Warriors beat Rockets at their own game 5/15/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, May 15th

Is it going to be a s good of a series as you think?


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In sports as in life. The ability. To maintain composure. In challenging times. It's it's an important ability a valuable ability to have. For example last night dream on dream well he lost his composure a little bit didn't cost him the warriors were fortunate. Not so fortunate. Boston Red Sox reliever Carson. Smith. Carson Smith is off to a decent start with the Red Sox ERA 377. To eighteen strikeouts in and just over fourteen innings pitched. But he has placed on the disabled list today. Actually placed on the disabled list and yesterday. And the reason why is because Carson Smith suffered a subway station of his right shoulder. He got mad last night after Chris Davis hit a home run off of them in the eighth inning of the a's win over the Red Sox in Carson Smith. Injured his shoulder when he threw his glove in the dugout. And Dave don't brass to the GM causing injury unfortunate and said Smith let's not get a second opinion. It looks like it could be a me. It's the go to term from teams when they are. Beyond the exasperated. When they say something is unfortunate that means and will kill him. If the shoulder injury doesn't we will often and that's truly. It fits it's the definition of unfortunate. But it's also one of those moments where. You've seen guys lose it so many times. To throw your shoulder out because you fire your glove that the dug out all right no timetable for his return again Dave Dombrowski says quote it's got the potential. Of being a major injury that's terrible I mean and that is for a team with just time that's off to a great start and has huge goals. You guys been pretty important. But I think they've they've tarps on Pennington days are supposed to plated in Boston the demand up playing all right Elaine yeah. Tarps on. At least it was a while there weather's fine on the Red Sox elect we don't want any part of those guys worked. That this you can look at or listen man you guys heard oral diner and a get us out. Anyway. Dream on green was able to maintain his composure. Just barely thought they gave a lot of wiggle room last night. But the warriors. Knock him off Houston in game one not the game some expected not a game you expected mark Chrysler well I think. The first half. Was although it was you know physical in it and certainly it was very chippy. But in terms of the intensity I was actually felt like I was being over rewarded. That first half felt like a game six or something. It was really really could it was intense. And it was. You know. Paint makers. I loved it it was it was the most fun I think I've had watching game in the post season this this year. And then the second half rolled out and the warriors are just better. There are great third quarter TL whatever reason I thought Houston actually held in their pretty well and still got outscored by seven and they're. It's just the inevitable too cold sooner that I thought it would and because the way think that came in did not know that he's made a couple of runs but. Because of the nature of the into that game it India it's sent me away thinking I'm probably wrong. It's probably not gonna be is get a series of site as I think Steve Kerr on dream on green. Him on as one of the most competitive people on the planet then numb and I thought early in the game he was so fired that's not. Just got away from a little bit and once he settled then yeah I thought he was tremendous his defense was amazing and they controlled the game I thought come in many ways. He's just an amazing players he's. It's hard to describe what he does. Nobody's perfect modern day NBA player cards everybody in rebounds and passes and makes plays not. Obviously brings the energy and the competitiveness that can drive the team so as I have country roms Austin. Can I just save them not a happy deal he did just describe it is that it's hard to describe what he does he just did he guards at every position. He makes great passes he involves his teammates. Mean Indy can make a shot in making last signed agreement shot. But normally can also make a shot when he runs their defense guys in mean he's he's everybody's dream player in terms of his versatility only scored five but he had nine assists he had nine rebounds. Trim on green by the way didn't shoot the ball while he was one for five and to me I think this is the key to the whole game. He was he only warrior player last night who didn't shoot at least 50% from the floor and that's the only one. Just in the rockets just were unable to get stops. And then because they couldn't get stops are taken the ball on the bottom of the basket there unable to get in transition. They couldn't get any float their offense and moral reasons they can get stops as because. Kenderick kill them and Kevin Durant I kind of beat the rockets at their own game rockets play a lot of isolation. Kevin Durant scored. 37 points including 27 in isolation. Two when he more than the rest of his team combined. And it didn't seem to matter who the rockets through Adam. Yes I think game two might look a little different if Trevor Rees says able to hang around and around the longer it will play more minutes without foul trouble yeah out because they certainly didn't have anybody forum in day. They put him during it was in a lot of mismatches. I'm. But I think that's kind of just a recognition by his sewers can run a bunch different looks and see if anything works. And Kerr again occur after the game nailed it with regard injury in witches. Ever win if we have a play that's breaking down you just give him the ball because he can get a shot. In less they wanna double him and Jason in on Dublin very much. That's the beauty of having all stars all over your floor to the rockets have an answer for Kevin Durant let's see if James Harden answers this question about KD. You had a real good view of Kevin tonight at both ends of the court. And you play with a many known so