Today in useless LeBron News... 6/14/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, June 14th
A look at the Lakers Fans who say they don't want LeBron.

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Can you tell me what's going on here with his rumor I'm not even sure where it started. I know Daria no local was actually talking about it today on his little. And yet it has things on I think it's a vignette. LeBron James rumored to be recruiting me. Russell. Westbrook yes welcome to hunt don't like to welcome to it today's useless LeBron news. With all the drama surrounding Paul George and Carmelo this offseason and what about Westbrook is a blur thunder fans would have to worry about. This is from cries in the fan sided. Thunderous intentions I. Rumor has under rescind Joshua Cribbs took it Josh Cribbs on Twitter rumor has it gained Jay's brain and rusty of the cavs. I is that where it started really what he got for me on this enough and it's starting to focus that is neighbors said it was gonna happen again. Yeah I mean there you go. It's just silly season right now and fun stuff gets thrown around like K would be weird if you know what if LeBron wanted brass there. Out of all the players agreement wanna recruit. A guy who just signed a super Max but I okay. Let's fitted out there and see what happens this is silly season money and they happen Josh Cribbs. Even okay. Don't worry that I guess is the best I can tell in just under its intention says the rumor seems far fetched at first but as we've learned in the past anything is possible in the offseason. Including us waste your time you know it's just it. There are I think there's some legitimately fun stuff regarding LeBron mean he's got a big. A big moment ahead when it's gonna be really fun to see evil west look isn't gonna clean no I didn't think so but thank you I really I I didn't know where that started I don't know why people were talking about it at all. At least now I see a white people are talking about would be why people should not be talking about the gas. I also tasted worry about. Then there's there's other good stuff going on and you know I think a Santonio stuff is way more interesting just the notion that Popovich might. You know somehow salvage it with Kauai and then go after LeBron I don't think LeBron would go there but I give that a better shot. I could see Popovich saying. What do you look let's talk now where we're open here as we continue here on useless LeBron news do you know clash keyed off and you know who built clash is an arms yeah well not since I was young young guys from the LA times bill clash he says. There are some Laker fans who don't want LeBron James. Rather mother had a construction worker who oh who is dead next to a drill working drilled a law adopted yet they gave away. You know legal Ron I like it hit and I yelled at him or you out of your freaking mind I yelled at him a blow all I ever could not figure back I. I screamed at him on the streets of LA. Yeah beaten people are crazy what are they thinking he would have liked. All we have all the young cal at 130 I. Speaking English here this is not going to beat him bid to implement on this Steve okay this is how could allow the ball there is an average we agree blow every player right now. Jewish ran a mean David comeback it is not. You know bread and Abrams is two billion is not stronger yet they're not even close to being anywhere. Well playoff he. Mean that's plasticky. Well he does what he thinks I I the the idea that. I've fan would object we keep me you know parity you know fans would objected just about anything depending on who they like or what they think. Promote organizational standpoint if the lakers didn't pursue LeBron baby crazy so you know the pursue liberal. They even have reason to think they might have an inch the one thing I really disagree with him on is when he said Alonso yeah he's he's a below average play right now. Obviously Alonso had some serious issues with a shot and obviously he didn't live up to the hype but especially for rookie ball on the water pretty good year last year event. The import your good player yeah that's to me that the significant thing is the way other players and other coaches speak about it. Guys you know and guys too you know evaluate console all the time and I would say nothing GM spent. The vast majority of those people like his game now. And think he's going to be great. You know I'm a really really good NBA players there are truly a lot of Laker fans who feel that way that's that's good for the lakers Kazaa and if they don't get him then a lot of their fans a feel like that's OK we're good task he says some of these fans are worried. That the bronze career what end similar to CoBiz ended that the the why is that a worry. Look behind all this I hear that. We've all lived through the last years of Kobe Bryant and lakers get called a lot of money to make any traction. It has stopped the lakers and it did in their tracks you know army did they have made a play up the odd years. And to be greeted that is the end of the Kobe Bryant air was pretty awful here from the worst teams they regret. So people go one another situation like yeah. My point is. LeBron James is better that article Iraq project is that my treatment where have all fat and happy to hear the two or three years. And they have him make it didn't get into the back of the playoffs are you kidding are you ready your mind a neat liquor brands. Eight Dundee Apple's Sunday Anders boredom that you think a lot of work great they. But there's but I I can get that that there was more lending to bank and they are great. And they don't want LeBron and LA yeah I don't think there's more melted and I think by the way. I think maybe you are crazy yet I think it as usual you get blowback on anything that you propose anything even spin up there's a possibility. There's no question that the lakers. It's important to remember. While the LeBron conversation goes forward that you're still getting a LeBron James very close to peak. Performance. In fact this year is as close to a peak years he's ever had so feel free to believe that he's got at least a couple years of great basketball. Injury prone. He has a right sum up on a white board the virtually drug grand that's the guy you know I'm not carpal yeah. That's when it is. I'm sure that the lakers will be one of what may be three franchises he would seriously consider maybe three. I don't know where you including Cleveland has a process coming to Cleveland I continue now I'd be more interest in staying in Smith Josh Cribbs says that's going on. Any more initiative they said LeBron is going to Oklahoma City. Don't think western channel would Dorian Oca said yeah they haven't either but it be more troops but of clay court.