Three more teams clinched NBA playoff spots... how long before the Kings do? 4/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, April 10th

Are you ready for the NBA playoffs?


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DaimlerChrysler. Is not with us today because she's. He scheduling you dear friend. They're important you know UT go to you can get out of it well now you can try to get out sometime after I try to that he did not. I don't know I was like that too thin. One you know it's important that did you serve monetary now Brandon to. It's it's a lot harder to get out of than it used to be right. So good for him should be forever doing his civic duty. And thank you. I forgot your name thanks for coming in fan and its stand up for coming in today appreciate it yeah yeah. Factor fantasy very happy about that yeah I get the helmet and everything nice nice yellow accents take it back yeah I saw that yeah got a little better yeah well I get to hold for about ten seconds to keep auto as much have you got it was a real like leather necks out and like I used to and I scuba lessons yeah. It's actually quite fashionable. He has a ticket ICQ is there a movie about that that it actually judge Kaczynski yeah George Clooney George Clooney but it was no remember we had Rick Reilly on who wrote it he said this movie is nothing like whatever he did he. And I never once it to regret nor did odd but you know usually this time a year I'm just. Very ready for the NBA playoffs to OK I because typically this time near our right to go through the motions but this year have been a little different and I am ready for the playoffs which you can hear starting. Saturday here on ESPN thirteen point. But we still got some important things to settle not just playoff seeding but an actual playoffs plots and settle the only two days left in the season but let me ask you the flip side of that yeah. If you've been affected at all by the fact that there are at least half a dozen teams that have been trying for three weeks. Affected well I mean in Europe appreciation for the sport I guess I'll for the leak I've found myself more fascinated with how the kings are dealing with that then okay offended and I I totally understand market Chrysler is you know he's. He emotionally he's very offended by that you really don't like understandable taking yeah yes and I get that. But I've just been more kinda fascinated with. Is he gonna work is specially with Philadelphia have on the successor having this year it which to me is it pretty clear indicator that tanking can really work and I think the Houston masters even did it. Mom she get where they are so I understand that view but. Know. Now there have been some games some games and apparently wanna watch that Iraq. But I think it's been inched in with so many teams tanking to see. What are they doing okay that team clearly they're taken aloe oh wait no they won and they've what's going on we and and then I think it was last night during the night before they should the Memphis Grizzlies like inactive list was like Ellie eleven names on it except that's making it a little bit too obvious there but then again they go out and make you know a representative effort from from the guys around there because. As we know the people that are on the floor they're not tanking. That's their chance to play so they're giving everything they got they just don't got as much as the other guys the most curious thing about all the tanking this year to me was that apparently the commission went to the bulls. It's I think it was Justin holiday. And Robin Lopez yacht and they were sitting and Nick Swisher went to them. And so what's going on here. Now maybe he did that to a number teams and that's the only one we found out about but otherwise why he would single guy pulls out for those two guys. That'd make any sense you wanna go weaker teams in the league just to their guys off and now you guys go watch it. Yeah I am hoping that he did that other teams as well but again I think you're right I think once the regular season is over and even tomorrow with with the Minnesota Denver I think the playoff is taken over that in and that taking going to be kind of forgotten until the draft lottery. I don't know what to spread is I would think Minnesota will be a heavy favorite. I don't as Jimmy Butler gonna play and I came I'm not sure yeah you know. The nuggets are team that have because of the altitude of very extreme split. Holman road such a real tough matchup for them. At that just be too bad because of the might loosen a good job of that team and that's a team that's building with youth. And last should they just missed the playoffs and this year looks like maybe they're just coming blessed but of course have a chance to get in tomorrow yet as you mentioned Djokovic. It's really emerged this year. But with this triple doubles and Gary Harris and mr. budget games and he's finally back so I think you have Michael moved in really good job of that team hopefully you know for his sake that they can make the players but even if they don't I think you should be secure. Yet Denver this year at home their 31 intent on the road their fifteen and 25 yeah. And that's yet Utah but the elevation change and that's obviously part of it and also used this part of that as far as winning on the root them. No other big surprise road record wise this year San Antonio very un spurs like fourteen and 26. On the road. Yet they clinched last night New Orleans clinched last night that's incredible that the pelicans are going to the playoffs. And right now they'd be a fifth seed. Thank you David Robinson thank you very coarsely Oklahoma City job. You know that stack you do said about San Antonio is so weird because you said before the season you're gonna win fourteen road games in Kauai Leonard is barely gonna play. And you're it you're gonna win 4748. Games amend the plan you wouldn't believe that mean that's I mean that's a tremendous job by not only pop but all the other guys. Aldridge has had a great season and I think it does speak maybe this is a little too. Convenient to say but speak to that culture that they've created that it has to it has to speak to that culture because as we talked before you plugin players in from all over the place into the into that team and they are over performing from based on what they've done before so it has to be. Given credit to prop and the culture at least partially you mention that Kauai Leonard situation and it's hard to know exactly what's going on. What do you make of it now I realize we only have a limited view here is you know 'cause it's possible the guys really hurt another team doctors have cleared them. There's a number of possibilities maybe he's just out trying to force his way out maybe he's Disney is really hurt so who knows. But whoa it's a very unusual situation obviously this is going on spurs you have based on him and the way he's played in the league up until now I'm giving him huge benefit of the doubt. Because he's. He's always been a guy who doesn't care about Steffi just goes out