A Tim Tebow update 7/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, July 10th
Will he get a call to the big league?

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Also Carmel Carmelo okay 34 that that's my mistake there he's coming off this season and remember he starting. Started seven EA games symbolic it's there's no small sample size here there's no second unit. Consideration. As a starter. Started seven EA he. Had a career low scoring average and more significantly career low shooting percentage. So you either decide I'll it was just a bad fit in Oklahoma City and it never worked and that's why he was. You know shooting a low percentage or you I think if here. Heads in and not just capsule on a swivel about him. You'd say man we're gonna have to control the atmosphere for it to work. That's why I think Houston's approach is probably the right one. Miami just offers him more of what he actually wants right but Houston's approach is actually the right approach which is now. Second unit some instant offense. You know will give you lots and lots and lots of opportunities of the bawling your hands. But we're gaining control the exposure here because he plays no defense and he doesn't shoot a high percentage anymore I'm not saint Jack's wrong obviously what Jack says makes a lot of sense I just think. Based on what we know Carmelo and I've never you know sat down memory going at least not while. I would Packers no way given what we know the choices there's no always go to Houston yeah. I and I think it would make the most sense for him on the rockets but I don't see it happening. I he kitten I mean unless he's being talked into it. You know I have to know the numbers to I don't know what he would get paid another place and they've now there's always a factor in the it's you know he's always anyway right here team's fan I got home cities. But for them. OK they're getting out of it that's all matters to me BI he she be the same we both teams and offering essentially the same it's mid level. You know but it doesn't matter he's getting his money. So he adapted to me he'd have to become a different person in order to sign with the rockets. A feat if he does that I'll be surprised must pay as promised your Tim Tebow update from. Tim Kirch and I am absolutely amazed how well he has done in the minor leagues looks. For me this the hardest game of the how much time away. The hardest game. Back. This year it's remarkable on. Every level that just speaks to is competitive nature is athletic ability. We should never look past anything this guy does. Maybe someday he'll play in the big leagues my guess is it's not going to be this year. Tim Tebow. Club stayed there for me and Tim period she's been a great news. She'd olympians can read. It isn't going to be this year than what do we do here. He's thirty years old and the Mets are terrible of course it's this year am. I don't know what what is the what effect sure they are getting harass their crimes tribunal premature what do I know you wanna see it now what is next year they they they start sin not stink. I mean then you're not bring about Tebow team doesn't freak show. His numbers are fine there his and are on the rise and if they continue to rise. But this time next year will be at 315 A AAA. Nine that's when you bring them up. Okay. I just Cyrano what do you what did occur to me and said yeah I know but I mean I appreciate Tim's perspective because they think he was against him the start. But to projected outs in next year I think you'll at least thirty like he beat probably should be. If you're gonna promoted him. In the ideas to sell tickets but also it's if you're gonna give him any chance to succeed. You bring him up kind of late in the season was there's not a lot of pressure because they're not trying to win. I mean that wouldn't do it they're not there's not a normal line here. Bringing up next year in full pressure to me would be odds are you saying that he will be up this year you disagreeing with some Kirch and no I think there's a greater chance that he'll be up this year than next I think they'll let him play. You know his all star game if that hasn't happened already. And I apologize for not following and then see if they can belts amount to AAA since he's hitting well right now give him about ten days of triple I don't not too much exposure. And they get them up there. Because they you know and unfortunately for the Mets they're reality is the season's over them. You know they're they had a decent start and it's been terrible since then and Garrity talking about. You know whether hiring their manager was a mistake with a season is not over forty days. Nor is it over for the giants onto the big eleven inning walk off win last night of the cubs 21 Suarez pitched great. Hanson's mad dash. On a wild pick off throws scoring hobby by us look like he was deacon MI LL try to score have sill and try to scar I scored he absolutely Louis Dan in tandem with a walk off in the a's went again they've won what seventeen of 21 group. So things are different for both teams DA's are probably. Looks right now like there's a very good chance to put it that way that they're not gonna be moving anybody they're gonna be buyers not sellers about the very least are gonna stand pat yeah. Com or its country exe and the giants are getting younger while staying relevant it's happening and it's very difficult to deal with they're trying to do rebuild on the fly for lack of a better term. And what they're doing it. I I don't think he had in in really really did biggest picture they can't so they're trying to nibble at the edges and that's fine they've been they've had two younger pitchers that debt bite out of necessity had to come in and pitched very well they've earned their spots so. That's how it works and you know they called it dug her because they had to make some moves well if he makes case from socialist and that's exactly what they want is a 24 year old fast. Outfielder can only go to mom if he can hit his weight he probably find a way to keep him Hanson's a younger player to he's been around awhile. Yeah our rookie but he's they've I don't lightning and a bottling him. I think he's got a ride that while they can't Metz of Christiana. Let me just write it why he can't he's fast. He showed last night.