Is that a thing? 7/9/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, July 9th
It's a MLB All Star segment

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And rise guys present is that as they are not dozens of tries given dog is that I think any year and hopes. That's the thing out so lots of special all star edition. Is that a thing OK so let's start with. Your favorite Brandon Crawford and now he's been nicer son that's great both you silly shortstop so I'd be crowd aren't yes. He'll be the third giants shortstop to start the all star game since the giants moved to California in nineteen. 58 joining Richard really and Chris speier is that a thing. Albert barely see yes but if I was a it's dead. Stump mr. baseball NASA named Chris speier forget it from Alameda and I know I can be Great Britain come on I would remember that. Yes it's it seeing it in that it illustrates. You don't get what a tough position that's been for the giants over the decades. They've had serviceable short stops but very few memorable ones right Royce Clayton share. I'm Clayton if I'm not mistaken played Miguel Tejada in the money ball movie he did. For whatever reasons but yes he did and time. Dip in and they've had guys shoot the years whom decent sleep manned the position really is really the last decent short sup span. You know who kind of had more cattle punch and come he brought an extra dimension. And I'm not even sure as much as they like Crawford I'm not even sure that they had no idea exactly what Crawford would be. So there I to me it's a pain because it signifies. How rarely the giants have had that position really well filled. And it just feels like well as long as Crawford's healthy. Date to be the jobs this field it's been filled for a few years now it's going to be filled for a few more. Did allows them to look at a kid I'm. You know more rationally. I'm in allows him to even move a kid like Christian or Roy of it then I think at some point they thought you know he could be a Major League shortstop at some point. Is moved him. Matt Duffy moved because they knew that they had one position filled. Mean Endesa election they've had very often at shortstop put about who read day. And Jose Uribe and also. I very rarely ever senator Maria yeah he gave him a great. Year and him. But but they have Dave it's felt like a stopgap. For them a lot that's one reason why I think the giants have had a really hard time as an organization. I'm. Thinking too far outside the box you know if panic stayed healthy which. Unfortunately get over the weekend. Date they lose Joseph panicked the you know it was not hard to envision. You don't belt panic Crawford for a nice long time my. And I don't know if they're gonna really get that but I understand why they don't wanna give up on it yeah we got mr. baseball's all star is that a thing. Going on right now many missed shot though will join Alex Rodriguez are key on that. And cal Ripken junior as the only players to start the all star game at third base and shortstop is that thing. Good weigh in in baseball history yeah yeah. Sorry I was late for the qualifier. That's pretty short. List. Pretty short listen I'm not even sure I mean I I don't tell us about our key Bonn had enough and about okay thanks for now died in a boating accident. He'd hit Dassault Famer okay pirates I believe okay. Organize the thing about wish out of its pinching to me. About this year is I don't know I don't know how many people would really argue that he's played a great shortstop nearly housing. He's an adequate. But he you know. He was in a bell well above average third baseman who is actually closer to the average. Shortstop. He's got offensive numbers that separate them and that's all we don't needn't know be asked to be everything. But. I you know in and I'd I sure want him an all star game I mean Mike Tressel for that's really low tightlipped he's really good you play shortstop vitamin. But I don't think anyone's arguing that he's a sensational shorts up maybe small sample size does the end plated in years. But I could see the Dodgers bringing in my book if they got him. I could see the Dodgers bringing him aboard thinking that he would play short until seniors ready and then he would go back over to third. Because Justin Turner is as I said a couple times and he's like 35. So it's. It's more likely that the shot would eventually. One of doctor. Mike Trout seventh all star appearance break in a tie with rod true engine for goes Z for the most all star appearances in. Angel franchise history and your big Angel fan you know not a Erin judge first yankees where to start consecutive All Star Games in the outfield since. Curtis Granderson in the room. And now now sort Chris Sale only pitcher to make the all star game each season since Tony twelve yes that's at things like this and now. This fans say now is underrated he gets crazy. He and and he gets remembered you know sometimes for just the weirdness right he gets may be even remembered for one thing. For one in uniform you know like too much. But man he's consistent he's crazy and every time you watch him pitch. It really does feel like I don't know how many guys. We've said this about over the last number of years but he's deathly one of those guys if you're watching a game and he will runs out there to pitch. I feel like me and he can throw a no no mean she just looks it's like they don't even see it out of this mean I'm always surprised when he gets it last won here Shin-Soo Choo or Sheehan soup and 1445. Hits. Third most of any active player to. Never beyond an all star roster and first as Nick Markakis who's also an all star this year so mark cake is and Shin-Soo. Choo. First and third all time for most hits by players who never been all stars. I guess it's a thing that's all that's our ultimate I guess it's a thing. He says yeah I guess is that they like and a bit of reduced it recorded again. That's a lot it hits between those two guys McKay kisses got more than 2000 hits for his career it's quite remarkable. In Erie he'd never. But he's rightfully seen as you know good player and a good team right now Dodgers have two all stars their fewest since Tony thirteen when they have one. Experts. It's not. It's not a pleasant. Willing to fertilize to keep keep anybody's health no doctors. I don't think so Larry. Out of there. And it's.