What's a Spurs' fan to make of Kawhi's farewell address? 8/9/18

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Thursday, August 9th
What does Kreidler remember about a preseason game, anything?

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Would you like yeah. A pre season score yes. Our eyes 1123 left in the first giants three browns nothing spectacular yeah. That's what I'm taught him as you said it's you framed it baker may fielding in sick on Barkley and get ahead and didn't I don't really see it that way but I guess that's one way to look at it they're not really playing against each other know they're bursting each other at that. Maybe on the one that said it that way and you were the one that didn't see it that way that. Hardly matters now doesn't Serena I think it's underway. Here's your football America. Take on Barca get handoff right surely he'll play. Mean they wouldn't do that to America what day so was the third game then as the pre seizing generally want ranked that is yes that. Yes we know that I say they're all ones that you should really but if you only decided to get occasionally and should the third weeks ago to watch. That's when you'll see starters play often well into the second half released into the second half and that's when you might even see teams. You know sneak in a couple of actual plays that they're gonna use during the season. Here's a real test what do you actually remember. From any pre season game ever. You know if you asked a fan what do you remember about the greatest games you saw you know oh this plane that come back yet. That basket whatever was a shot at the buzzer Michael Jordan Reggie Miller OK what pre season memories do you have none. If you must have some. Of our pre season game yeah not the top land her upper 83 seizing you never know. I think I might remember OJ Simpson pre season as the 49ers to seeing about OJ Simpson on the 49ers though are remember. Why don't wanna say remember that at quarterback who went to jesuit in the play for the 49ers in flight through one passenger pre season game and not wanting any cheap shots and behave like that was it to an incompletion. And I think against New England in this like as it whenever some playing oh really yeah I don't know. That's unfortunate. Yeah you know I don't record virtually nothing of pre season games. Amid I think I don't utilizing kid right. Error. Unstoppable. Yeah more Glenn was everywhere but I don't I really I remember almost nothing of pre season yeah and attention I remember watching pre season games. I'm Jesse won in personal I was a kid I mean that made a big impression on me back. And I remember being it being summertime and even be a member beyond vacation Tahoe watching. Absurdly. You know like the niners game at candlestick some pre season dog. And it was really more about how it didn't look and feel like the NFL that's what I remembered. And I'm not really an ice I'm not putting anyone down but it all the way down to date only me is the same local announcers. But you're number one team is not usually the team you get. Our tea probably my this is of them real significant pre season memory was when the raiders when there and LA and they came back. To Oakland to play a game against I think the Oilers when Cheney and most of the coach. And I remember being downstairs and here in the fans going crazy the raiders were back in Oakland before the move back to that place was loud that was an event the game itself I couldn't tell you a much about it yeah. But remember raider fans weren't just soaked in the raiders back. I also remember. I seem to remember watching on TV Jim McMahon planning it's at 49 as it was quarterback on the chargers and was like this not. Right I hear in the global cuts that does go like what is going on and I'd chargers jets think man. It's funny because your. I I'm with you. And I covered pre season games I just can't remember yeah I. I mean I'm telling you I remember and this is an it was a really young. You know kind of brand new sportswriter but I I covered the chargers camp. They were in La Hoya at the time. And Don Korea always head coach. And Phelps was the quarterback except. He didn't play many I remember covering a game and thinking well I'm actually covering the NFL because that was a kind of a big moment except. Part way through I realized the set look like the NFL. I saw Charlie joiner are not really know these guys are. Remember in going to forty not a pre season game I think it was half covering it and there's a guy that I went to grammar school with and in junior high school Shaun Rogers. Who is in great player Davis remember seeing him play for the 49ers in the pre season. Remember that yes the Broncos he is currently I think he's like a bodyguard for them kings or something. He was a policeman canine for a long time here over Sacramento and I see him I haven't talked to my seem on TV. But remember that that was pretty cool yeah that's the kind of thing that you would remember there's very little about any of the actual personnel. On the field matters. And