What do the 49ers do about Rueben Foster? 4/12/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, April 12th

They can't brush it under anymore. 


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Another seven plays that really Foster. Situation very close to Modesto what are they do now. We've been fostered charged with a three felonies including domestic violence. In connection with his February arrest here's ESPN's Adam Chester. All of this is a very troubling story because essentially was charged this morning and he faces if he's convicted of 211 years in jail on when he was coming out of the draft there were questions about how he would hold up in the NFL world and the 49ers felt like they were getting a bargain where they drafted him. At the back end of the first round they were thrilled to get him but there was an incident with many disturbing details and allegations in eight that is surfaced this morning from district attorney. And if this all happens to be true. Obviously Rubin foster's troubles go much beyond the NFL and he would be looking at jail time so. This is something the 49ers now we're gonna have to address and clean up and figure out but obviously a very tough situation. I have a hard time seeing how keeping him as a realistic option for the organization. I don't know where they're gonna go with it for the time being there doing nothing. As publicly stated today they're not doing anything and that means it may look a ruckus I think he's right. That means that when they open OTAs. Next week. That he'll probably be there because they've not taken any action. And they made it clear they're their statement today it was weird and vague been basically said we're monitoring. And Rubin knows our ribbon understands. You know that essentially. He's being watched closely and my paraphrase. But that his status for their team is in jeopardy or something something like that but it wasn't the same as saying we're doing anything so. I think he can I am very cynically. You can't it's safe to say you know he's really talented and they only go on and I'm I don't. We can always argue other stuff because the stories much bigger than his position on the football team. On but there's to me it's really it's not that mysterious what the niners are doing they catch remain Brock I am that day. Deet tails before charge we filed date they cut to remain Brock. I'm he wasn't as valuable to them is Ruben font of course of course keeping them in Foster around because they hope it'll somehow not be as bad as it sounds. The exact wording of the statement the 49ers issued is Ruben is aware. That is place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned it through the legal process I understand all that and understand the double standard. I just even given that I just don't see how. Realistically. Keeping him is an option I I just don't see how that's gonna hold up long term or even short term. I his. Initial court appearance went off today a little earlier I mean unless he's found innocent of all charges. Well you know under the NFL's policies. That's not. Required the legal move on a design but you're talking about whether the niners can sneak their way through. I'm what happened today announced chapter made a reference to the details of the case to be clear that it it's not some. Reports circulating. It's from the DNA it's in the criminal complaint that details which are. I'm extremely disturbing. About the injuries to the alleged victim and sort of how things transpired. Our convict it's not like someone anonymously leaked into TMZ it's DA's office laying out their their version of of the dance right. Why is ray rice's career done by the way he's he addressed that actually this month for rice today you know what I think I I don't think I'm gonna get another job and I understand that. But it was because there was video trailers which is different but video one of him striking. His then fiancee are right right and according to these charges Ruben Foster is charged with striking. His living girlfriend. Many times repeatedly yeah. And jagr buyer here and throwing around the house physically. So if any of that or on video we try to be having a different kind of oh yes. I'm as it is he posted bond 75000 dollars cases continue into the into the month. And the forty Gershon doing nothing. I'm. Conclusively. So I'll probably show up camp. Monday which is incredible. Barrels is there Matt bearish in the B was there. He's gonna join us if he can this afternoon toward the end of the show Matt's gonna check in from. From the Bay Area and let us know what he saw but of among the things Matt tweeted. Was that Richard Sherman was in the suit was present in the courtroom. We're riven Foster was also in a suit along with a whole bunch of I'd jump suited. Arrest d.s moon you know disease and not partake convene the court session for just the one guy they're going through a whole bunch of a few initial appearances well. I recognize the fact that in our country you are innocent and less proven guilty and he has not been proven guilty sly. Respective. Fact that the 49ers made decide to stand by him until he has been found guilty of something. I'm just saying the chargers are so egregious perhaps. I shouldn't pass judgment yet but I just look at that and I. As you say obviously he faces a very severe suspension from the NFL but just beyond that. I'm just guessing given his stature given the fact he's an NFL player. The DA would not go forward with these charges in last they had some very. Very compelling evidence so. Unlike his chances snow and I don't like the 49ers chances of any way shape or form. Standing by him keeping him on the team. I think that they're strongest move would be to make a stronger and they're not doing it. And they're holed now because he's in nixed it they consider him to be an elite talent. RP is not by the way of course of course he wasn't healthy enough on the field long enough for anyone to now and that's football stuff and you know I don't mean their. Coming only stories but they actually do you have. This is kind of incidental to the draft coming up in a couple of weeks if they really recognize Rivet Bosch not a part of their future and mail even Alter what they're gonna draft so. I think they need to make a decision soon Ray Rice is 29 and he was. From a football standpoint his production was thirty tailing off before he was videotape striking his fiancee so he's pretty much done. Do you think if he was let's say he was still a very capable. Running back. I think he probably still be in league I think someone would be looking to figure out whether. They can. Find an acceptable way. Two. Employee if usually get it. I'm it's inching retirement all this on a day that the story about cap predicament Seahawks breaks and that becomes abundantly clear and Eric Reed story with the Bengals breaks it becomes clear that their. Teams are. The debt they're still they're still going to ball. It anything related to be in tomorrow protest because it directly impacts their bottom line right. They. Man it makes cynical the just as I adds the calculation appears to be will some list up with the women we think fans a look past. Might not really that's. But I think that that's a calculation yeah I just don't see as I was saying and I don't think a complete the thought I don't see how the 49ers could stand by him. Without really damaging the relationship the fan base. I'd I'd agree with you totally I think that it's especially true where of that franchise. Is located. Time. I think it would be true anywhere but I think it's been you know especially noteworthy that it's a team that bears her name San Francisco on plays in the south they mean. They have huge decisions to make here and I'd like to see somebody. You know gut up and do I mean and make it seem like you're gonna keep them to say we're keeping him. But if you get a Catalanotto. Make it clear look please can't we can't go list seek Elliott got. Six. Games for. Charges that were never even five olds there were charges that I think were dismissed yes yes. And I think that the forty hour and said he never had to face vita guests and I don't wanna be irresponsible here it's possible that they're wondering. Will there be victim cooperation. Because that's what happened and he Kelly it's case. If that's the case shame on them and I hope that doesn't want to thank him so I'm I'm I'm not guessing that that's ahead. I don't know if it if it's the kind of story that'll make you cynical really click. And I pictures you're not cynical yet once used by average sports or ally menu in the general and its general was helpful like Tesco longtime area. But I mean in that you know. People who follow that team won a root for the team as an art team to root for if they say yes to keeping a guy. But this and by the way not as first brush nuts for probably yeah I mean you don't want to go ahead look at the case book. Of what's happened since he left college and you might have an easier decision. By the way we didn't get to the bitter ratings have an unemployed football analysts we think Mike may knock. He's not too happy he's very upset that he's not Kitna. Called up Monday Night Football on Thursday night football least is honest about it yeah I mean he went off he was really angry that I'm. He's basically saying what's Harlem day. And I don't know how far is to get it but you're not Peyton Manning not Troy Aikman. Right yeah bizarre sorry yeah a couple of guys became available that are really big. And that means that you're you know you'd be down the list in windows we'll hear exactly what he had to say come on up on the show.