What everybody's missing about that play at home plate? 10/16/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, October 16th

These next series appear to be a tight one.


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Yet he can do that today as a matter of fact if you're so inclined that's one reason why. I'm talking to you at 1:30 PM. We don't normally do this rock and awake at night here. And then lots of dealers open to -- still what we're gonna jump off at 4 o'clock because we're gonna give you the experience. ESPN radio that is not their their their live coverage. Leading up to and then and then covering every pitch of game three. This time from from Yankee Stadium. The Astros. And the Yankees. Listen. I understand. That the Astros are the sexiest team in baseball although I think it's because they're from Houston. I think if you took those guys and put him in other uniforms you'd say mark. And there's something. About Houston's history I think are sure it may be general place on the MLB landscape. That might cause people to say on the Astros. If you didn't watch Verlander pitched the other night. Or you know Correia did his thing. If you haven't watched the Astros play or seen Al two day. I'm basically be impossible to get out. We used to have no idea which are missing it it it in the Yankees are entertaining in their own right as as you know. And this in there's plenty to discuss there including the notion of a weather thing get back in the series we'll talk about that little bit later in the show because I'm convinced that they can and will starting this afternoon. Now our time. But he right yankees Astros game three from Yankee Stadium. Our coverage begins about four this afternoon. First attacks left five. And sabathia on the mound if why you're here. And he will be soon just not today. He would tell you I sabathia is one of those. So full Iowans. Are evil aliens or whatever they're called people from polite hello. To tough nautical town it's gonna keep here. And sabathia be on and on and really keeps Ian pitch in the post season he's ready. So I'm ex I'm expecting this to continue to be a good tight series pink hello scoring those games more. Me talk about you know. Where the Astros you know we've we were you not talking about you know a big spacious park and and yet. That there's a lot of good stuff going on. And very very very top level pitching from two good staffs. The Arab Dodgers cubs series at that used to be. To begin as well although. I have to say. Watch in the first 2 games. I am I'm a little be it I'm left a little bit scrambling. For exactly how the cubs getting in it. You know they'll they'll they'll pitch Kyle Hendrix tomorrow when the series resumes are traveling today. I'm back Chicago series is in smug bill pitched out Hendricks normally you would say it will. Well that YouTube back in a series of tender and don't forget you know area hasn't. But. LA's Rolen out Darvish and if he saw you Darvish pitch in his last time now. You realize that LA and I think this was what was really seen. Over the weekend always deeper. Then people want to acknowledge that that is that's a deep deep team. I I said before the series began I thought there's a chance at LA can get into its bullpen and have some trouble they've really largely avoided that being much of an issue. They did their who they have that the pitcher they abused and have been for all good target. On end. And secondly they'd they're just willing to turn to game over McKinley GS and earlier. I'm with great comfort they do you and and they don't worry about it too much and you know he's. He virtually arrests a game. So so really the biggest thing came out of the Dodgers. And cubs series over the weekend was one play. And and listen what Justin Turner did last night not too many guys can ever do in their career it was. It was. Pretty magnificent performance. You know he's he drives in the run ties the game and then of course. Because the cubs. Just. Seriously defiantly. Put John Lackey out there. Emma searching guys never relieved but John Lackey out there not everybody not every starter is suddenly gonna become a great leverage is because it's October. The calendar doesn't actually dictate your greatness. And John Lackey went out there and do what you would expect starting pitcher to do he wasn't really sharp right off the bat. Walks the guided they were trying to really they're usually in there to get out and gives up. Just have a 10 flat fat pipe fastball Jack. To Justin Turner to dead center field. By the way rob C a guy who. On the video who runs over in the stands. And makes beautiful catch the ball Allianz awareness club he's profession at all. Just don't get to know I love story is seen toy kids Wear the gloves will now he's a grown man yes he's caught something like 25 home run ball little wobbly does all right. Explain to everybody just. Dialing down. But but I have to say they don't really came down to pick in it and in terms of discussion. It all comes down to the Charlie called recent play at home plate or order if you prefer the Wilson chairs play. You know just in term mean there's just turner again but Justin Turner singles left field. The Dodgers starting at fortitude gonna win this game I think I'm but this this this run scores when called motion comes round scores makes five to two. And you know. Where where you really are is Corson. Comes around third comes home. Does not touch home plate. And I think if you see the video you'll