Today in useless LeBron news... 6/12/18

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Tuesday, June 12th
The city he says he doesn't like.

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Before we get any further for the wreckage you're the one that started talking about Jerry Rice as the ball. I did I say it didn't happen because he never actually played a regular season game yes as a bronco. On Twitter at. Means Marten sends me a picture says why do you bet that's that thing and there's a picture Jerry Rice. Bronco what are numbered anywhere so I don't know. I found some for your rare Jerry Rice Denver Broncos Jersey. On eBay bidding starts 19990. Bids. Number her. Nineteen. That asks for a cats awful no wonder I'm traumatized by it I remember him pulling on the helmet now is what did it for me. It was just. Me she dished a total disconnect likely you'd you'd keys are you kidding these things don't always doing that. It was also that feeling of what he's chasing your chastened. But we always one athletes to walk off perfectly and it's just not ally that's the things that made him great is he's just driven I mean driven to the point where I'm not turned that was entirely LP like. Driven to be the best and driven a key proven on the best yeah and evil and no one was interested anymore you hear guys all of them all the time release I certainly have. Heard there advice see younger players is make them rip the Jersey off your back man because once you stop. You can't be a player anymore so. Don't you know don't walk away and have fear it like. Play until they tell you not one game more men but that makes for some rough ending at just how it is you wind up released or. You know or cutting camp horror. You know planet triple A and having your contract you know reassigned it's awful mean that's what guys do when they don't wanna quit playing it. They just they're they're not ready to stop playing. Jeff who listens all the times Louis for a long time we appreciated he recently tweeted me a picture of Shawn Camp and an Orlando Magic Jersey in a person wasn't sure it was AM. That's shown camps that the auriemma and yes it is. And a magic Jersey Orlando Magic in Orlando Magic Jersey okay and the magic Jersey to chip and a Jersey. He says let's say you know I that's that's just remarkable and I was just treating. Buying Joseph Davidson wrote something about. I J. P. Howell who is it blow wonderful pitcher from jesuit yes twelve year career yes it is over to play out lefty Kenny is playing independent ball. Over in the Bay Area. Take comic keep a hand in any case a team like she's had a twelve year career made a lot of money. And all that by any outside definition it's like Manny had a really nice run you know who else is planned. Independent ball and just got into a huge brawl is a picture where he like picked up some rain other team picked them up over shoulder. Matt only toasts. Still wanted to mention that today Fleming his old nemesis. At. Yeah he'd camp its foot in scarred to me Matt led us once threw ball over the fence and AT&T unit it broke Dave Fleming's Winchell Oskar out. Lay just was I wanna say last year. Cylinder in the mate in the big least last year or the year before some and he was this cat's name. Happily tunes come on you know app and feel bad. You know my apologies cat. The idea still chasing it and Jerry Rice ticket to the bitter end. Guys don't wanna quit and I don't blame them it's a great life and you wanna enjoy it as long as you can from carrier being Celtics I was surprised that I just got used to that right away. As saws like. Yeah okay and her I don't know why carrier ring by the way said today. Mama contract extension this summer that makes sense for him. And he's gonna get ready to be asked daily questions about his future but he's working on focusing on getting healthy. He met with Boston reporters for the first time since March. Capping a day spent doing a lot. Promoting the local Drobo be let's hear from country. Sucks to be sidelined in the post season. He also said you know he's eligible for an extension this summer. Coming up another knee surgery. Though he was adamant that it wait for the summer 2019 according to ESPN to examine his future. And I'm think in the Celtics may not be in a real hurry right now the X-Men extension either. Yeah I'm sure that's on them what's all waited out see what happens I'm sure that's what Danny Ainge would say yeah no problem. And it's come to play first while there was figured out he's eligible what would you do here cracked he's eligible for a four year 107 million dollar extension. But that would be eighty million less than what he could earn if he waits until the summer 2019. And re signs with Boston after opting out of the following year of his current pact you know how would you do what would you do no brainer. Just keep playing and wait for those years to come. And if you the Celtics having that's a good bet because if he's worth it straight. You'll now. He he's actually you know he's acting in his own interest but he's giving you a better look as a team by the end. Not there's no question as salary to like Japanese come back from a another significant rise injury moment and it's important to see what he's got. Before you sir talk about the level of your investment. The Celtics are this is far away for the cells but the Celtics won't be by the time he becomes a question. They're gonna start edging close to the moment when they realize yet we can keep everybody that's not a problem for them right now but it will be men is a lot of good young players. And that's the way the league is structured like well you can't keep every we're gonna try and help you keep most of them. Which can't keep mall I think the encouraging news for him medically is that he's not recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. He broke his kneecap and then some things they put in their to repair it. They had to get in there and clean it up it's not great but it's a lot better than a guy. Who you know you don't know if he'll be this ever be the same coming off a reconstruction of the knee yeah they beat the the general idea is that. After it completed rehab that he should be functionally normal mean. He's lost playing time which in the middle of your traders never a good thing but functionally Norton. Not like it not at all like in a sealer or something like that's what I wonder about Michael Porter I'd love to know and haven't sent his medical's debt but you know some people have. The have congenital back problems. He injured his back in had surgery. So it's possible that his long term prognosis is much better than it would be for someone. Who has congenital issues have been narrowing of the spinal canal things like that if he'd just heard it and year to badly but if they repaired it. Eyes got a better chance to have a long career if Larry any NBA team that's all I wanna know it's not. It's just nothing more than vote all right. He's young he had back surgery. What's status and then I don't know I can see him play that's great to be worked out forest but doesn't need to know. I need to see the medical's because we have a staff PC that we pay full time to examine this kind of stuff. Meanwhile LeBron I promised LeBron Iran today yesterday an incredible fact factoid I guess it was Gary Payton said the bronze son. Had committed to attend a high school in LA and Markel said. That's news it's so Gary Payton even scoop them apparently now we haven't. This is from the bronze own lips but there's a city that we're all assuming he may go too but it's a city that he has said he doesn't like. Marla Ridnour of the Akron Beacon Journal on ESPN LA quote. I heard this from his own lips when we orient the Houston this season he does not like Houston as a city cell that would require him moving to a place that he's not. Crazy about it you'll walk up to. Okay. She is to not list wow so Houston's done and that's actually in Netscape for the rockets that they can know that now not later. You go and start planning your future he's not crazy about your town. And that keeps billion the mixed feeling over Houston interesting decision Dwyane Wade said the bronze upcoming free agency decision would be primarily about. Lifestyle. If that's true then what he go to a city that he doesn't like nope you tell me Smart guy I don't figure out number nineteen bronco Jersey guy. Well hook. Involuntary shudder. No I don't think so and I think that if he's just picking lifestyle he'll probably go to LA and that's why I'm sure he's not just picking lifestyle. Because he would never be that simple minded about LeBron James his own career there's no chance no chance of the world. At this point is trinity saint out of sync and that is where I'd really like to wake up in the morning you're not thinking that. He's thinking rings brilliant yes you've got speculation guests major curricula shot backs mr. he said that Newton. From his own lips. They're listener who you gonna believe right but parts of Houston have you seen her. Oh the downtown hotels we might be able to show you different.