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Monday, October 16th

Does he not like In-n-Out?


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Now we're getting it right back to the phones here before 913 twenty here and fox is essentially written his ticket out of California. An interview with Rolling Stone he says it is in now is not good. All I gotta say can tell everybody it was in the state California this in and out is not good as their burgers are overrated their OK he's asked even handle styling is yeah. People always say haven't tried this Yemen tried down I'm like yeah I looked at the seeker I mean I've tried it all is just not good. And later on he says my fans know like keep it real I've told so many people hate in and now it's funny now everybody can read about it. You gotta be believed in me let's go to. Oh great long time listener first time caller yeah thanks burger talk to you on the song. That it it you can't do it completely liberated by the year off. Liberated you can pop under appear in Auburn. And we have edited out while I waited about two football fields long. And it takes twenty minutes in the murder they're barely okayed it. I'd point out we've heard talk and I will point out. These Foster freeze we have an opera I think a little aspect because local Burger King cream. Way better we have each edit a murder appeared Auburn where a better idea what we say Wendy's on. Well I Kilmeade dates Emmett thanks for the call. That's a tough when I I'm I'm I'm I'm lost I'm lost here and I'm not listen I've I've I'm not on in and outs payroll. I neither are we organizing a show to trash in now I'm saying. I'm surprised by deer and fox. And I certainly will tell you that if you go through our. Receipts over the years yes in and out as a clear winner. What happens when you raise teenagers to love fresh food any rate Paul. On it funny as it if report on thirteen to one if you wanna jumpin. Not healthy if you do but Paul thanks for hanging on. Mark extras like Michael I don't know did. At first and foremost. I want to send a special thank you feel really old yep empire is quite aptly. Or are you mean might damage caps do well and not get the Disneyland we went up act today. And we are eight middle a low income family and we are very ecstatic. To have been able to win these tickets and we are real. That is fantastic man congratulations what if that that's just in it's a real deal to. What a good set up you guys have a blast. I really you know what it means my. I can't I would like I can relate to tell my kids they're absolutely thrilled and can't wait to dull. That's great yeah congratulations man that's phenomenal. Every now her. The back up that bad spot color story about because I have an operative or not. So why aren't out there are extremely aren't on it and they. For the way it is they are overrated. And it buried it a lot better Carter not good at you yeah. Well all right I'll I'll I'll let it slide Paul since you won attitude to Disneyland which expects ladies and thanks for calling our yet you betcha. I atomic 34913. Tony I'm I'm we I'm serious when I say we're trying to get through all the burger calls that we can. At some idea on what I. Tom what's up. Well. I did it enrolled chill learned. I may do it in and out and it turns. I'd like dish secret menu iron. I need a lot of birders from or get out you're choked. Our order or cash KE. American bird. Can get cured now. More border war nor Porter walked attached. Giant bird like Darren Richmond California here to grow richer really enter new giant do you have call. Yeah they do that rig workers. But it's not something I would you know climbers merge you get here. Thank you hit a bank stock pump. Yeah I'm not really sure were set the bar here. I'm CGI I have to reset this because I'm sure feet just happened to channel surfing wondered. What tells gone which I wonder from time to time understand your. In good company this is ESPN thirteen Tony and we do talk sports really all the time and all I'm did was relay. This little conversation it here in fox and it's actually a really fun interview by the way Rolling Stone. If you if you don't follow released on Twitter no big deal in find it. Through Rolling Stone on Twitter real fun Q&A dear and fox he's clearly by the way at amnesties and about Wes and work. He's clearly guide people are gonna love because he's just so fresh and he's very funny. But he trash is in and out which to me is if nothing else a political misstep. It out yeah it's an easy target right because that big insanely successful company. And yes look I live in Davis the one in Davis is right off I eighty there's a line. Yes it is true there are places you can walk in in zero point zero you know minutes and go get some Benny we wait for any now. And I'm not trying to place it superior I'm just saying. To me. You know hunting deer fox can be traded in a week that's on saying it's not you know it's not personal. Before my thirteenth when he Matt. With burger talk on line one Matt idyllic. Hey what about