find it he still hasn't touched. It's Monday now. And is safe. And he's safe because he's sick in the and the reason he's safe is that there's a rule that says you can't do wasn't interested. Now in the time it really happened. There was a great. What they're really is there's a great impassioned argument to be had and it was fun it to says guy likes baseball to a fund to listen to. A Ron darling for those who are watching the TV broadcast. Kind of kept up today in real time because he spoke the sentiments a lot of of older school baseball fans front Arlington doesn't beautiful. Amazing. You know athletic play. Get a great throw coming in from left field for much warmer is not a great defender but he he puts on one hop strike. Into the mid of of of contreras. Contreras is blocking home plate with his left leg kind of like a hockey goalie. Reaching for a leg deflect. Or or or a skate today for that matter. Kicks it. And he prevents called person from being able to put his hand on home plate because his foot in mission garnered there group called person tries to reach around. I can't do it slides well past Tom played the umpire alert he makes no call no call meaning the plays alive. And it allowed contreras then go over and tackle over some whereupon. A plate umpire rules and upon replay he say why because contreras can't do what he did under the rules as they're written as any giants fan knows. Sort of in the years post Posey. You can't block home plate. You cannot deny or runner access to home plate so that was a great. Primitive. Passionate baseball argument. From people on the one side you say. That is it that's a great baseball played you're ruining because you're declining guys safe because the catcher can't block the plate but that was a perfectly executed baseball player I'm paraphrasing basically what Ron darling said. But also my own Twitter feed as the night went on. Yes they apply the rule correctly. This was a passionate sort of rebellion against the rule itself. Joseph Maddon clearly Joseph Maddon waited until New York confirmed to the replay. Then went out I got ejected he was so upset about it ease it expects to be fine by the way. Watcher who will be. But his point was it's a terrible rule it's a terrible rule. And here's. Where I think this story gets so interest. Because in the in in in the course of arguing this rule that says you should let players play a newly elected catcher make his move. Let the catcher make is may make the hitter. The base runner trying to find home plate. I'm what you're skipping over is the most obvious part and that is. If we take the rule away. The score is still five to two do you know why. Because absent the rule Charlie call percent would've blown Wilson contreras. Into the third row lower box reserves. This is. The reason the rule was put in place in the first place is catchers. We're getting blown on football style. By guys who bearing down on home plate realize what he's got the plate covered my only chance to knock the crap out. It is true that Scott cousins did dad to Buster Posey and when he eleven that's not when the rule was written it's often called the Posey rule. Rule wasn't written until Tony fourteen and Alex Avila got hurt then suddenly everybody needed to have the rule regret. Not when Posey was was clocked but so be it. You're missing the most obvious thing about the rule and that is I love Charlie Cole person's chances of scoring. If all he has to do is not a whole hell out of the catcher which is what he would have done if the rule didn't exist. So if you're writing for the rule to be pulled off the books. And say that's not baseball go back to baseball against what you know change the outcome in this game even by the one run. Has called person's gonna take out. Wilson contreras. The ball's not gonna be held safely because congress and could have decked him before the ball dot contreras is meant what about a modification. Of the rule I mean I'm perfectly fine with the hockey slide union just having the leg blocking them. I mean wouldn't that be an acceptable rule rule rule change Sherry you get the base and the right to wipe out the Atlantic yeah. Okay he is so as long as you wrecked knees and not heads it's OK I have I'm for it yes I I think that that's where baseball. Decided to divide the line. The line is divided act when when when the sun rose the next morning the cubs didn't have a win there are gonna get it anyway spoiler ruler. But they did so have a catcher. And I think baseball as much as it is people find it distasteful. I believe that baseball came to that really honestly answer you know what that's a stupid. Not everything that you can't wipe out of you know. You cannot block the bag entirely with your body on any other bit. Home plate was always held out to be an exception because after all the catchers got here to protect you from game clock. And this is to me. That that the single biggest miss of the week it is people. And I finished your passionately committed to the idea that baseball should be played a certain way and in some cases like Ron darling for a pitcher. He's committed to the old school style totally get that. On the flip the rules in place. There's no question what the rule says there's no question that the rule was applied correctly. And a violent. The cubs don't win. So the cubs down to net and they got to figure out tomorrow yankees down two nothing not predicting. They figure out something today which of Iraq Karen yes June 13 twenty.