Who won the Weekend and Who Didn't? 10/16/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, October 16th

So much happened in sports this last weekend!


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To be a great game. After his yankees. Our coverage begins. Fifteen minutes from now. We'll take you right up to it ESPN radio is full coverage of the game. Why you'll. I hope rejoin us in securing things and be out today. Next time on the air which we're not sure shall keep you posted in nets are occupational hazard. That that big great joy that for people who love baseball is to be able to be on a station actually brings to Ian we've been doing it all year. So it's fun to continue on with ESPN's coverage so we'll turn it over to them. For game three between the Astros in the Yankees with CC sabathia. On the mound for the Yankees. Trying to get New York back in it which I actually think is. Is get I think it'll happen. I think that the Yankees are pretty well situated for a team is down to go. You know look it's partly because the ashes won two at home yankees didn't give up a critical loss on their own field. But also because it to be somewhat surprisingly. With the Yankees really match the Astros basically pitch for pitch. They couldn't be better than Verlander was. No question about that but the Yankees. You know for for as much as they're struggling offensively they're probably one decent inning away from being right back in it. So a couple of things need to happen. As from the Yankee fan knows. And one of things that really needs to happen is for energized to find his way through. He's really really struggling in the struggling on its strike zones. That are just hard to figure buster only an ESPN. Riding that in this post season judges sent strike calls repeatedly on pitches that appear to be at the very lowest edge of strikes. Or just straight up blow and Alice honest I think yankees and I tell you. And it has been a more common experience for judge. He is Ike is an awfully big target you know for a guy is so important what the Yankees do. I think pitchers and catchers especially have figured out that umpires have a hard time figuring out the strike zone on a guy. You know this big there are too many 67280. Pound baseball players. Who learned a to an umpire. I'd I will say I think Jose LT they kind of represents the other. Into the spectrum where a high strike is going to be often called on him. And he. Has made that adjustment Aron judge still has an adjustment to make. In the meantime he's susceptible iron judge during the season this year. Had the third most strikes framed against him. Of any player in the major leagues. And when I say that I mean lower third of strikes on or below. And catchers figure out how to frame it stick it in make it appears that it's fairly close to judge. In a kid that big he's gonna have to make some adjustments but the Yankees past five games. The playoff games and it took just two for twenty with fourteen strikeouts. Gary Sanchez. Twelfth part she's in the in the same five games so. Not saying the Yankees are Gannett just crawl right out of it. But they're not far and I think air jets had their doubts over the weekend Greg bird had a couple of good at bats. Chase Headley hit a ball I thought had a chance to get out Redick made a really nice catch against the walls so. Connell like what the Yankees are doing I think the airplane any doubly tough opponent. Incredibly tough opponent in the Astros and if so much fun to watch. And they'll be a fun game to listen to Sophie and her car. Will get you don't have four. With ESPN's pregame coverage taking your right up. Right up to it I also wanna mention. One last time this this contest runs to 31 but just wanna make sure that you're aware of going to the players club cannot Larry are eighty member that's easy. It's gonna ESPN thirteenth when he done that and and sign in. I go to players club. You're gonna inner they cache creek casino quiz. Among other things can tell you what kind of Halloween candy you are in listen I just apologize if it's something Terrell sorry awakens. You know not every Halloween candies and and you'll like yup that's the way it is you know we can't all be two clinics. And we certainly can't all BP in about two weeks. But you know. Figure out what you're king India's but more importantly eat your automatically entered for a chance to win a 500 dollar visa gift card doesn't want that. To go to the players club hideous cancer T twenty dot net. If you're not registered to that first. So that you can be automatically enter for chance to win a visa gift card. Who doesn't want it. Who doesn't. Brian lawyers gonna face a different life going forward here Brian lawyers. Almost the essence of a journeyman. And he found out yesterday that his journey is is once again going to be. CJ Beth third. In the second quarter of the niners eventual loss to the Redskins. Is Brian Hoyer on what his job is now. Tennessee just great kids so I'll be there every day trying to help them as much you can also you know the other thing you never know what's gonna happen in any mean injuries things like that obviously their wish it upon people but that's happening in Houston I was at right back in a few weeks later so you always gonna say ready in disputed do your job and I mean it's not easy obviously being a competitor you always wanted to finish what you started but and yet coming everywhere every day and be professional and just can do my job analyses of a second. Set to be the guy who's. He's willing to take the the long view. But that's a long view and you almost wouldn't know. I'm if you had been through it if you times the long view is yet they made a decision. But we don't know how quickly things change and that you know I mean ask Brett Hundley. He's a career back up until Aaron Rodgers suddenly can't go as of yesterday Brent Hanley is the Packers cornerback so. For now I'm in for the foreseeable feature in this exactly what I think's gonna happen 49ers have made a decision. To go with that third. I think it's clear that Shanahan wants to see what does he do about it can do you and there are some promising signs yesterday and get a win. And by no means was a perfect but some promising signs to make you think. That ten games or so. Is a pretty good little window of exposure here while the niners forgot what they're gonna do in the off season as they continue to rebuild this thing. Weekend winners it was they who won the weekend and he did not is is brought you by Astor prize for the best device dumping twice