Is that a thing: What are some of the betting line issues? 9/14/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, September 14th
Is the electric football game going to make the Toy Hall of Fame?

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Big win for the Cincinnati Bengals last night however today they fear that it Joseph Nixon. Who's really were on the all are them well for the last couple weeks he may need dead his niece go to I don't know we have any further information on that this hour. Adam Chester updating the story. Say that it is now scheduled for Saturday. I'm that there's a loose particle in his knee that needs to be removed in that it's about a two week he'll so bill. Have to figure out something else for a couple weeks when they've really hit their stride you know Bernard is actually still to bond Neiman tired that he was part of the last really good running game they had. It it's been four seasons but. She'll get a heavy workload no question as they try to keep tech zone but Nixon was there are yeah he was. He's he changed everything about how teams have to defend and it's not that could tingles in mean AJ greener AJ brown or whatever and he's always been really couldn't. Mark knows what is nemesis distant it's our Nokia on ESPN radio right before we came on referred AG brown saga. Disrespectful. And I also your little heart I there was disrespectful I apologize or respect for the AJ and disrespect for the Darnell guy who's is any profile not against our Nokia dole like animated really you know. Easy to make mistake to guy's last name is a color and he chose a different color. And happens. Did you see they catch that brown on the ravens made last night in the end zone yes on line we've talked about tight windows there's no window there yes like that door was barely open a crack. And he was well defended and Flacco put on the money and browns like yep. Yeah cured it. Yes I think it was Troy Aikman was a date and incident elect expose me like a speed receiver that was on the speed receiver cancels out of that great last session receiver Ken yeah. And they can really give rented a great job. Of get back into a game that they had no business being bingo send due in the end to American singles got a little loose to their game. But the ravens are in May actually furnishing. Various exec it has a classic I told yesterday not like classic it was never instant classic know he'll be showing I came on NFL network. Instant classic if that's his show for years yeah you know the thing that didn't come sticks with me about the into the first half his town. With a 28 to seven lead. The Bengals went out ran three straight pass plays left all this time on the Clarkson raiders were able that I am score or else you wouldn't even had a second scoreboard. They would just they would have just but it was just one of those. What are you doing moments like you've been leading by three tests out. Have dominated this game. The ravens stack the box check in Iran in the way Andy Dalton had been slowing and it you're daring us to pass a okay took like eight point two seconds off the clock how about Harbaugh decide they go for a fourth down a couple times yeah. What are Natalie needs you that's a straight Harbaugh move as I think that was more about field position. Not necessarily a bad play anyway cry aids. Rise guys present is that out of the pistons. Mentioned this a line for New England Jacksonville currently a pick him. That means Tom Brady's streak of 51 straight games as a favorite in jeopardy is that a thing gets that thing really well it's I gotta tell yeah. How are you aren't there are I don't believe so you know 39 anymore. The Jacksonville I'm defense makes it such a great tough choice of a game but more importantly I think it really just suggests that time. The patriots relative strength is seen to be jointly design all right they're not a powerhouse we'll see what they can do. And that they're claiming it seems in the AFC. They can give them a good game and a couple on tax bills one of them they can distribute money needs like. Play in ten times Jacksonville might win six of the ten we know whether whether would be a factor in this game taxables not a bad that right there I think Jacksonville's little. Underrated right now on maybe that pitchers is they tend to be overrated at this point the way they're. Is not can is not a factor. But it with wits and too little bit of uncertainty did you know where. Florence wound up. I'm making landfall. It's is well north of eve jacks seals not Jacksonville's Tina nor Central Park Florida but it's still well north of that so they should be our. Got a couple of betting line issues to look at here that we're gonna get into of course electric football. On the set I think ex colts six point underdog at Washington Indy coming off a disappointing week but Andrew Luck. 22 and six against the spread 23 and five straight up in games following a loss in his career. Nine and one against the spread with eat out right wins as an underdog after a loss is that thing no but I'll tell you why. The numbers but that's not it's not meaningless yeah. I'm I think a big part of what we're talking about two is that is this. It's what makes them so inching it everything about Andrew Luck right now is unknown. And all of those numbers were compiled with stunningly different rosters than when he's looking at right now. So like beef. Redskins won that game how about Cleve land and at. Cleveland is currently an eight half point underdog at New Orleans these teams have met three times at the superdome since 1999. With Cleveland pulling an upset each time is it and it means you