Is the warriors' roster out of whack? 5/24/18

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Thursday, May 24th
What are Kerr's options?

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Daylight and a warrior fan all my life she used she is not overly optimistic about this contest tonight really I mention that because they get the sense that. Lot of warrior fans in the B area. There they're starting to question things that you hear criticism of Steve Kerr now course every coach is going to be criticized from time to time that. Our sticker should call that time bodies no Bret Stephens. And what about this roster he Iguodala is out so who else can play and Iguodala it's not necessarily out tonight which will get to this thing and he dollar got hurt so what are you got big budget bigs down there that you can't even play against the rockets what in the world is going on so is the warriors roster out of black. Another sub human railing against not. Railing against it is pretty obvious yes that the answers the rosters out of whack now. If it got them through big. Chunks of the regular season then Soviet we talking about now. And now they're very limited and it took only to injury to Iguodala to really point that out. You know that rotations or shorten the playoffs. And a lot of these guys would begin huge minutes anyway. But there's no doubt why is that when Steve Kerr looked on the bench and have a lot of options button bomb to create the kind of matchup that he wants to. And then a couple of cases those options are pretty untested. You know guys like Jordan bell and come on Rooney. And what that means is if if Iguodala. Doesn't go like he did could mean I was able to play the other night. It means that your kind of find yourself in a position too often have asking someone like Nick Young to be good. And that's not reliable Muslim that's not that doesn't sound like championship. Timber. See on them in their top heavy in sinners. And in this particular type of matchup SEC is. And you've got let's seek a nominee senator. Damion Jones who does a player but I think he's on the roster still senator. Torn bell listed as a celebrity 690 can play other positions just have Zaza David West is 69 listed as a senator again you can play forward. And JaVale McGee so if you just go by those designations. We got six senators were not stay right that's just. L an awful lot of bigs and current that it really that's that's really a little bit deceptive. I think canyon and that that roster was paid was put together primarily for the regular season and they don't have a lot of options right now but. I just think it it's it's inching to see how one injury could change so much about what they're doing. And it really is Kerr was asked about it I think I think it was a reminding us about thing was this morning. Any said what are you saying if we had one lesson in one more wing net bank I would be getting big man it's. And my first thought was we got actually and dates in that game the other night that wing probably would've gotten some important minutes instead you need you have to play gigs. I don't one point he's out there with with Clooney and Jordan bill trying to play defense. In the are in the same three minute span insist Monica. Member for much of this season Pachulia was starting. And then I realized with the rockets maybe they'd be doing things differently anyway but up there chilly there's a point away Telus has like no you're not playing anymore. And as their starting center right right and now things have changed and now he's buried at the end of the bench who. Remember they also had a McCaskey. But army Casspi lost a spot because they. They thought rightfully so the queen cook did such a good job when they brought him up from Santa Cruz hit a really good job but it's interesting. You know he's 62 and his his minutes are limited in the series and cast he struggled. But boy he's the kind of guy who is Linkedin arrange would really come in handy right now. See other up against it a little they're not as versatile as you might sometimes think with that said. They usually get by. Because they shoot so well and if they have a pub or ball handling that are poor shooting night. It's a little surprising to see three guys cold at same time but that's happening in the nine what's the latest on Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala with game five coming up tonight here here on ESPN thirteen twenty. We'll after the morning shootaround. Speaker said that. Klay Thompson's good fine. You certainly all expectations are he'll go. Iguodala is. As current strategy game time decision. And you know we're we're not there yet there been no announcement so he did participate in shootaround at that and mean too much. So I I I don't know how. Considering the nature of the injury I don't know how quickly he's gonna bounce back button. The miscues mean the worst a lot of guys to play a lot of position was basketball which again is why these are able to switch so much better just gone by a basketball reference there there. Their height. Step curry 63 in India clay 67 looney 69 green 67. Jordan bell 69 Durant 69. You get Ellis 66 Livingston 67 Nick Young 67. In the west six now but not very mobile so you got a lot of guys there yeah that you can switch with yes. Yeah me clay is a lot bigger I think than people realize sometimes yeah and I think. They've played so badly the other night they played terribly I. Minutes and it's not mean it did it's somewhere perspective I'm not overly optimistic tonight yet I don't wanna I'm I'm guarding against overreacting to that. Game because. I know that Houston stepped up its defense and no question. But even with that said the warriors were. Really impatient. And very rarely looking for the better pass which is really one of their home marks a don't