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The Rise Guys
Thursday, May 24th
MLB insists 'The balls are not juiced'...

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Every moment of the game and pregame. Of course another. Great broadcast. President care Florida. Right now I can't donating care for the game is about as well we're scandals are meant that was it dot I I thought that even Boston. Arab fatigues are right word. I'm but I just thought it was it it just is sloppy game period. Boston played such good defense and in matter but both teams shot really poorly it just wasn't that much fun to watch him you know was more of a not throwback Cusack who is a grinder game. You know Boston was much better in Cleveland but as a grinder can you have Boston's mean they're fun to watch even when they're not shooting well they play with so much energy and the risk of lapsing totally in the cliche they they're such a team and that Jason Taylor was fun to watch you know is nice ball game yeah. He has to. Third pick in the draft last year yeah I saw memorized her jumper aren't behind who who went at a M so mark hopefuls went first ascent. The great on the old ball yeah they were picked headed Jason Taylor. Boston seem to be okay with many lanes got an extra pick for not taking faults in and taking Tatum 32. Now I get Tatum and I get an extra pickle our idol do it. There was shelling soccer's me so much a replay as they went to break out of bed Tatum jumper revenues down in the Dell a corner and I just thought. And you know there's no one way to make shot but he came as close I've ever seen lighted having absolutely perfect. Jump shooting form moon it was absolutely it was so beautiful to watch. Is a beautiful shot you know it NBA games are rushing you very rarely do you get to put up that perfect shot with time. But got it was Gordon. That's one of the things I love about what's in the worst Klay Thompson to me is I've never seen a guy with more. You know shot in shot out just textbook you can even staffers of better shooter phenomenal shooter. But. When it comes actually this is how you shoot a jump shot that's it's clay Thompson picture perfect yeah. Tim comes close. And watch. LeBron of course was tired fatigued. Newton LeBron here was well he was asked and after you retired last night. Oh mama moments but I think your right at this point is tired old you know worn down over the case may be about. Mr. Sharma please report to you win prison position to win enough. Rare moments we have an opportunity we do know the American of course and that brings us to. And rise guys presents she's done as in yeah isn't it. Get rid of the clutter. Game five was the 98 game of the season for LeBron James. He has only two seasons in his career with more games played is that I think. Yeah it's a thing really show. When a hundred games in 2011 and 99 games in 2013 and obviously he's not done yet bright yet at least one more yes. Yeah it's in capsule is that thing. It's of course speaks his availability which is incredible but also just to the fact that. I'm he is. Once again curing the heaviest load. Four of the film a blank year. And in playing the most minutes CI know everyone's already making too much of the Sino that guilty. But I don't understand at the last game he was phenomenal and he's been phenomenal I don't remember game a bronze plate where. So many people afterwards have set regular season or playoff where people sort of we start. How did that happen I mean it is he sick or something I could see that I mean their possible reasons. But I don't understand now he can have a 44 point gain to even the series and in the series is back to Boston and I. While he's really tired I don't get it welts and point out by a couple of people that. Among other things a series suddenly switched to one day off in between games and and that that may have more of an effect on the guy who. Again I'm there I said that is that thing is I'm adding my own context the context is. He played more regular season minutes than any player in the NBA he's played more playoff minutes and any player in the NBA so far in these playoffs so. For the guy Karina heaviest load playing the most minutes then yeah maybe the short turnaround affected him more than it would affect other economic sense. LeBron James has run 235. Miles this season regular season and playoffs. That's the second most miles covered in the NBA behind Jrue Holiday. LeBron has run the equivalent to nearly nine marathons on the season. Eight point 96 to be exact is that a thing now. Course not. They Q if I walked if I locked or ran it by random holiday for 26 days I have not run the equivalent of America you have not. Now I have dot you know and everybody. And we can all agree. I'm basketball players runner on no question about it when you know. Are you have that evidence your honor really need another measure right now are on the line on a look at Timmy it's more about the minutes anyplace. And the games that he has played. Ex cup help explain. Why he at this age. And at this point is Trier played. I'm. The most minutes of any player in the NBA. That's that's a heavy air mile so I don't I'm not saying. I doubt the LeBron will ever say I was tired. Well and so com is I had my moments yeah but so does everybody else. So he's saying he's used tired later on he said unsafe to teach you guys said fatigue yes mountain but that okay. You can have it both ways. But that's