Is that a thing? 9/11/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 11th
Do you have Sam Darnold fever?

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And yes mr. baseball you're watching the giants in the race last night sold it. Seafood or out there by car yeah car. I did DJ in them. Although I have to be honest and say I didn't I just assumed it was a guy like dressed up as total. I do know that the guys actually no later. Yeah PS sat under on the assigned them them okay. George RR Martin we do author of game two rounds he's be in. Elevator operator. And so would be here all the time. Pulled the door pulled the door we'll do our older voter error but aren't. They're tuning in there makes even more sense if you've seen the stake in shell. May be willing maybe I won't. That's fine. But still haven't decided. Not gonna be on again until next year is never gonna go away so I can always make up my mind I'll now be sequels and free pools and B equals yeah no don't be equally as with the an honor and glory whatever that is I'm here here than you be equal better believe it yeah. Question for about that last that happened that turn over I think Rosie thinning in. The outstanding in the real gentleman doing hyper. Great guy he's he says okay anxieties his. As 3500483. Here tonight and he's says that they're shown seasons like there's nobody there. There's nobody there first pitch and I son a little early so I guess that's tickets sold there I mean so. I think they're under the right year wrong I don't you heard him right now I saw that attendance posted on Twitter is well. And as I scanned the stands I knew that that was off by probably ten. In in my release in a place that holds what does it holds 43. Might be overestimating. 25 maybe. Tony to maybe I mean there were just bought seats everywhere in the lower bowl. Are lower reserved in so you know which is kinda how I judge denying others that are the most expensive seats. And sometimes they sit empty just as people buy those looks like 41915. Yes I would say it was still a little more and half filled so maybe twenty to some like that. So it was announced 35 which laws I just assume that that's tickets sold. Which really means this season tickets were sold along but I guess so could. Mentality is 22 if I was 22. For a Monday night against the Braves and the raiders are across the wreck that's actually pretty good. And all my music giants right now are dreadful yeah I mean that's team has lost nine straight but that's not how people buy their tickets that bottom along time ago they might not honor them. Like a lot of season two dollars I'm sure weren't there. But they were bottle long time ago so you know whether the giants have won four in a row are lost nine era of the the game attendance and can fluctuate that much just not it's not a walk up crowd it's a season ticket round. That's when their numbers are still you know and just will be a three million plus drop this year. The sellout streak into the lot was in the last year though that the sellout streak ended Alia on an open debt that's to me that's just another way of saying okay the building got that far. In the World Series kick started three different times and so now you're at a place where you're still gonna make money but you're not gonna make the money used to so what your next idea. You don't need to do need to drive. The product on the field back into people's imagination. Mourn baseball coming up bottom of the hour he's got some it's not totally unexpected but some bad news today on Shyamalan so we have that coming up. Good news for the 49ers right I mean if they watchman and a football they saw the team that they played actually the lions. Just skits. Roasted to buy the jets and the lines were. Attic yet. That of the weird thing is dead the giants looked. It's seasonal lines that they they looked under talented. It's one thing and then. We know Baltimore knew what was going and we know more today when you last night about that no other place before they random jets. Defense said that that actually the lions' offense was. Study able I think the scariest part is it is not like they got some inside info men who never knew about it can easily say he copped to it but they said that it was right there in the film study that you could see when they came in certain formations they knew that they were gonna run and that's why the previous offensive coordinator was fired him. Yeah it's Howell Golden Tate of the on the lines I think it said the other teams know what were run before or around it yet last night he need to because players on the jets are happy to say. And so yeah after the niners certainly gives you hope among other things. That the lions are. On him. Decipher bull that's one thing but sued the date really did look I am not tell by the way not a huge issue but. I think it was and internally. So on the jets I don't know why you let people know that that you knew what was common currency yeah just keep yourself. Yeah that that you know and who knows the next team you play might be extra careful about tipping their hand when they're gonna play hey these guys I don't know but it is I don't see why plus I mean the it makes the better people don't hook which he knew it was gone and totally agree totally