know with the mean and plus us. And freak things happen in football. But that's not a thing right I mean the difference between coincidence or. Freaky currents and tea pattern since 1999 Cleveland has won three times in New Orleans they've only once since 19997. Hits total and I'm like I said freaky. But maybe not applicable to anything you working on today. That's all right Philadelphia meanwhile the Eagles the Philadelphia Eagles are world champions. Currently at three and a half point favorite at Tampa Bay this will mark the first time in their last six games at Philly is. Favored getting playoff about that that's a thing. Yeah. All the way through the end of the season or through and into this season the playoffs that's good qualities that's an apples fact underdog in every game. And last week it nicely done. Lady and you know engendered confidence from anybody I think one of the lessons there is that as bettors as fans sometimes we tend to look at quarterback. And up we really don't like the quarterback we go what they can win right. Right and it's really kind of silly. Of course I mean Nicole's my health forget it if you think you're games close that I think you're looking really aren't quarterbacks. And that's a good game. And I really really liked the Eagles that was one of my. It's our love leap of lines right white because it's really it's tough when the panic but I really like Eagles even though they're giving three on the road and that's tough. Finally here the finalists for the toy hall of fame class of 2018 announced this week. Chosen by staff from thousands of online nominations. One on nominees this year electric football. Two door to door electric football. In the toy hall of fame is that a thing I had I loved it design thing a home. That's just. Terrible on T wanna know it's up against now begin though I don't know I wanna judged on its own merits it's just a terrible game itself. Celebrating it's seventieth anniversary this year. It's a joke begging you played it you know it's not. I'd love football I love but I'd I'd love I couldn't wait to get that game is so excited when it was given to me gifted. And and then you line it up it's like. What's the house going on here so while the play a whole game as it takes a C isn't a play a whole game. And yeah just wait so you line up but kick that's like the end of your whole day this can take away guys just ever settle and if you want to get a snack. Mars maps and stuff leakage of Korea. I'm gonna have to line up to kick now it's probably more sophisticated now in the old days he could turn it way up and they'd move fast with images. Hybrid off the board or not he goes slow and then it take forever for play and and he's got the ball and he's going right and now he's turning the wrong way. Now he's going the wrong way it always talking about by the way rob was not a dimmer switch it was liking go a little bit lower or way higher it is like a toggle like make your choice on going full earthquakes here. And really it's like hike. Everybody's over like there's Dolan let stand the plays over turn off. And the occasion tier guys that you're as overhears set up your. Line of scrimmage set up your play anyway is I don't of those games about which you say you don't say I have fond memories you say. I have memories of it just looks so cool blow Nabokov Flickr. And I had the Super Bowl once you get an as a bigger and bigger fields again which actually makes it harder escorts have sent but to get the fifth. NFL teams are right the other finalists by the way down to sells what you think here okay the toy helping American. Girl balls. I'm past I'm really I don't know it's a sent him chalk. Chalk. It. Let's all YE it's just hours and hours of places us. Sidewalks all of my neighborhood we'll tell you differently chock traced by historians say the earliest people in times. Chalk does not belong in the hallway Hala be amazing to have a glass of water cup status deck trait toy chutes and ladders. I hunt against it I she's alleging a better don't Fisher Price corn Popper. You know babies push that thing and it on them that's a class and low level colorful balls yeah they are down on bad magic eight ball. The arm up to too hard to tell me in a trailer yet. Masters of the universe he man and others in Mattel's line of action figures. Action figures yeah masters of the universe and he man skeletal or ranks then yes rob yeah pinball. Generally toy. Oh it's rock your climate talks about it then volley draw a line chalks absolutely pin eight K how about thus lead. Sled. Nothing going goes to oil slash gas is better at is the eighteen hundreds its toy galloping finalists are. Tic tac toe and really really Seles as it was easily use tickle me Elmo and uno. Uno right not a bad game. But a game and again note what this would be the quibble like the Baseball Hall of Fame let's flats. Mario LeMieux and there. And he's really good okay picture you know stick everybody likes him I mean what's the problem. It's a sport. Right here nine chalk it says tremendous. Yes it is but yeah they'll editorial pain I'm really sure it does and I'm sure it belongs and where policy. If we go in the toy hall of fame by the way what it would be outraged about every three paces. Because there's definitely health and talk about this and we talk about Europe and here there's stuff that toy hall of fame if their is. Such things which sinners and I'm going there and you mean there's actually a physical place reading go look at the two always on display I'd like to think there is thinks. I'm end there's no question that we've covered many of these in which we don't worst class act has rotted toy.