everything we can't say tired now we have sit fatigued but if he were I I understand why I mean Rachel Nichols on why LeBron looks so tired. He is been pushing this team since the trade deadline and we have been seeing through these playoffs series once they start getting to every other day which is what this series is now. We have been seeing the effects that that his body has been under so much stress for months now trying to carry this team. And we are seeing it so they are going to have to have other players who step up and make it easier for him in game six or they're going to be going home. There's just no other way to say that. Mom okay but remember those other guys. There's only so much stepping up you can expect them to do cause a lot of mart bag good. Yeah right I'd edit Milledge ran to the rescue what you see is what they are doing there's there's there's no one come off that bench. Is gonna suddenly give them a bigger performance than what he's already given him and you mentioned earlier today Rodney hood that's such a great example. I thought he would be. And the curious star I just thought he would have a chance to contribute I don't like his game he was two for three last night hitter hit a it at three point there and ended on three minutes but I hasn't done much I'm just not a big fan of the way he plays. How about this one an odd question Tyler was asked if LeBron finals streak. You know streaky get in the finals every what is have been seven years now he was asked of LeBron finals streak is affecting the team. No I don't think so I think come. Our focus the bronze focus you know who's is to win and that's our focus on right now. Doesn't even need tea doesn't matter right now so we got to be ready to play. In game six and so we worried about. Talk about that questioned pedigree dec question. I don't. Understand it exactly the so I guess I don't know what grade giving overly machinery count from a question like that them time. I yeah I mean. Clearly reporters are fatigued them. Mean it's that time your way you watch they'll bounce back in the play giving Sox game policy and then we'll be talking around seventh game in never bet against LeBron in game seven right now I know it's all while they're on the brink. But you watch Cleveland's the next game and then the narrative is what Boston very young team and you can average share an against LeBron on game seven that's right there's no question debt. That's exactly that line of thinking that LeBron to bracing as were gone back home we're gonna win game six we know how to do this I know how to do this. And then everything is on Boston at that point they're going home they have to win will play good first quarter and shipped all the pressure today young kids. And I know how to win game sevens and that's the only way he can be thinking about it right now because in the other way if he looks up and down his binge. It's a real battle is what kind of an elegant sane. Will love it hurt playing hurt who else is gonna really help me out here. Well last night we had LeBron on ESPN thirteen Tony tonight we have James Harden and LeBron James Harden were the unanimous selections. To the at 2018 all NBA first team congratulations. To vote. James Harden brawn James all NBA first team along with the Anthony Davis. Damien littler in Kevin Durant second team it's yet on us Russ too well indeed LaMarcus Aldridge in DeMar DeRozan. Third team all league staff curry Victor all the deep wealth Tariq right that's okay. Yeah he was only on publicity for little Carl Anthony tents Jimmy Butler and Paul George Oklahoma City fund Carl Anthony tells Jimmy Butler. A reminder that Minnesota should be a better team than it is right. It's like going on in Minnesota to yeah looks like Carl Anthony towns and the organization are not necessarily in saint Pete may have something do with that coach at deer Minnesota made cell. I Damian Miller had often talked about not being recognized it was what it was all star all NBA or whatever. Com and some of it was yes playing in the outpost of Portland. And so I think you can you can maybe sweep debt narrative way because it's clearly the voters know who they what they see him immigrate here is recognized. In Portland was a loot you know. They had a surprising season and a surprising exit who else even got to vote Chris Paul. Was annexed Manny and he would have been the next man in Chris Paul re go bear. Tyree Irving Ben Simmons Al Horford. Yokich Andrei drama and now our guys who got single digit point totals in the voting cling Capello dream on green Kyle Lowry. Stephen Adams Donovan Mitchell clay. Trevor reason the markets Dwight Howard Kevin Love and Chris Capps poor is Hingis. Yet with couple that you reviewed those are. Salute votes really for like cousins clearly was having a really nice season there's no question forcing guests was having a really. Auspicious debut like there was like on there I understand a voter reaching out saying it's I'm going oh award him. Just direct commission Dwight Howard around it for parents future hall of Famer my friend. What he do this year. He had one game we had a massive amount rebounds and a merits this like a huge total awful looking up yet that in and of itself I thought he should have been perceived. Okay. Currently scored sixteen points a game when he says that he yeah hockey Kerry that seemed to their 34 wins over everything you're probably right. I'm sure we'll do it again next.