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The Rise Guys
Wednesday, March 21st

What was an indefeated football season worth?


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Here's the good things about Sam Arnold Prodi today cried so I guess that those things are true. Then he's going to be it is number one pick in the NFL draft time like I don't know about that but I know they are not impressed with how we did in this broad day and I'm running red. The pro days generally. I'm just because your your your at your college field throwing tear college receivers in your shorts but it was raining. Regatta throw like that in shorts in the vein at tells me something actually. Believe it or not they in his training really have in southern Californians that actually was a good thing for him because I know some teams have had questions about him. Being able to play in weather and some teams that would be looking to draft him our. Whether cities AFC north when I know Cleveland yes it gets it you you can't play in your shorts in the rain there. I know which is another reason why advocate pro day and say. But you'll already knew he could throw a pass from what is it confusion. You already know he can throw if I don't know I just earlier today on Twitter if if if you're gonna because. Just don't world is gonna work out individually for a whole bunch of teams Josh Rosen has already. I'm and did yesterday he worked out privately UCLA without anyone know any at all after the fact for the bills and somebody else and he's got other work wiping out the Kama. And middle coffee answered its medical checks in the cornerbacks just go to the Columbine so they can get the whole medical profiles that I have to do it every time and every team otherwise. They say hey come watch me like college football field and I'll throw to some wild receivers in their shorts right. And it Tina making a judgment off that it's crazy well partially they are I mean your look and you'd consider how much money they're investing in these guys are looking for in each read the information. No well. No question but I mean if Ira quarterback. My first thought would be wait. To have to do that. I don't know why the product user quarterbacks of funny I don't think it's funny it's not and I can spin it I'll tell you that right now I'm I can spin or fall but. They go to com line and one of the things easier Alec come line. Is. Some of the great stories to guys tell about the number of interviews they do you back to back to back to back to back is the teams come in and ask him all sorts of one random. Weird questions. We'll if you get to meet with the team privately later why are you doing. I'm surprised at somebody's agent doesn't just at some point say he's coming from the medical and he's going to money comes in comes. But I'm not gonna sit him through fifteen straight team interviews in heaven be punch drunk when you ask him some question he's not prepared for. In the and you have him docked points for his weird answer. Just come on out seemed who wants. Now but if you wanna be the number one pick you wanna go is highly in the draft you can go you gotta play that game. I of course you do you but I would love to see the game get changed is leaving this silly. Mean I come minds valuable for a lot of guys who aren't quarterback don't get me wrong but a fire one of the top quarterbacks and I'm sure when I'm doing nor become. Why am I here on whom you unchecked by medical records knock yourself now we need all the interviews and all the testing we need all of that on TV live that's what we need. That the medical testing yes and the quality in the in room I don't know if so much of the medical tests insurer I mean you have to delay that make guys have to sign a waiver. A dollar psychological testing and everything okay that probably use it it would be more inching the most of the stuff we see. Because what I see is got Runyan a cone drills Xena mounted. And rise guys present is that a day I guess it's. How about this and undefeated football season. Was worth more than 200 billion dollars to the University of Central Florida in equivalent. Advertising exposure. That's according to a report that the universe decommissioned. It can we take that at face value undefeated season for UCF worth more than 200 million dollars in ad exposure is that a thing. I don't think so I. They got plenty of exposure. But I Adam suspicious of every attempt to attach a dollar value to. I'm what it's worth to have eat your your to your school talked about. As opposed to what an advertisement can necessarily Carney I just don't. It's a formula I think if there's Fuzzy math through all of that and I think people get asked all the time to slap a dollar value we think that was worth than. You know that time when the guy caught the touchdown in front of everybody on national TV what do you think that was worth. And there'll be some. You know PR or marketing or advertising executive beat two attaches a number to it but it's not a solid additional exposure earned by the school. By declaring themselves national champions. Never that'll thing you know stupid and I'm docking them a hundred million just for that so. Already I'm slicing their values and our right to the NBA how about this now you know some of these NBA stats I throw action on his at a thing. They're little dubious that's that's the point nine out of everything or not haggard timberwolves beat the clippers. Carl Anthony ten Zander wigand's Jeff Teague in to mall property scored twenty or more points. After also doing so in Minnesota's previous game