Wayne Bryan, Tennis coach Interview 10/4/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, October 4th

Wayne and the Guys talked abouth is upcoming clinic and how LaVar is raising Lonzo and his brothers.


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Minnesota could be wild drives on the wildlife he. I want to take a moment to take about an event this Saturday that I am going to be involved with for the second year in a row and this is called the big event and it's a fund raiser. It Arden Hills for these Sacramento community tennis association. The mission of the organization is to put racquets in the hands acute that might not get a chance there's going to be a pro am and a clinic and the clinic open to anyone who purchases take it. Junior exhibition pro exhibition featuring a Leino coats of and Rick Leach and they're probably gonna ask me to do some you know clinic herself mama opened that. Joining us is the guy who serves as the NC the ringleader father of the world famous Bryan twins the one only coach Wayne Bryan coach how are you today sir. And I don't know why he embarked. Yeah those could hear from you meant. All right guys are still role impression sports show in the country as mr. Cut between Rheinecker hey did you in the world team tennis coach of the year award against that are. Are you haven't coach for the past three years but the fire was coach of a world war. Okay what do you base that a lot of bios I decide what you want with the Idaho sneakers when you're right into your own true you won it many times. Made it real yeah we appreciate your time very much coach and I know that you wrote a book. Are raising your child to be a champion in athletics arts and academics. On then he spent a lot of time in LA you we ask you what do you think of the way Lavar ball is raising his voice. You know that is incident tactic question. I think at the top of the past the serie. He gets an eight plus. As a dead. And as a coach look at the kids all real well our world. Noble stores in woman's well Parker was injured nearly two I think. Are headed for. You know big time college. Sure Paul and pro ball so you kind of in the mental illness seem to be interviewed for the pundits seem like all of them get along well they're good citizens you don't. Security problems with the bald Brothers. Look I know Richard Williams really well and you look at between the simple reason. Great young ladies. Unbelievable America in the stores. I knew mark you know that your pewter ground out to follow up regarding what our bill or what level a lot of big time parents. And I respect. There were products to you know great. They play great now you won't talk about him as as a promoter as well. O'clock to two or not signing with my accurate it is or under or rude to women owned should do. I mean you can debate. That's going to be interesting to see how it plays out he left a lot of millions on the table. It is go in the tissue business I'm not sure he knows a lot about their lives. A whole different turtle there's been raising kids at play great basketball. It for me at take the money always told my. Don't be a principal in in the of these. Ventures and people were praying about it. Given you're being endorsed the product but don't become a shoe manufacturer lost one glass maker or computer program means don't leave that bit experts. Just in stores and support that's just my approach. What will need to look at these regards be heard there's good news. The greatest players in the world. You know winning cures all that you Bledsoe. But for me out go outward but here is critical in the would the coat. Coach Wayne Bryan nice now to join us he's gonna be part of the big event fund raiser Arden Hills. For the Sacramento community tennis association this Saturday tickets available. At ticket leap dot com for the big and also available day Saturday at Arden Hills Coachella ask you something specific to. What happened with Lavar balls. Middle son when Melo this week when his father last week his dad announced. Employ him out of school now when your boys are grown up I don't think home schooling was as obvious an option as it seems to be now but. What do you think about. Stressful home school him was around when they were around I'm just a guy who's not in favor of home school and plenty of people looked on in senate bill. Not so much about open more and more about home for also for. I distance themselves from the central school left and it's important to go to school parents go to football game. Hang out the other kids. Dual school activities though it is just what a world class speed owned all atmosphere. I think kids that are homes schools obviously gallons of incredible. Experiences but they're in. Among going to be critical but if you wanna know what I illegal court and do my own farms face stayed in school. Now look this back to a hundred days of the year in high school compare him. International. Certificate or fourteen which you know they've got their homework done each and every night don't even before email and they are back. Accident that remote opening them but they they'd never go out of the school. Forget strangers. And remitted to Stanford University so we always believed about epidemics. But I don't I'm not a fan. A home school. Coach Brian sons course Mike and Bob. At one all time record 114 doubles titles there's a question for you coach in. And also for mark Chrysler marks and coaches. Currently playing shortstop at at at UCLA so he's. Yeah. Yes how do you balance keeping it fun when you have a young athlete who obviously. Has a chance to be an elite athlete how do you keep it fun. I'll while teaching and that athlete to to be their very best and the most competitive. I think for the absolutely crucial there's a book called the order that widget service. You need to spend 101000 hours to become due to a champion we think it's 30000 hours and it has been in saying that much. Yeah for each and every day in each and ever coached or a player on the tour of the greatest coaches like bill has charisma. And make it well and look