Tony Smith Interview, Host of Jaguars Today on 1010 XL 1/18/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 18th

Tony and the Guys previews this weekend's AFC Championship game.


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Are the Jacksonville Jaguars getting ready to shock the football world let's find out nice enough to join his co host of Jack wires today on the jacks flagship 1010 excel 925 FM. Also pregame co host for the jags Tony Smith and Tony writers in Boston saying it's preposterous to think of the jags beating New England Sunday. How preposterous is that notion to the jags. It's not a postures to reject you know it's funny obviously something we been talking all week here in Jacksonville. As we get ready for it she championship game and what can't do it you know the patriot part of Faber should be the favorite political. Defending and Super Bowl champions so it's also part currently two picks. The patriots to win the game it's Sunday it's a Wiki or talking not like it's not. 100 chi actors on the project journal when this game without much saying that the church be favored in that in but are actually I think you take a look at match up. I think inject would be in Newark Richard's probably watered every spot consummate point. Like I think it's that kind of percentage maybe 20% of the time they would be discreet street speech to the people are talking about it. Really it's absurd and gotten his locker room believe that they can go out turn one and honestly it's been a room that has its debt. All the people who don't believe them to this point this season Woolsey what kind of packed up late on Sunday to. Tony do you think there's anything about the Steelers game that might change the way people view the Jacksonville offense. I don't know you don't like I don't expect. The patriots do anything differently seeing anyone do and we check out year. We cheated you know defense it's back up in Iran and basically beer bottles to become a college. Even exceeded the Wii or based on it sure would like a Hokies knocked it do but he didn't regret like to gamble. That came to make when they wanted to check that I wouldn't be surprised that would pay church do this we just stick it. I say. If you could it would click or goals go at 888 could not to be at stake. Then so be able we're not Colombo airport and our run game upbeat region that includes super. Scale perspective what the picture direct threaten to do differently no I don't think anything changes and are actually. It's been an entire scene Blake actually pretty well. Quarterback spot you're in Jacksonville and it hasn't changed the national discussion about Blake one bit yet. Obstacle I expected to change what's happening in Pittsburgh no he's but again this week against New England there I think maybe people will reach think. The weighted they'd been talk about it for all well. Tony Smith nice stuff to join us from the jaguars flagship station tents and excel 925 FM he's a co hosted Jack's today. Tony I've been behind late portals more than most around here for what that's worth in trying to figure amount have come to this conclusion he as much as most quarterbacks are about. Blake especially much much better when playing from ahead you seem a lot more than we do would you agree. Absolutely. And actually if you look at it split when they're playing from behind these numbers are really bad when they're playing for art in the fourth quarter there are atrocious column on. Honestly that's what this seat and now they panicking and it had been deported from behind a whole lot. It'd be interest and see if they all aren't in this church on Sunday what it looks like for them but. I described at the beginning achieved here in Jacksonville. They like bowling ball. Air north beach Florida and what they accused gore legal and you. That defense can circuit in cheers back. To get the pats secondary in football when all of that it's working together toward asking it from the hard. Indeed upper water when they want to chill that play action game when packets were Cooper's talk let's. Day or all each and honestly I might be the biggest bully. And you know approach here they yet to relinquish a two score lead. This point on the street and I entered the choppers into the league. To come back from an plots on ending higher up well and I expect on Sunday did you actually ate ten point lead. On Sunday at any time I'll expect him to be don't Super Bowl. How good they've been defensively ducks held predicted available. Oh Tony did you you've you've lead to something really critical that every team in the league best player patriots tries to figure out what to do it gronkowski. But did jags have probably more options than most defense what's your best guess on on how they'll try to attack wrong. For two months. God in half talking about like off in the distance decide you know. What did it look like village jags beat bit as good as we vacated when it matches up against the patriots would be Jeter's been matchup in the patriots. It better to the jags have a lot of teams are we don't is they feel good about all burst a decent coverage they both they love but there are starting linebacker. In average common net. Food at all broke out reporter demolished actually to test sending quarter. Initially art now a bulk undisputed power all that stuff that's most dealer should be do able it. The best quarterback and then in the week. I think it feel like one broke out our but outside jumper down ought Dartmouth and BJ ordering a key guy. I think when they want to look me in the line of scrimmage which one gronkowski we're usually aren't up. I think it medication output it to Jalen away from the outside to put an entire order teachers places I want it. If you caught up in front box so instead of doing now I think you've