Which two teams are going to meet in the NBA Finals 4/12/18

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Thursday, April 12th

Which is the stronger coast?


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Yeah look like Colin cap predict who's gonna be working out with the Seahawks but he he. What's going on. Actually two explanations which we will. We explore that bottom of the hour here on ESPN thirteen point with your permission of course marker on a swing and picture would be fine. That your situation. Quite curious and down and a little bit tan unnerving because it sounds like something that got very close and then suddenly it was postponed. If not cancel altogether moon and the league ultimately you'll have to answer for why things that's coming up bottom Leonardo and now you're almost being a spoiler now. The same hmm. Well let's see here the NBA playoffs and we have to weigh finally they're here almost we have to wait until Saturday. Only two days it'll be all right yeah but the let us will be heard here and ESPN thirteen twenty. You know ESPN's basketball power index but how accurate is that. Maybe like 30% ha yeah I don't know it's it's sort of the it really should have a disclaimer you know for entertainment purposes only. It's it's. 1 of many many different gauges and how teams have done in the strength of schedule that they played in August. With a all sixteen playoff matchup set ESPN's basketball power index predicts the most likely NBA finals match up. To be. Who do you think you've probably seen snow haven't raptors rockets that is exactly your ice they get that. I'd be very makes a lot of sense doesn't he wizards raptors. Raptors have again according to BP I 80% chance when answers squatters cavs can have 62%. Heat sixers sorry. Sorry and your big big big heat guy scrappy he 76ers 70%. And I say 76% has a sound better now not after the heat period a dagger in game bucks Celtics Celtics 78%. I'm on record as saying that the Milwaukee Bucks led by glad I got it on the envelope full awfully upset take that PPI and that's pretty powerful. Two for BP I that rate the Celtics that strong now me and less it's not the kind of formula that can account for recent injuries yeah I know timberwolves rockets rockets 88%. When the timberwolves as we said earlier they look so tight last night yeah like they were so afraid to lose in that game yeah well I think they were probably. They were set for that would have been considered a huge setback and others are two good teams but there was some bad half court basketball team that game again I think a lot of that was the nerves. No doubt I think a lot of attitude speaks out Denver really could use. A point guard. Yeah or point guard or really skilled point guard who can get them into their office to your right it's not a finish roster today they still have work to do but. Boy talk about a team on the upswing franchise on the upswing and they do have some young talent they do they're gonna be good you know they had who they hope would be that guy and then claim how many more Asian boy moody day the only draft that's why they draft him and just didn't work out he didn't grow in the job he just didn't Jess thunder thunder 53%. Who. Pelicans trailblazers trailblazers 63%. And spurs warriors. PPI says the warriors 76%. Likely to win in the that series you can hear it starting with game one right here and he has been entertained when he suffered the warriors probably are concerned if they're concerned. Well this couple things that would would if you keep you up. One is Popovich is a good schemer and he made you know it'll probably have a very inventive game plan. And the other really with. Gold state is just then how Long Will it take and because what they would love to do is every team would love it that they may needed was to be very efficient get the series over with early. Especially knowing that it's possible you start the next rally out curry as well so that your heavy minutes guys get some rest. Is there gonna ride during an. They're certainly right dream on bigger play heavy heavy minutes and so. Knowing that your rotation is short mean by necessity he they wanna get out of it early and get you know get their days oppressed I wanna see the sixers and not so much that he Peter kind of tough on the ice sometimes Kamal across the world to succeed I don't tonight at. I wanna see the sixers in the next round the sixers with sixteen straight winds and mark helpful to you can have your Russell Westbrook triple double. Marco Fultz last night with a triple double. The guy who earlier this year because of some mental block. Which compound of a shoulder injury he couldn't shoot a basketball. Is actually trying to double last night trying to issue with his other hand at one point that's how bad it them. Yet if for him. Also the sixers because of you know the way the Eastern Conference. Check out if they win their series. You know they can get the Celtics bucks winner I mean they're rodents in that mean they're it's pretty. They could they could find themselves advancing farther than. Than just getting into the playoffs and be happy youngest player to record a trip. We'll double in NBA history. Well number Alonso ball back and 2018 not recall he was twenty years old 23 days at twenty years 23 days old. 20042005. LeBron was twenty years twenty days and then. Alonso also this year 2015. Marco faults nineteen. Years 317 days old the youngest ever Marco faults so when he knew he was close to that triple double. Not really sure until Tuesday and there was being aggressive. For silicon food. Obama to give my team is opening new score a lot of rebounds coming mentors and so you have can't come to realize I'm just. So he's the first teenager in NBA history to not a triple double. On a serious and a question would be win Milwaukee walked out on the court last night. They can Milwaukee got outscored 46 to eighteen in the first quarter. If I'm mark helpful since nothing ever had a thought about a triple double but he had to be thinking I'm getting mine tonight. I don't know what it's gonna be there's gonna be alive is that team don't wanna win. Mean you we see tanking and lots of forest and that was one of the more Blaine tanks Andrei Ingram great story this year in the NBA. Been in the deep geely forever will be even back when was the NBA for years. Allowed to come with New Orleans and he's gonna playoffs. And I think Marco faults triple double last game of the season given his troubles I think that's what the feel good stories he missile righted different ending to season. If he becomes you know if he's able to be a credible player for them. In the playoffs in May sort of signal. You know. We're get we're gonna be okay here. And if that's true then people will even look at the sixers more favorably going forward if it looks like Cano I think got a staff worked out meaning. He does a playoffs and is a high level competitor that's gonna sail Lott's now the sixers back in 2016. Which was not long ago they were ten and 72. And here they are on the news sixteen wins in a row fifty victory team. Number three seed in the east title the kings do that well I can't 'cause they refused to tank this year but that said after the win last night. Where are the kings now lottery rule wise mark cried over the kings lottery chances. Well they're they're sitting on the sets and wins they did that puts him in a tie for sixth. Worst. At tied for sixth worst record that is with the bulls. Now both of those teams right now have the same percent chance of landing the top spot. The second spot a third spot and in an OK she's point 3% chance of getting a top repaired right via I was sick. Not in all in all cases the chances to knock it if it plays out that way and neither team gets a top three pick. In the except to flip a coin to see who's six and his seven. So that's where they sit and debate that there's hoping for lottery luck if they don't get it done a flip a coin and they're either six or seven. And for their needs. Six is a really good place to be. I'm considering that that we know that what we think there must obvious needs going forward sevens a little dicier. And if they you know and but falling below that would be. A problem. Would be a problem. Otherwise you know he sits six or seven that's reasonable certain kind of well no sense belly Aiken about any more than ping pong balls if you will are Kasten now we'll see where they end up but to see what the sixers did. Look at all the talent they have they acquired through. Some. We. To what they tanked well they tanked in the tank while the bulls yeah take the heck out of the last four games they lost for a they have tied with a Kenya tanked hard. They tank tart. And the sixers ten win season was their third in a row. Of under Tony wins so it was like they have the one bad year as what he's pointed out repeatedly. They stunk for at least four years straight and three of them ethically morally completely abandon all pretense of trying. And yeah I've actually make architects they did.