think it's that big an adjustment for them to get back to the basketball they play. And at that point all you need is one of those three guys to get Hodding your probably right back where you wanna be my. Another discouraging sign is how poorly they played in the second quarter and in the fourth quarter that two quarters where. And for the most part New York playing semi reserves who through their total intake to second quarter fourth quarter put him together for a grand total follow up. Thirty points in the last game it is not contingent eighteen in the second and twelve in the you know fourth yeah and somebody prevent that drop off when you got to go to the bench and you got to at some point especially if your team was so tired under percent he did. Normally the answer has been. Turn to a guy like Livingston and let him get is some really productive minutes and he let's turn over machine in the last game that too is out of characters so I I don't doubt that Houston played better defense but I also think it was. And and abnormal game for the warriors. I'm expecting. Dem to be a little bit more. Composed. Even on the road a little bit more composed. And a little bit more patient they'll always pay play at pace. But a little bit more patient. Nate I think they were very often. Rushing possessions for no apparent reason. And I'll that part I think was the weirdest ideas how impatient they got them a stress they scored 92 points and a and just put them in a rushing down and put a bad shots it was just really and usually this warriors vs rockets is a celebration of the NBA's new normal a frenzied rapid fire style of basketball. Yeah what we saw in Alaska and has a lot of iso bought ID 592 yeah. It was I mean I. Expected from Houston but I didn't expect from the warriors and iso ball really breaks down on the warriors it's not a good way for them to go so. Don't expect that three peat much them. Trying to them come back stronger all right mr. baseball yet we take you up to ESPN a pregame coverage and of course the game here 5 o'clock pregame on ESPN thirteen twenty. Mr. baseball the Tampa Bay Rays. Our they're gonna take their bullpen. Deal the bullpen opener theory start the game of the reliever. They're gonna take that to the next level corn ESPN starting relievers in all three games this weekend against the beards of Baltimore. Really yes this weekend romo's starts Friday and Sunday's game with Brian stay attic getting this Saturday start. They will likely be followed by quote unquote starters Yarborough Anthony B and and Austin through at that's Ryan Yarborough and okay yeah I Yarborough as the guy who backed up one of Promos. Corn what you are traditional starter under this plan he doesn't start he comes in after an inning or so and then pitches. Many innings as akin preteen a specific by the way it's the kind of theory that even if Tampa Bay loves it and using it working in certain lineups. That are more diverse that are more righty lefty mixes but when you get in line up that top heavy one way or the other. It's kind of attempting to devious one of the benefits is if it works out the way you wanted to. Is that you were by the time your starter gets to the third time through lineup he's actually closer to facing the bottom of the lineup for the third time in the top. That's the idea of staggering missed the the appearance. So they don't rub against a lot of team Ramos is hey guys I'm starting again it's fun we're trying to win ball games on gonna try to do my best to make them look like geniuses. And of course we also had that echoes art over the weekend of the angels say it was weird bad for baseball in my opinion it's spring training that's the best way to explain it it's spring training that's as close as you can get to sing and it's area high school it's spring training and apparently spent the words out. But it's really on would you at a high school. I know high school coach you decreasing after that I think that. The there's another thing at play here besides the basic strategy. And that is that relievers by the air training. Our. More used to being Max effort on every pitch him in Roma is not really maybe the greatest example rank as is deeper in his career. But most relievers are Max effort on every pitch because they know they're only going one or one and a third or something like that. That's part of the idea is you come in with a guy blazing. And didn't go to a starter who may look to set you up over a couple of bats whereas the first guy you face the relievers going right now. It's an interesting concept policy and we know that a bomb garner supposed to start for the river cats this weekend right yes Mac Williamson on its way back up to the big club. He is trying to join the giants now in Chicago giants in the cubs yes. As the giants continue rugged road trip very rugged potentially. Well it was a rugged starting Houston outscored fifteen to three but. They had that one bad game does that that number is a very misleading and I mean twelve is any they lost one game affordable on that happened in the other game winner of 57 to only scored three runs and two games I guess is what is it team. But day they faced you know great pitching in the and the Seymour did pitching in Chicago. But they did get a Monday off and there's efforts is very unusual in any week of the baseball season have two off days how is it the Astros have such great pitching and this. Climate where baseballs are almost jumping over fences on their own. They do have who I mean it date you answered the question they'd have a lead pitching mean that's different it's not like. Mean for staff to sort of came out of nowhere while the rays are just shutting teams out I would wonder but when you added you know Garrett colts are a staff that have for Lander and hi Colin Charlie Morton well again it.