that area in thank you. Yeah and our rock I got some guys that you apparent at the white he's. That the impossible but. That is that story was amazing it's not immediately be that. A program a year ago don't it don't know that it back to be able to edit it and act we will figure it that it went. Which it's a port figured it out right in my able to really really cool guys do and they'd be back. The good work. But thank you Matt thanks for the comment I you have a Disneyland staff is legit too and and I say that as. A longtime Disney you know our we started taking our kids wouldn't when they were very young kids that are. You know we're not kids they're nineteen and 23. Not that we still trying scam out you know seven Disneyland trip every year because. That's a test of special place so. It's all part of the service man's it's it's. It's what we like to do it like it is Yankee game giving guys get things and talk about and and and get things to think about. Deer fox is clearly about to be cut but you know let it it it happens if you take on and not lose sorry dear and I'm. I'm trying to walk you through it hearing cal he clearly hasn't tried dipping his burger into new polity and shake. But he he given a world he could and I think that would change his mind entirely. Actually what's in it I'm out a slightly. On the at least a little bit serious here. How any athlete could not love in and out is beyond me because. I mean we raised athletes I mean. I'm hungry kid likes almost nothing better in the world than a double though oils and I mean. There aren't it's a short list of things that went win when. Our younger son was playing baseball this summary is back in Minnesota for summer long gone for a couple months. He and his teammates. Several of whom were from California. I'm literally taxes each other their photos at in and out he I we got me in and out on the airport coming out from the airport. First thing any Texas buddies but it was already at his in an ounce on the California. Like that's a thing Darren. I'm suggesting my wanna read that I really you know. The toughest thing in the world. On the raiders stunk it up yesterday you know. The that this is a one point loss to the chargers is not the end of the world although for the raiders feels like it right now. They're clearly on the wrong direction Derek Karr was back on the field after that transfers fracture that he suffered. On the weekend. Two beacons earlier in the game it's a Broncos you know what happened last weekend with the Jamie annual quarterback. The raiders got beat thirty to seventeen it's noteworthy that they scored only sixteen yesterday. Derek Carr says it's not. About his injury. But the road ahead is filled with frankly hard work. Frustrated and I'm about what. I'm not too much change anything that I do. You know I know how to work an Australian. No no I'm not opposed any. And so when we have all those weapons remember everyone has talent so it really just comes down to people really locking in on everything you told us offense that's all really comes down to. You know and I'm not an elaborate on what that is but that's the problem. And that's why that's why it's frustrating and that's why ask how much you know we're better than that but obviously not as you know they want to. Sometimes you've got to grind one out to you and I I wouldn't put it completely under Carney wasn't great the offense was a great continues to not be great. And whatever they thought they were getting on a Marshawn Lynch is just less. Important then it could be because they really haven't had leads for links to be part of protecting. But I will say. That is is it it there are Darrell weekends in you guys know as she watched football type they're weekends when you just need to grind one out just grind out a win. And move on in the raiders were actually in position to do that yesterday. With all of the up and downs. You know Cordero Paterson gets out on the in around the scores. And it's a sixteen to fourteen game. Maybe your knock in a book it in bronze but you're gonna take the win and move on and at that point sort of stop the bleeding and and everybody gets back on the same page. The defense has after another market king part. Has its the chargers pinned down at their own eight yard line and the defense which had been pretty decent. For most of the day. Just yields and yields all the way to on the field and I think that's what really broke the backs of their head coach and maybe even the quarterback just. That when you can't hang out. The raiders addressed it I don't know to what extent by adding Navarro Bowman today Bowman cup by the niners last week. God knows raiders need someone backing help Navarro Bowman is Smart player a veteran player. He'll be in the right place he could really be a great help and get another defenders in the right place at the right time not the same as saying he'll make fantastic place. But it's a pretty low risk high reward possible move. For the raiders that's where they're gone right now with it. Very very very tough.