of place he doesn't seem to care whether he gets creditor or anybody else gets credit he's out there to try to play and win and the fact that he is keeping himself. Off of the court now because his own dock yes and no anomalies should be out there just seems to me that he is saying I know you're telling me that everybody said this to assert actually it was something. It medically if you're telling me I'm OK but I just don't feel OK and obviously when Europe NB a player you finely tuned machine really you've got everything has to be around and also wonders. You don't feel that you are and you have doubts in your mind he could push himself all the way and I think that's what happened on those nine games that he played he just ran he couldn't couldn't commit to it. Without the humane which was yeah make him feel like hey I boy I I'm taking a big cancer specialist some big pay day. Absolutely is coming up here the super Max probably yeah so in your opinion then based on what did you read this you don't think that this is that the situation not necessarily precludes him from having any. Future with the spurs again are we don't really know but that's where you're right I think he can definitely stay with he could definitely have a future with the spurs I want aimed at the future with the spurs because I think that's a good fit. You know he's the guy he's the bridge from the the Duncan's in the right you know. And those guys to the future he's the bridge and so I would I would rather see him stay there big game last night for Rudy Gay and he did have an axe to grind with the key I think for whatever reason ideas disk I guess he feels like man. We really had a couple chances there to be a lot better and we missiles opportunities we were mismanaged and I know most of the people almost all the people be dealt with a no longer there right. But they're re still has an out of Sacramento Kings. I just think that that's one of the situations that it's all about fit. And when you have too many players even though they're talented have kind of basically the same talent on that level night after tonight it just doesn't work. Isaiah it was great he was good there he was Greater Boston and obviously he's had problems with this health. So you can't really tell and then to Marcus has been great the couple places now but eight they couldn't do it at the same time. And then Rudy Gay is going to be great but he's you know obviously he's a valuable member of that team this year. Yeah but I think coach Malone would tell you was on that I don't know if you've ever heard that deuce in the podcast world. They had coach Malone on I think was last season and he said you know we have those three in Sacramento. We can keep them on the floor and he says you get our record and was a bad when we have those three. So my guess is Rudy Gay looked at that and OK I don't know how he feels about Isaiah Thomas but. I've got a lot of money they went too happy about them Latin coach Malone go win that the year before LaMarcus got sick you know that started making some headway yeah. And then it seemed like the markets got sick they start losing because they were winning ever until then and it seemed like that they were just waiting in the front office do. Because they had said before the season that this is all about wins and losses this year. And then they start out winning you know Michael my government and do now because the only reason I feel that they said that's because they knew they are gonna start losing they can get rid of the coach I think so they started winning they couldn't do that markets gets sick even though he's shaking your best guys Schick. And that's why you're losing they still get rid because he might. Theory on that and it's just a theory and hasn't been corroborated by anyone who would actually no but you remember there was a lot of information leaked about. Back in this crazy idea is yes my guess is that perhaps Nowak thought that that was coming from Malone staff one way or the other. I have no way of knowing five on four and all that stuff and I think coach Malone is a wonderful coach and a great guy and a real gentleman. I have no idea but that's always each should look at that got. Not really make sense does it makes it is actually I'm working but as you say when they. Laid down that says that edict that this Gary got a win a lot of games of the series gone K you you're trying to find a reason to get rid of this got so anyway. Hopefully coach won't get in I Abby said he away because I've love to see ya cannot and that the wolves in the post season but one seacoast wanna narrative. As long as they had Jimmy Butler I think they would be a threat to win even the first round if they have Jimmy Butler I don't think they can beat teams without him but yeah I would. Either team that goes don't wanna watch him play. Spurs streak now 21 playoff appearances the longest active streak in what I call the four major professional sports took up penguins of the NHL's second with twelve. Got their New England Patriots with nine in the Dodgers with five. Five yeah it's tough to baseball's other baseball the app yet and at the timberwolves get in and the kings would have the longest active. Playoff drought in the NBA. How many more years to the kings Iraq three right you'd have to say my three I had actually here's another rebuilding your lower that in. They disagree I think as you can't sing next year. If you have what 2627 wins this year even if you jumped out of the 32 with their three coming in the playoffs. You do this thing in the next year in the high thirties is still not making the playoffs when you do that the third year. Which is it three straight years of 55 game growth. You're still not making the playoffs and you've. You can't do with the talent that you have now hopefully they can that's right you got a lot of teams in the west you know Wes is stacked a lot of teams you're looking up at that are really good team right in the teams around you like Phoenix. Lot of teams in position to the lakers are not a playoff team they're probably be pretty good next year yeah I like you say the suns have talented players at least they've got high draft picks which is. Extensively what the kings are trying to do. It's not working right now for the sense it might mean you don't know what Josh Jackson Chris has I think been I was gonna ask you about cannot promise if we know implying I haven't seen a lot but I I miss. I observe him on the court and I west last year for what's really impressed with his demeanor. And it it's tough when you're on the team that young and not winning. When your young guy and it's tough I mean that's a tough thing to do on a professional level that argument for the kings and older trying to win more games and have a young team yeah but I had a good thing with the kings this this year I really felt like when they were playing a team that they should be. Then they needed to go to try to win and I knew that doesn't feel taking. Because I feel that the young players as long as they're the ones on the court need to learn how to win.