even tonight I'm sure some people. Will be excited that Jimmy grapple displaying but he already played you know it's not like. Why it's never gonna see him play before you've seen him he's played I also do remember a couple of years ago deck press got after. Romo went down and act press got started playing a member watch him and on. While there's something going on there yet so much poise. In the pocket and he was so accurate for a guy he just had a look about him as a guy that he it was far advanced for rookie and he was a year. They will see something like that tonight. Also member Ryan leaf. Playing a great game against the vikings in the pre season have to be in San Diego at the time and there are raving about Brian only for every season talented. Members. I'm you've had a big fourth quarter comeback for some of this data out this is that god only you would remember that. I mean I'm I'm but there was general excitement about Ryan leaf there's no question. It and it took awhile to. Having lived there through it it took awhile before people were willing to say yeah I don't think it's gonna work home that was it and that was tough sell no one wanted to believe it. This is a tough sell coli Leonard breaking his silence to think the spurs and Gregg Popovich. Have you have you read this (%expletive) yeah I routers or why Leonard summed up his farewell to the spurs. In a letter submitted to the San Antonio express he thanked the organization is former teammates. Coach in the fancy. Said in the statement I've been going back and forth the last few weeks. Trying to figure out the right things to say and it comes down to two simple words thank you in caps. Through all the ups and downs I'm glad there were many more ups I'll never forget what we shared a accomplish together mom looking forward to the next chapter in my career. I'll always remember this city in the people of San Antonio coli Leonard. Yeah complete disconnect. On that I saw it I and I saw it as it was written. And the way it was really saw him right he can't no no I saw it as a as the best the letter was meant to be seen. And it has a number of things that are hard to believe. And one is that demean the amana thank use in all caps and the other is the amount of the number of exclamation points. And when you considered. What everyone calls the process that they went through. It's it it feels completely wrong. Not pity I mean I'm happy that he I think should thank the fans of San Antonio but. It's it looks like. To me it looks like it PR person wrote a letter and said you need descendants. That's what looks like because quite Leonard never says thank you exclamation point there's nothing about him that screams exclamation point. I just it was I'd read it thinking this doesn't even sound like Q. You should it exercise some of your control and said I'm not certain. I'll write a letter. You know he's at the 88 if you give him full credit for who he has appeared to be over the years. He's humble home. And this was more like you know. Pig capitals and exclamation points and hit the guy I was saying they Carty was saying thank you I know but I eon inconsistent with a humble person to say thank you it's inconsistent with his personality. Two to variety at the way it was really nobody's have to see it to see how weird looks when you think about cola think he's over compensating. Four I'm sorry I hey you know what I know I kind of skipped town everybody is thinks I disorder quit on the team but you know I think you. You know I don't know. I mean I as does subtle you don't tuxedo talking you don't tie don't write this from. Wordy multiple thank you noted just it's a weird thing as a basketball fan I see that my reaction is now what's that I would think if your real spurs can you say. Yeah are you kidding me that's all what. Uranium gonna tell us what happened right disposed to pretend it didn't happen and now like alcohol right I'll catch other side all the bats down. And don't forget thank I don't know what he's supposed to do though. Well I think Jay Williams on (%expletive) yeah he would have preferred that he dude did nothing. I think this is better than nothing. Well I'm sure it was moved to do something but I think. I really mean meanest. I probably outside Nick's time came to win already. I I don't think is it the role of it don't get me wrong I mean it doesn't sound like him at all sounds like it was written by somebody else but even if you were gonna do it you gotta do it awhile ago. All the stuff has already happened woody why Egypt and let it sit for another long period of time if got to thank you dissect. Guys thank their teams all the time. From the bottom of their hearts and I know they mean it in the did you sleep like two days after you know they they retired. Or get traded or whatever well he says. All kidding aside he rewrote I've been going back and forth the last few weeks trying to figure out the right things to say. Think it was hard. Hello I and it just doesn't sound like him some real sort of yeah but they showed it's. Actually did it. Taken remission.