trucks. What they have with their coverage ability at the linebacker safety level make you bracket and a little bit but it would I wouldn't be surprised if Albert Smith. Who really want the best outside for three linebacker the entire national all the world what are you bet guys. Do not weak right now it's app market right now it and look at a situation. Gronkowski did the nuclear option for everybody is it impossible matchup to Jack match up better with them maybe anybody else will need. But nobody matches up great would Rob Gronkowski is a potential game record. Every time cheap a look at the minutes quarter into quite so typical the matchup in the paper that the whole. Take a look at the AFC title game with Tony Smith co hosted jags today jaguars today on the jacks by reflection station. Tony how much to the jacks like the match up before net and their ground attack against a flabby New England rushing defense. You know it's it's flourishing at the picture it should go under the same thing they've been for. You know for five years defensively were they won't like you ought to be a Dick jarred against them but they don't give up much force ports and it's just another seat in would've done that. I think look at the numbers and gave up five rushing touchdowns on the year number crunching numbers weren't great. The teams that score all of a do it that way so it's atypical be urged to try to stall. I think is jacked up you'll pretty good about it now how close 200% healthy workforce net I don't know how critical is close to gravity at. For the pats marked the first after the game last week against Pittsburgh and it felt like it in work better for which hadn't towards you know what those 100 could be your. Three touchdown actor you know it got pretty touchdown didn't quite have that and yardage copy at the ankle injury. But crept up autumn they're lately first happened I think quite the same explosive guy. In the second half to make one other person or reporter at and it's impossible look out because I don't Booker practice that is not Laettner had a lot on how healthy or unhealthy letter well that is. They don't tell you I mean you're gonna tell anybody I thought I thought they'd tell you tell that it. I now I don't want been importantly they're looking back and throughout the building up 48 teaching Beecher did it but letter for. It's healthy yeah opulent dejected gorilla picked it right on the pitcher it. And if they can get echo the play action game is really the key bridge Eric Morse speaking mechanical early last week in Pittsburgh beat or an old game. They did not go and get comfortable chair Eric good shot to go to Foxboro. Tony the did narratives get the rescue team they get really big this time a year and most of it is from people on the outside looking in on the outside looking in what you hear a lot is. We know it all changed when Tom Coughlin got there from your perspective how much difference. As Coughlin really made knew what ways. Coughlin. Well I think. It's accommodation apologies injection or changed its policies and that's Brantley. And and looking out a great guy just wanted to be coached it is it what time. For coach Bradley idiotic coaching and get the worst one epic coached in National Football League history. Our journey toward your objection look at actual brand had to deal with meat eating worst first Ralcorp practical apartment going Gabbert and in the worst head coach of all time. It got spread attack that's what they couldn't deal with another polling today at C championship game and it's ossetian. Everything changed the culture and the attitude about moral is completely different that look at undercurrent scrabble. I'm actually fortunate what the attitude is what Tom Coughlin I think Coughlin as a guy where nick did you call literature they call what doesn't get enough credit. For what happened here in actual too but a lot of these young player or not but he picked. Alms the copilot back it's been an attitude deal. Well this football team there's no doubt about that article from the top to bottom each had its finger on aggregate total distinct from a personal decision standpoint. Equal pull the trigger a winner and before that or somebody else from the track. Are connecting there's no doubt the Con Coughlin has had an impact he can balls during the week it's on game day to all the world. I'm also a 21 that you occult and get enough credit. Which of the free agency got caught in the Osce and specifically. Pull its cable news. People to order the year and yet see any AJ yank who is a probable corner in the AFC with both those guys. Source side injection goal they never had a conversation with our car. They had a conversation with Dave Caldwell who sold them objection they'll. Now maybe come up on being here was partnered to re couldn't bring the start deciding that Jack promote can be appointed ago. But they call what the general manager bill the one that was negotiating looks contracts. Getting their guys who agree come the actual support those guys working together called all call on him and obviously bot world. Has worked out as well as they possibly could. Bridge actual jaguar which anti. Tony Smith follow him on Twitter RT do you following cried city that's at 1010 excel fat Tony. Tony thanks so much for your time and your insight enjoy the game we hope to be talking to you next week about Super Bowl. Appreciate it guys yet OB a two week long party your door beeps or no doubt that the and they finally agent that you all. They study the parties and about that a guy who is probably gonna tend to see a more positive. Result for the Jackson Sanjaya guy or did she 120%. That's reasonable right yeah I mean good friend you have to assign them of hunters chance they're playing in the other guy's place with a as the prohibitive favorite.