agree I mean when you win the Super Bowl. Its last game of the season you can probably say it but even then. You know it kind of trickled out more than it gusher out of a consumable in Tampa knew everything three issue gonna run. But police that was understandable hang your coach is John gruden mean got a pretty good idea of what his own offense looks. His guys present is that at the essence of have sand Arnold fever yet. Well ice in. No but it was fun to watch Sam Donald became the first quarterback since Tom Brady in 2001 to win by at least 31 points in his first career start is that a thing. I guess so. Often reluctant Yahoo! did to us not give it to them. I'm just not enough god called I guess but that. Whiny but it's too you know it's does salt and you don't yet here. Cinderella yourself as a rock Tuesday morning winner not a jets' defense to solve this rock Tuesday morning and winner for knowing what the lines are gonna run. I'm Sandra was pretty good I mean they didn't need him to do alive after decade got out of hand so fast Tim Arnold being thrown for 200 yards. I think maybe he could have if they needed him to do more he did need to do a lot and I think the most impressive thing was recovering from. And ugly take six on the first pass your pro career. In don't Emmy date he took a write down on the next possession got score. Hey consider this I'm not gonna ask you whether this is a thing. Detect. I in fact we'll just make this here and home doll who run these guys football. Send Arnold join team is Winston and Brett Favre is the only players in the last thirty years to throw a pick six on the first NFL pass attempt. Dana alliance okay. Last thirty years only three guys have done a Janus spread far and Sam Arnold enemy okay and he just it was. There's one of those things it. Would be film room 101 hey would you do well I threw it back across a few. Dozen were true only NFL at full speed. Boy met Patrice in those lines fans had to be feeling pretty good about things that apple and do. This is great it was so sad they showed like looked like some older guy with an even older guys some assuming that's father and son that have been lines fans forever. And they're sitting there in the fourth quarter. Just you dumbfounded and Davies with their lions caps on of their. In her glasses on and just stay here and out of the space it's a tough sell it. This is that'd be so sad playmaker said he saw somebody Wear out of the garbage bag over their heads alliance fan. Be sure it was a fair. I'm just saying. And there are a lot of people are trying to get out there and animals seen out her yeah I'm it's just us that it was it was. It is Stafford has thrown a lot of multi pick games in this was another in him wanting Stafford can do. I am is. And he believes flying and oh yeah he when he keeps playing like you don't win and he'll force a ball into tight space he's never been afraid to do it because got such good arms. And as they trailed in his act it ain't got mercy continue to force the issue Sunni ones above four picks. And you know contrary ought to write mean it did not all of that was just known it was coming son was a staffer trying to make a play and spaces where. This isn't an happen. All right Sam Arnold on third down four for 472 yards and a touchdown is that a thing yet to think yeah that's really impressive for a. First time and really truly impressive. And Dick in it that date. The Jesse Draper remember he dubbed big guy once they got the lead it in well that looking. The decrease in almost hung half underdog to try a bit chilly day they ran for about seventy I mean it's not. They were asking Arnold to do everything they at some point they've got very comfortable that their run game can control. They controlled line of scrimmage. Salina got pushed around on on on both lines. And yeah I think through the 49ers you're watching it's not so much you think yeah we're gonna know what they're doing. As I think Shanahan would probably look especially at the line is defense and say we can exploit. The holes in their defense yeah and their corners also got. Toasted regularly visited the percentage at the rose that is Sam Arnold had into tight windows we talked about that yesterday there was a lowest of any starting quarterback with a means is. His receivers had more space. Between them and whoever was post beat defending them. Then any other receivers in the league right in week one sit tight tight space indexed in stats means you have let a yard or less of separation between you and the defender and the Justin wanna do that to Donaldson they weren't asking him to youths so for one thing that they didn't really asked to make risky throws and two point Whitey. He would have to. Oregon separation pardon me New York receivers had an average separation of four point one yards goodness. Now down to us and tell next gen stat that's something you can hands here rookie quarterback and say look. All you have to do work the what's being given you here because we've got space. And again if you the 49ers. Knowing that the lions will make adjustments and that they might a swap out some personnel. That the reality is it Detroit's on a short week after home beat down. Coming up to the West Coast and yeah I think that niners have feel good about it.