well. To expend that much and energy just even defending you the way you letter ruling what was your thought about how he was Elena produce so many. Tough shots from the mid range for them in this game. Much room cheap and Hong Kong that is. You know for so long on these policies that are mergers. Over anybody's home. We got to do better to. To be more physical. Nor can the most response. Nobody's gonna take two of us know and so do hundreds of contestant and to make him powerful. And. I think as a Chris Paul is on the put him with an anchor little grunting and macaroni I don't know death what do you want from me Chris Paul and James Harden and whether Steve Kerr. That could play in today's game and whether they can play when Steve Kerr played in his era. Steve pair say he couldn't make it in the NBA today because both teams are absolutely amazing what do you think about that. And how do you see yourself playing in the nineties. New. In the nine years. I'm Rory. You've learned learned some who weren't enough room quote. I can ask her question to. That's because the sideline interview during the game. Steve Kerr has been asked about the pace of play and there are goddesses and he said I'm regret I'm glad I'm in coach peck could claim this week them as these guys are so athletic it's a craze. That's pretty again. These desolate part of it by the way we don't have to hear candidate become the podium became Amy answered questions both Chris Paul and staff were asked about sequences. And reporters wanted to see if they can remember sequences and our owners wells LeBron they could not now yeah. Steffi journal points adults set me up like that only part of remembers the first Parker's eyes grew up in part remember about that sequence. I remember the sequence in which Chris Paul was marketed Durant to just play ball and then later kneed him in the butt do you see that. As that was it was not this sequence was assimilated by the and I guess he did. Some yes he did he is turning to move back up court after a possession. And gave me good. Solid knee meaning good site would like Trent went down. And then realized Gannon technical and had to get back up ago. The other is elevated that was key was my body kind of elbowed him hooked up with his elbow coming out what he did what he did on one play but now he gave Imus a need that backside hard. Injuring at a comic clipped her and a little bit knee went down I'm. But but overall it was I thought for me at least as a guy blew really looking forward to the Syria I thought it was good chippy I think as bad chippy. In dream on his right on the Chris in all of journalists at all times too he's okay Chris Paul's dirty as well that's you know all the tricks everyone says that to me was like the edge of Bueno. I mean if you wanna hook somebody and you know Vista hardened stuff I'm okay. But this was more hey that's a little cheap shots and I'm expecting they'll be a lot more than game two I think both sides are more than. Willing to play that chip beside if you want to think they got plenty assault on both rosters soc to can't report on thirteen Tony thanks for hanging Ken what's going on. They gat. Eight widely. Awarded if it yet. This remind yourself that I would look at that the war is where might not think Kim. This showtime lakers but not as showtime lakers magic in terms of with the leader. But the 8082. Showtime lakers Wear down this stretch. In the second hair if there ever articles gang in all they would do we're going half court. And they would get the ball the Karine usually Jeff Bakalar and he would get it didn't say that are you know they didn't give a direct. In his short range game is it that that it would their short jokes that have Kareem would look bad with that tackle. Because he'd give it all nobody can block it and he's got that being going from twelve depicting. It is virtually impossible any hit nothing but net when he drives have been taken. And so when you look at gold they don't they get good guard said the same thing when you need a bucket. And that it is it's almost like a cheap coal because you can always go there he did just bill of goods shot. It and and it's always. It's like whenever our that the epitome of overworked OK guys. Let's slow it down but it did given the ball at will the they've seen and you go right up any vote it is shot. And I think didn't. But that's standpoint alone that I look at the matchup he'd definitely good news that bill and you don't even cover Riga. They are able covered Iran with a reason that's so concerned with curry you're currently in curry we have a reason. But Durant is kill them because if you try to guard him with TJ Cutler and that's not going to happen up there that I read that could doing being different. You've been struggle people with James Harden categorical. Who is struggling to get those points you make an incredible shot and it just seemed like Golden State's scores. So what's easy easy and it and it's like they can't stop it from didn't needed buckets and at the end of the day in India there's in the playoffs. If you've been getting a bucket if you really different between women and gore and all that just won't think what you got Barbara. Well let me ask them canned canned. Have you ever seen a worst call. Then Durant going up against the nay and they said Dolly wasn't shooting at all have you ever seen alert I call it. Corporate greed in the I think he was behind it it didn't see it that's not the only thing I can think. Dallas that was kinda like that yeah yeah I know I know he's a bit. I mean I don't ironic evident pointed out he did things that would mean that you called the exact Spain England Joseph Barton went up Yahoo! gave me appreciate this right. Yeah you've go a couple guys to get out it's so. He is trying to do. Into the final day of the issue you can be a little called. A ferry guys get graded here again yes generally. Yeah you have make that whole goal at this place well no you cannot not at this level. Not to slow I was terrible call can't be done. Yeah that's inching comparison to him three and a half court to careen will.