Who's more impressive - Belichick or Saban? 1/10/18

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Wednesday, January 10th

And will KD get to 20,000 points?


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So Kevin Durant tonight. It's 45 points to get this 20000. Point mark speaking at 20000. The NBA finding former king. Period caps or point guard Isaiah Thomas 20000 dollars for the flagrant foul on Andrew wigand's it happened Monday. It was that upper karate chop it really does neck and shoulders. And Thomas was ejected but he will not be suspended with the NBA fining him 20000 dollars as it Thomas apologized. And he said I've gotten numerous deals like that corner like that. At this happened I adamant that. Wrote is not funny that is just so absurd is the I apologize right away. Because I didn't mean to do that I'm just glad he's all right yes and quoting you clearly could see apologize I think a couple of times he may have avoided a suspension for that very reason that he apologized immediately. He took responsibility he showed no emotion when he was ejected and abandoned. It looks the other day and I my dad you know the whole thing. And and truly Whitey the video so ridiculous. That Ike I almost can only conclude that he thought one thing was gonna happen and it didn't happen because. It was a straight up shop to the face or to the Jack in yeah yeah and in there's no doubt that he had to have thought something was going to have is gonna bring the ball around front. And I'm gonna rake in on the way up or something. Because otherwise you just went innings pitched up to guy kind of clothes lined them. It's really close to what happened yeah and the fact that he just to mediate like umps are almighty god sorry I'm sorry I'm makes me think that he. And it's a bad miscalculation sudden find four. But I think that's what happened is he completely miscalculated what was about to happen on the play. I'd guess he was trying to pop the ball out Riggans had it down about his waist with both hands. Isiah thomas' two weakens rights of facing him and Thomas to sweep subway that. Right hand misses the ball just kept them right now and that I think he thinks weakens as bringing that ball up to get ready to shoot or something and he's gonna timing it. We can't it just it looks like he just decided I'm leveling this guy yeah. I would I would say that's the cheapest of cheapest shots that I've ever seen the cheapest of cheap shots except the way he acted immediately you can tell. Are you mean to do that. The other thing that Timmy is pretty telling. Is it there was no fallout. And there was no issues right. And guys know when someone's been cheap shot it right it was none of that on the floor in the moment right so I seem that they take him that they knew that. You know he screwed up horribly but that he didn't mean to Kevin Mikhail the Kurt Rambis was a hug competitiveness. But it's all about in this case. Or as the league is concerned apparently intent so meanwhile Ibaka and it was James Johnson yes that he fought with swearing off and ponchos immediate suspensions today so that's why throw contest rules lined up but I'm just saying in an event that. It's not likely doesn't understand where the blindness because it was it was immediate less of an automatic yeah. And that Rosie came close to thrown a punted to Iraqi children but I at the end of that can open hand I think you could ruled that it was of an aggressive slap so I guess he won't get you want something out the way punching suspension and yes that a little bit testy. Testing and the Indy it was says the heat are surprised Bobby Moore and the bottom Marxist weak today and it may NBA expert. Was saying you'll you'll find most of the fines land pretty safely in the ten to 25000 dollars down. Because above that I'm particularly at 50000 dollars it's an automatic can be appeal the agreements then. And so I is one of those rights it says when he and he'll pay it and that's that. And move on their busy lives who's the better football coach nick Sabin our Bill Belichick. Timmy Belichick but I agree with you yeah Bill Belichick. Now let's see here Saturday's game Belichick's 37 in the post season. Breaking a record he currently shares with two other coaches Tom Landry and on Cuba Belichick 26 in ten in post season games. Giving him the most wins in NFL history. You know it's really impressive about Belichick's. Reza make he was one and one in the playoffs with the Cleveland Browns just. Demand seems like that's like when it's receivables and another team isn't it also like three what time you won a playoff game with the browns yeah. Point five and nine with the Steelers so. I Guinness pro football talk points out. Every post season game Belichick coaches in wins from here. Is adding to his own records and through and nothing against Saban necessarily about when you consider the salary cap and the challenges. That Belichick had to deal with a as a coach and the continued success. That that that they've had there the run they've had a New England that's more impressive right they're both very impressive. But I think what Belichick's Dennis is more impressive if you're trying to attach all fires. Then you would say on the on Belichick you would say well they cheated. And or you or he would say Nick Saban has answer or he would say he's got Brady. In the same witty say praised Belichick. But where oh where I think to meet the distinction really is in in college vs the pros in a save and has enemy knew no one else in college football's doing this so clearly he's given me fifteen and seventeen in the NFL. But he. But he you know once you establish your system or your machine you can recruit to it. And Belichick can one players for his system but he doesn't always get them because it's a free market. In recruiting Alabama has such a mammoth hedge right now that. There's a really really good chance of saving can retreat. Almost exclusively to what he wants to arm them whereas I think Belichick probably every year's a little bit more tasked with figuring out. How to take that town that was available and make that work to his system three point 913 twenty us doctor Craig on ESPN thirteenth when he may Craig what do you think ballot ticker senate. Of that thank. I think the crack. I can't believe you're asking this question. The complexity of the NFL. Vs college. Unseated then is huge advantage is personality. And just kind of or so well. He's got kids wanna play forum. On ballot check has achieved what he has integrated the all time no doubt. But you know all of these different players. Bill one championship. And I'd I'd and I know you're trying to get into the discussion on the come. Placed elements you guys who winning an elite levels in the and they they have batting comment and as you know Craig no matter what the circumstances are. Nobody else is doing that what savings doing you can put all the qualifiers you wanted to nobody else is doing that are coming across. Like I would I would argue mark. Urban Meyer has been able to do that the college level close quote. Media all right but all if you grant that he didn't sustain it. I've had this seems like kind of a dumb discussion quite like him I mean there's not a I think there's there's really no. There's there's too much money in my mind there's absolutely no clash. Well I tend to agree to Craig thanks for calling we had a caller who asked that one of the reason we brought it we have a caller who brought this up on Tuesday and yet. Yeah I mean why so we all agreed Belichick is the answer but. I don't think is cut and dried as his. Again. Just immaculate the number of teams besides Alabama and Mary snow cracked like being here currently sir. That I am aware of come and checked it from. I just. No blanket statement to pay to check from bill I think you can say and will. We'll just leave it here as far as saving goes I mean he has one. More college football team in tips than anyone since Bear Bryant right he did it in less time that's right. And five of the six have come the last nine years which is insane. So it's a machine. Bill if it were that easy have a bunch of other strong personality coaches doing it.