at Pete Carroll was what he has coaching. We interviewed. Bill Walton for a book in recent what was the most amazing thing about John wooten. We played for him in the that you know nobody knows how much foreign we candidate John Wooden basketball practice and I think it's absolutely crucial. That you it was Jordan's border region ever do it wouldn't want to play it there didn't slow burn dimensional system smoker. Can you become a champion American trucker him. Org or call and educate them. That you don't haven't heard much of what the current or coaches don't love other lessons. Of that massacre so crucial what sort order is absolutely crucial. In practice and games. In the troops. It's that churning. It's not just that the Bible called the original marvel. Result wouldn't ormat. Well because I think Sammy tennis is one of the most fun sports it was my favorite sport grown up. I'm really only out and it played in high school I love it. I'm but I would say tennis also probably has many pitfalls. As any sport I can think of partly because the individual nature and you would know this lot better than nine. Partly because of the way tennis is structured it the look younger competitive levels how do you sort of push back against that. You know I think all sports have their own kind of pitfalls what questions. But what can yes it is an individual sport or what we tried with the boards make attitudes pork barrel on 28 different questions before it went to Stanford and of course there were immigrants Stanford came in middle. They most scenes. They love playing doubles together. It will be the United States Davis Cup team who have been on the Olympic team. I think that the interaction with the other people it's essentially crude form and wholesome and wonderful what makes sports great. So these. If you're in an individual sport or go for terms pictured above the other kids don't go to the terms alone go with a of the people. And that the socialization. Aspect. Most be really emphasized. In individual sports coach and with music store just played that piano. Do the guitar player but it's part of trauma and play in the band. Coach when Broadway this again he's going to be at the big event fund raiser Arden Hills Saturday for the Sacramento community. Tennis association tickets available ticket leap dot com also available day of bad Arden Hills. Coach I'm just reading through Syrians are booked the quarterback whisper. And he's talking about Ben Roethlisberger. And he talked about big band coming out of high school he says big band. Played a lot of different sports and he's a coo Bruce aryan says that's an indicator that a guy and of success later on got to succeeds in a number sports. How do you feel about you know so many young athletes now. Coaches they really shoehorn him into one sport when they're very young is it important for our young athletes to play a lot of different sports even the elite athletes. He gets great question I came up in the sixties. The same guys on the football team also played on the baseball and call him was where Claire also would investment to. Hammered before we all play all the all the sports. Two days. They don't they specialists coast sports has sold for muscle much of such a future that you have excellence. I'm Warren and indeed if you wanna know what I believe you. In my above should basketball sure can replace all the guests probably hamburger golfers yet. Can they do just to me do that yes blah. They did do it and organized toward you mean they were on the court because they love it because they're passionate bulk of the nearby water. Because they look at the record four hours there. An and just couldn't get enough of it put term every single week and a lot of reward the tennis grows and there was search result. It didn't wanna play soccer timid play a short. To that place some basketball short socially repeated. It in all these leagues I do not think you could excel. If you try to play all the sports all the pot or weed seeds are mentally to. You know. It was a great running back for Oakland Raiders got injured and played baseball coach Jackson boat Jackson. And the in the the defensive back from census compel us. Yes and there's Deion Sanders you know prime time do you guys are incredibly. Even the athletes. Who like we've never seen before even the great Michael Jordan. Who could rebel rebel where opposites but either hamburger golfer but they can be a program for no way. And they need to play it appropriate sport you can they put him in Tripoli but it was a single employer really. I don't think it can be gone and I think the more dissipate. Excellence I think you'd you'd know. If you wanna play it utility or SB or won't play in the world stamper. I think but it did after the better draw hard. There are some exceptions. But in general those that make it all passionate about the sport but could you have a secondary passion. Yes but I'd recommend music or something I don't think you can be a great golfer. And the great tennis player because they're both very obscure sports that the equipment plunged. You can't put in the so more on the ball on Tuesday when you look at. And insecure but you can do that you want to warn us when do gymnastics skating golf you can do at all. Which are gonna happen early athletic. When you get to high school. The kids have been just portion but perhaps it's gonna make between matches that's my opinion. All right the big event is Saturday fund raiser at Arden Hills for the Sacramento community tennis association coach thank you so much for your time will sing outdoors there. I looked orders senior sites are heavily about we're gonna have a blast the cardinals on Sam thanks a lot guys. Take care coach gets tickets available ticket leaf dot com. Also available day of Saturday and Arden Hills and I don't know if you wondered is why you gonna give a clinic I don't know if I'll if they ask me I don't know who don't have all the details on the in the inner of their lives on the network down thank goodness I got my serve and a couple times a summit played awesome.