caught Ashton and press an admission that because. You know we've we've come in on Monday honestly we're overloaded particularly with the NFL it can be tough to sort out the winners and losers. In a very being you know long. Bull we're swear in such a full time. Of the sport here and imagine next weekend when you've got the NBA fully running in the NFL full throttle and BL CS. In the America lean nationally winding down and getting ready for the World Series start there's a lot going on any mention hockey because I never. And on sleep that. But I think we can safely say that. Justin Verlander. A very nice performance over the weekend easy to lose track of a baseball stuff. Berlin it was just incredible in the Astros game two victory. Over the Yankees a complete game something you never. Ever. Ever see in baseball in the post season anymore for Lander goes nine innings. I gets a walk off hit behind him in the bottom of the ninth so. Does what turns out to be a nine inning complete game victory. And he was for a guy who people have wondered about from time to time he look like the guy he was robbed. Five years ago I mean he had utter command. He knew where every pitch was going he has velocity. Did all of it in front of his childhood idol Nolan Ryan so he and I have treaty he would go of it. As for not a winner in this little bit tougher to assign donated bad guy or anything but. I'm not sure this win over the way on Michael's wishes it would have. We violated guys come. Issue headline Al Michaels apologizes for Harvey Weinstein joked during Sunday Night Football. Am. Can Obama blah I have to do is read the papers but he said he was a little flip abouts. Somebody obviously very much in the news all over the country it was not meant in that manner so my apologies and we'll just leave it at that he said that during the broadcast. Because he didn't wanna go on and you could prohibit any new would be a story and in I'll say probably. You know. Comedy equals tragedy plus timing primus in the time partner. Susan man may want to scanner. I read just debris just a little bit. This is not I ice. Nice that I'm asking rents I can't help it. Just in terms of winner. You know I mean it looks like young Chris Kringle in Santa Claus is coming to town that he's been compared to many other people. But he hasn't hit a game for raises drew in a way around and he he he caps off a wonderful night with a three run bomb off John Lackey who they should have been out there. For the cavs and be certainly shouldn't have walked the guy in front of Justin Turner and C definitely shouldn't have thrown a 10 fat fastball. To a guy who hits fastballs. Far far far far away just in turn three run bomb to dead center field. But the walk off I'm not sure cubs ever win that game anyway but there was a chance for that you can spinning it. Into extra innings. I'm Justin Turner sought to it that did not happen. Is of course a weekend winner he did win the weekend. Weekend looser or let's face it I just referenced it. Joseph Maddon to Manhattan tough weekend Joseph Maddon loses his his his hat. And gets himself ejected from a playoff game after running out to protest a ruling it'd already been made upon review in other words. He waited until at home plate play had already been definitively revealed in New York meaning you can't change anything. And then ran out and cast out the umpires on the field. Who had called the runner out. The guys on the film I do anything wrong all plate umpire called the runner up. Joseph Maddon loses this stuff runs out basically takes out every umpire verbally that he can find. You know where's crew chief I gotta get and ordered him to any any any sort of walk off field look at so. No no way around you he looks I mean you wanna complain about the rule complain about the rule but get yourself thrown out of a playoff game doesn't do anybody can it. And then he came back in game two I thought made a couple of questionable decisions. I don't question by the way his decision not to have Wade Davis in the game. Last night because Wade Davis I think needed another day of recovery. There were he was a one inning guy only he needed John Lackey and actually get him out of that inning and Lackey just couldn't do it partly because. An utterly. But demand actually he also leftist pinch hitters off on the bench. There's a lot that went on there and it. That surprised me a little bit. Would have liked to have seen him do some announced winner hey got to knowledge. Because I think the weekend's gonna go away really really fast cal football had a win Al football and a major major showing. People or any mission that that game on Friday night would be played because of the smoke. I situation air quality I should say. I'm they wanna planning and Berkeley. I'm Sherry guy aside and look like there is anybody there it it looked like a I mean I don't know what 13 failed to half filled stadium not a good look. And cal turns in the performance of the season took out Washington State that's a number eighteen getting out slowly toppled. If Clinton hadn't lost it would compete in the biggest story of an eight but cal had a great win and cal. Of course comes out ahead in gradually lose to cal for that. Lovely turn of events and that may be not winning the weekend and again gonna go back to be the broadcast on this. Sometimes. You know eat you wanna stick to the script you wanna read it you know so that people can know. What's coming up their jobs a broadcaster rob you execute your job seat in the paper from any of my time to read the you can figure out what coming Halloween candy wanna be. That kind of stuff sometimes Dick Stockton takes it a little bit too literally. Let me say halftime report curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony you look. Graphic for the final two bullet points. And I think they were hoping you would look. At the graphic on the screen for the final two. Bullet points on the visa halftime report Kirk Terry Crowley Michael and to see what else on graphic for the final two bullet points. Glacier thing on him maybe I'm missing so Bob at least a half time report curt Terry colleague Michael and totally look. Graphic for the final two bullet points. And I guess I will at some point look for the. And bullet points he hesitated like he knew he wasn't supposed to. You know arising out of this start down that road I have already started the since I'm not really sure I can. Go ahead and let's just go ahead and you know after all. A couple of points probably in your someplace and I just keep reading it'll turn out.