a corner of our defensive back in free agency they can't some more expensive than others. But they've got the money is spent. Although what what they've done so far I think is avoid getting trapped and that bad long term contract for the long term contract that. Might turn out to be dad that you think you have to agree to it now mean. As far as well wait a minute I'm forty niner fan and Richard Germans on the forty niners it over it. It'll happen I am an and I think people will be happy that circumstances are such that he fell in your lap. This guy wanted to play in San Francisco or in Santa Clara who went to Stanford to. Was already spotted you know around the Bay Area and he's been take itself he's with people and not these run for mayor but. He's clearly happy to have a job and he's happy new plane in that franchise his problems primarily were with two guys who aren't even there anymore are by no trade and that's the greatest interview where the attack. Captured eight. Erin Andrews she's five professional or are you talking about. Straight from this weekend I think it was cam Inman. Reporting net Richard Sherman. They John Lynch was all Yankee Knology dep because they've conversation from going on and things are going well and unless it's like you know. Well let's do this in our little one yard line right there and Richard terms like gamma would have a great history. On the one yard. Tomlin said which price of well there's an extra million so we won't throw it we will surely so goes the story. It's stuff you can see you buy out their also. Happier.