Is that a thing? 7/27/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, July 27th
Curtis Samuel was dropped off on the first day of training camp by his mom.

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Well it's official now was expected but it's official Arron Afflalo is now a member of the Orlando. Who magic. And the magic also today signing. Murray states. First round pick 2008 draft he declined his option with the clippers. Which I would give them two point one million dollars became an unrestricted free agent and those Speights now a member of the Orlando Magic one of my favorite players because. When he was with the warriors on Twitter are used to refer to him a Speights GM. And for time I don't know office that was but that actually became his Twitter handle. Really yeah I like it Speights Tim. That's cool I'm I actually didn't I'm a little surprised he opted out although. A couple of months ago. Everybody would have been advised to do that the thinking was that all that the big money was gonna floating everybody in the big money. Loaded two superstars. A lot of mid level guys kind of wound up being not exactly Rudy Gay territory to sort of similar where. Okay I'm getting a deal but it's not a deal that may be I thought I would get on and on the open market where it looks like next year could be we talked yesterday about how many big names. Could be on the market again but. It looks like not a lot of teams are gonna have cap space and a lot of guys who maybe. Rubbing their hands together they can they're getting it being paid days next year. Not so much not so much there can be some real disappoint market correction time it would appear via it was always looking like it two years spike. Where the window that the the the way that. Revenue sharing agreement worked that there would be two years of a massive uptick in the end it does kind of level off. In a lot of teams also have spent a lot of money in these two years to where it's not really about Sauer kept rising it's about them being capped. In not really having the money to spend. It. Rise guys present these Diana thing yeah isn't it. Funny either. Did you run that through defector so rob is that none actually and I sounded okay. Well what what I don't remember is why we even. I first thought I don't know why we use. Secondly I don't remember saying that. And third I definitely know the members sounding like that. So missile like it here accusing me Robb of concocting something. Doing some sort of electronic editing or altering Billick on a like super vigilant watch for anything Steve that I say that we can in recording keeps drop. I'm which all of world today my days a week let's face it I'm not like an eighteen and up for him. Count which who wouldn't keep a running count. The way you'll know that's choose if you hear later somebody said the day when you said I think Alice very high with the number if you hear that again then I think. Suspicions confirmed don't need to we are you have a August on a museum. Which is free rob in even. Right front that very Iraq that would just talk San Francisco yeah this phenomenon that you're talking on that because that's it's not often knowledge on it and him are you it'd mean mine we don't even work with any more than phenomenal about it it's just plain old. Yeah honesty dirt on the got a guy and it's works of YE I think that used to happen maybe there's evidence to suggest he used to apnea but not anymore. Not like I watched there's two positions on the show you can either be Whitey or the people who work with like to be the people who work at Y eighty. Just Liza rice guys right that's like that I had nothing to show that. I'm sure he didn't well I didn't I'm in U I'm wife idol ever heard until the first time we heard it on the whole deal I didn't noting this notably that for us no honestly that's the honest I I I understand what you're saying I honestly until I don't believe I would tell you that's done this if I had really fights that if I would have no qualms about telling you yeah I've been saving that yet. But I in this case not the case well I do appreciate you objecting to when he gets played all the time yeah. You kidding me. Prices this thing. Carolina Panthers rookie Curtis Samuel. I says he's just a kid from Brooklyn right we'll Tuesday as mamma is on hand Spartanburg, South Carolina Panthers opened training camp it and Nicole Samuel. Dropped her son off on his first day of work he drove up dropped him on it's and then you know she watched from the car as she walked. Order training camp at. And people laughed and she kept her distance Alex she walked him a training camp but she dropped him off. And she waves and someone asked her why did you drop your son often NFL training camp. And she says she needed the car so. If you get a chance is he's gonna he's a car you guys asserted were having your mom drop you off at NFL training camp yeah is that thing. That's not a thing I think a lot of and hold basic issues here. But I'm willing to accept that she needed the car like gentlemen who might say says she knew the car she knew the car but his parents. You know two boys who are now older. And I'm sure why he has parent of two girls you are. You probably understand and one block room one block Rula super handy yeah and I think even in the NFL player Chrysler in my mean time off box short. Did the one block grows very important here and she did not observed when block cruel he can't drive them right actually up to camp. I am I I'm assuming she didn't. Pack is much but it beat him that if it if she'd. Even if she did you have to observe the one block cruel and drop off your football player one block short of NFL training camp okay it might have been one block your shares not one block Amaechi dropped mop and waved and went on our way well it probably watched him walk into the divisional is pretty strong if you seen the video is sure doesn't look like a block it looks like she pulled up to the facility. Tyke whereas it owed to a according to the Charlotte at 500 team headquarter away I could find that Charlotte Observer reported quote it should be noted the rookies wide receivers the what you rookie wide receivers moss pardon me. He rookie wide receivers want kept her distance and did not walk in the camp within we don't know she's not getting healthy snacks in of that ticket again. It features of the like fruit snacks everybody's blasted a not a thing he yelled and had to present I had caprice Adrian Beltre thrown out of the game last night for moving the on deck circle. He's four hits away and they started playing tonight yet. Four hits away from 3000 Adrian Beltre best third baseman ever is that of being. Oh man. That's tough I don't think that's the thing. It's it's true that there have done it's hard yesterday. I'm that there had just thirteen third baseman have ever even been voted into the hall of fame 454 homers. Yeah and just four shy of 3000 hits. Yes and I do think. His hall of fame path is remarkably. Clear. A thousand hits is an automatic stills and it I think so. We know that 600 homers as an an automatic but 3000 hits speaks to a different kind of production different kind of longevity that also. His other presenting stats are all you know completely. He's there. But at best if you dial up best they're miserable time. Immediately liked the reason it's not like a thing if you buy it isn't a thing you mean like is that legit conversation. Identical conversation missile legit he's got a top five gonna. Yeah I think so but I mean just a lot like immediately much it brook Trout the drums and immediately are way ahead. So he I don't think he's there finally if his worst case scenarios top 53 baseman of all time. In pretty good shape kisses Gene Simmons. Opening a restaurant and promising a party. In a vacuum bill is that I think that's the thing that's it then let's highlight the things. He he does for a living rooms restaurants who have. And this this this chain of restaurants called rock and bruise it's a real thing. They started him five years ago down LA area in the Southland. And he's bringing in. This isn't the old blue frog is that no it's going into induct those Conan we're Seve used to be which if you've ever driven on I eighty. Coming back from anywhere towards Sacramento you know where the chevys used to be our summit than the nut tree correct. It's right there section he's building a set sat in. And dug us if I don't really know. Like you know that the whole idea of pain it's pub food and beer and rock music well that's describes basically every place all of bill. Succeed or fail there is definitely a real thing because they've done in a lot of places and he's got. Paul Stanley his former KeySpan mate. As he's actually a partner in the business now and they're both going to be at the opening. When I don't know fiddle again you know. Stand or fall I really have no idea. I don't understand exactly why should these fail there in the first place upon not missed first ask okay so having your mom drop you offered an FO training camp not a fan thing Adrian Beltre at best third baseman ever not a thing but top five yeah but Gene Simmons restaurant packet bill bingo rock and bruised accident back in bill is a thing and by the way. So I think that's next year and then. There's what they're gonna put one in your cal expo but like the Oscar so it's becoming a thing. I'm just wondering why it's induct bill not boil but I'm Isaac the question I think it seriously they thought the market was under certain I'd his business managers clutter their business managers quoted. The same thought the market was underserved and also they had a ready made building NAFTA did not just constructing.