against Houston Sunday. The year the first quartet at teammates to score twenty plus points in back to back games since Shaq Kobe Rick fox and Eddie Jones for the lakers in 1998. That thing you know what Lanny I like it but it's not a thing. I mean that's a very random stat an end in part of the reason they can't be a thing is that it really is so dependent on who you're playing. You know that that would that bit of the market forces that would allow some like that to happen like that I like effectively so a usual mean men. And repeat it tells meeting ended no doubt try the best one I have. I didn't mean knock down my about Anthony Davis 37 points pelicans beat the mavs the pelicans are ten and wine. When Anthony Davis scores at least thirty points since the markets is season ending injury is that a thing actually I think that's a thing I think it is shoe yeah. I think it's nice free free free gas at the markets may not be as essential. To that team's successes we all assumed he was that's right Tom that's important to the pelican is probably more than it is to me. Because the pelicans after making a very big decision. About what they're gonna do with the market's going forward he's gonna cost a lot of money if you wanna keep. And so I think they're probably. Revisiting a lot of things right now in the wake up of all of this but one thing that's certain is that in the Davis says. It's in the belt and it's I don't normally you'd say well yeah of course they win when he squares that many but that's not the point the point is he's taken up the slack. For someone who look. Eve Whitey even if it's true you know what they're dared do really well talent. There's no question they took a ton of points and rebounds off the floor when he got hurt yeah in its in the middle of the season is like they just said okay we'll we'll just substituting and somebody Deanna but oddly since the Marcus went down their roles are more clearly define. And Anthony Davis since the all star break is averaging 31 point two points per game that's high. In the NBA. But it appears that the MVP award is gonna go to James Harden Tim lake there from ESPN says yeah. The beard is clearly the MVP James Harden had a look in his eye last night to start that game as he's over fifty and none of earth I listened to game. Hillary Clinton 42 only because he sat the first six minutes of the fourth he had a killer instinct last night that he was going at whoever was in front of him. And Mandy put on a show an unstoppable force right now controls the game like no other player in the league. Okay how about this pacers visit the pelicans from make up game. February game that was postponed to a leak in the smoothie king center roof all I remember is actually in leaking smooth piece that's not good not good at all yet and less she got a cup there yeah he's what every got over it cannot dismiss for that stuff. Upon completion of the stretcher this will be the fourth game of a stretch of five home games six days into upon completion of the stretch the pelicans will become the first team in NBA history to play five games in the same arena. Within a span of six days ever. Ever ever is at a thing now on no. Sister ever happened just part of the Anthony Davis stat I know it's never happened but I don't care. It's not it didn't feel sorry no it's too bad that they have to do that. I'm the F of your own arena all week he got BK Kim you'd my my my home court forced me in this them. Weren't there at home but that's it last one I have here is no chance of being a thing. Although it did it's making news in the IP today it'll be ESPN. On Twitter post about it and it happened at the golden one. During the Monday night game between the kings in the pistons. You saw that rotten. Yeah. Two ladies sitting there two women. Are having fun there and they were on TV and they're one of them had a jar of mayonnaise. At least a jar that said best food. Best foods mayonnaise on it and she was booting the contents of the jar out and eating it sharing it whether friend. And justice just. It was on the ad that condiment cam. On the condiment king that they had your during the let's go there and ESPN I can show you the video they'll show me the video. Don't do not show me the video when I don't wanna see it yeah. She offers majority were kings hat wearing companion who tries to stop and then shrugs and says it's okay I Biggio cry I think so I'm way. Yogurt or something in there. Are some Greek yogurt in there and it will pretend it's Mayo. Kobe okay yeah analyst notes erase the image and Tom thanks for your contribution to Sacramento's. Reputation. Yah de Mayo duo as the peace calls them attracted the attention of national media in line. Why he's a good question please don't. Slow week. You're Zuckerman and other Al McCurry eaten mayonnaise added jars yeah. There's still mayonnaise jars amenities of the kings of what's going out there this is not help me special promotion yeah. The king's doing well I got time for Anheuser season on all I got a good visual this'll explain their season not show them to leave easy Mayo. We go pretty even think of that hey I know. Would work on the condiment camp had a weekend on yogurt in the best whose journal lead that and we get on TV and will end up will be nationally famous yet even though you're never named. Okay yeah no not they are at their side of the story yet but I'm with you hope not to hear their side of the story. So not a thing they won't play out next game what are they going to be eating yes in with a condiment Kim find them. These questions and more in the next king's own game.