What the 49ers have that's worth watching. 8/10

The Rise Guys
Thursday, August 10th

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Position battles tomorrow night there are few of the 49ers playing the teaching Kansas City Al Shanahan. And very interestingly. You don't win ahead in Santa I hope my starters play a quarter. Now he's a first time head coach and it's possible that after the game assailant really mean a quarter what I really meant was I hope everybody plays in the first quarter. But I am I am for that he's got a number of players who have something to prove story today out of the 49ers camp. Shanahan is actually in in that he was on Bay Area. Radio interview this morning. And said third round pick CJ Beth and we've been talking about CJ bet that this week is done well enough during the off season program to open up. At two A competition with freeagent acquisition Matt Barkley now. And I can really lift its for the backup quarterback job and I think it if you are watching for something tomorrow night. I said this I absolutely believe it seats about third is someone how Shanahan loves. I don't know why and I am not their pretend. To know enough about them although. He did some stuff and Iowa that turned a lot of heads nevertheless. You know so late third rounder. That alone tells you that it seemed thinks very highly of quarterback top three or four rounds. Recorder back is a very respectable place to land that there wasn't one of the guys who flew off the border early he wasn't it should be is the it was an addition on Watson. But Kyle Shanahan likes a lot. I'm just saying if you watch and one nighter listening here on ESP thirteenth when he expect to see or hear his name all the law. I bet there's gonna get when he raps so now Shanahan just essentially says you know com. We obviously want to look at this. But there is no longer much competition on the offensive line because physicians are mostly settled. After they cut a one of the two guys are really contending for the sinner position. They're really remaining question is. Is. You know window via full health and that Kabila that's like going to be any time soon. The 49ers only defense of line lot of names to watch tomorrow it'll be inching to watch how Eric Armstead is used. He is a highly valued player who is being cast. Depending on the formation whether their inner out of nickel. Being asked to try something. That's a relatively new for him. He can play on the edge they will bounce him inside so Eric Armstead a great when you keep an eye on remember how much of his rookie season. Eric had to sort of battle through injury. Suit just to get on the field to see him fairly healthy and greater risk is going to be. It be fun to watch. Rubin Foster is getting get his shot tomorrow so if you're just talking about names to watch tomorrow. There's a rookie is getting get opportunities you may watch him on the field may be bounces around and there's a line up in the middle of the plate and on a bet money that he finds a way. I'd it would have on somebody tomorrow night as many rookies who want to do this is one reason why coaches are too Smart. To play their starters for very Long Beach yet a lot of young players not just rookies bid often non roster. Invite these are undrafted. Reagents. That are trying to make a trying to make a statement. You be very very careful about that. And I'm expecting to see. Rube Foster get heavy time tomorrow so couple things look for. I would like to see the 49ers wide receivers. Running some of the routes not all some of the routes that Palestinians and asked them to run during the regular season and that's for them. You know a big part of what we're doing is trying to figure out what we are doing is trying to figure out how Shanahan is trying to teach these guys. About the offense that he wants to run.