Is that a thing? 11/13/17

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Monday, November 13th

Is college football rankings oging to be at a different time? 


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That's it for Mike and Mike this week. It is all over Whiting a member of that time in green he says I like my sausage in my meets. It happened that's probably a nation. You know in their whole history that's right I wanted to be really stands that'll probably make the best stuff on Friday or a nicer brilliant best I don't know a lot of celebrating going on. It's really not my story to tell you know it's really not mining unit or relics is turns out that will will soon know. So there's so this is if you if you if Mike and Mike is there is the type show that you found yourself. We have tried to charge right from time to time you should listen this week because there's going to be a bunch itself another loaded up with guests this week. So it'll be there have any fun week in the morning sun and then on Friday. They'll have in the unit the deet deet do if the finale of the longest break up there. Is everything he's known for the year plus that this year it was going to be over and so finally know removal. And then you know bill got a Thanksgiving break and come out Thanksgiving. Rob with a whole new thing right. That shows headed system. I mean a major footprint obviously and in inner in sports media no doubt it I mean anything that can run that long. I'm seriously and I noted that it's it's probably weird law awkward now which at times honestly makes for good radio. But truly they had a great. There Kim she's so good as such good run honestly I think Terry Steinfeld was talking about their show when he said issue and really they're not really less yeah yes. And in both of those that I really was green and I like my sausage in Miami's. And both of those guys been generous to us so and we appreciate him yes I'm. Ukrainian visited but I think in every Super Bowl week. We worked pretty you would combine talked he told us Sutley said he never told anyone which was when he did the Monday night games he said as the hardest thing you ever do in his life and he felt that he was terrible yeah. Simon how tough it is to do that into its everybody thinks a play by play LB a blast. Not all is. So the last week of Mike and Ike mornings on ESPN at the thirteenth when he got. And his guys present is that a thing isn't it. The way I know you're anxiously anticipating the release to the college football playoff rankings tomorrow yet. I think that they're going to be at a different time because I believe there. They're going to be between games of a basketball double header. So. I yet oh I'm. Let's one vs two is duke. Who is deeply and then and then day Kansas Kentucky. It's each deep Michigan State may be an in Kansas Kentucky so I'm not sure how much longer you'll have to wait but it's not going to be necessarily you know they can't just do it righted. What typically we get it for right okay yeah yeah normally Tbilisi are able all's all soldier on amid I think Oklahoma is pretty good shot. Yeah Alabama I'm. Alabama rises to the top and then the question is. Like Miami was that far down the food chain Miami rushed. A top four team Miami should probably one of the four now and then Clemson right now I would think so yeah okay I your top four tomorrow banner at Clemson Miami Oklahoma I I was gonna ask is that a thing absolutely I think so yeah that these things yes and then the fourth. Miami how much of a boost as Miami did how high can they do now from from from take mean. I I watched a bunch of that. Game. As hard as it was to watch way I'm and that because you TC was on about the same time is gone back and forth. Just dominant. Absolutely dominant so they answered any questions anybody's got. So weak it's possible they want to being too. And not you know post sneak in there for talk about a one sided game. I mean obviously that was very one sided but Auburn Georgia. Good night's stunning. You know a couple of people who know college football better ninety. Had several last UH I'm totally sure how good Georgia is a Butler ranked one in the country with its I'm what is the what's your issue and the issue was. Their schedules being good not great in you never really known but people I think we're projecting ahead to the Alabama game depending get that for them. And Auburn is playing at home and they had they were ready to go that was I mean that was a juggernaut. That they threw out there on Saturday so they have Auburn has Louisiana Monroe and then they have Alabama are right. Right. I'm in and so now about the the and that's called the Iron Bowl. Auburn Alabama yeah I know that home goodness mr. college football you didn't say it so I thought maybe you didn't know. On skin it anyway that's their big thing is now on November 25 as the date by Tennessee. Has a head job opening with which Jones departure and a lot of people think Jon Gruden. A lot of people in Tennessee want John good to be the next coach there this is from a pap forty Yahoo! don't waste your time with regard to grew rumors. Jon Gruden is not walking up that private plane in Knoxville as the next coach Tennessee. So how about it Jon Gruden as the next coach at Tennessee is at a think writes I'm no nonsense. One thing there is no Tennessee so it can't be a thing but John agreeing to Tennessee even. I you'd have to specify your terms there's actually a pretty good rumor going around the children's interest in coaching. The titans. He's got family in Tennessee and already out there that it's been. I think it was Ian Rapoport today you mentioned this is again they're there's been. Talk about. Gruden if he ever did come back he loves me area wide that titans need and they're six and three they'd be in the playoffs at the playoffs started today I'm not suggesting order. Did that they're gonna make a change although Malarkey from season to season has been one of those guys about him nobody felt solid. I'm so. I'm not saying that there's a move right around the corner them at any rate the Smart money says gruden wouldn't go. To as huge a project is Tennessee looks like right now. It's just it's you know. Great tradition great history but they're behind in a lot of ways. Com speaking in college football playoffs as we were Ramon ago Ohio State still has a shot at the playoffs is that a thing. Yet that's the thing it is just barely as it. Yeah. We can't. So I had Illinois and then Michigan and then they would play Wisconsin in the conference title game if you beat Wisconsin in the title game and Wisconsin's undefeated at that time that's remarkable true. You know. Heather dean H is that the woman's name who does the stuff for ESPN you'll see here on TV quite a bit. Especially right now because she's she is brought in all the time to explain. Have a playoff selection committee does its work. And she's good people writing today. This could be the first year it in the class salmon around that long in this format. But this could be the first year the have a a two defeat team go in just because it's getting scrambled up the top. I am already you know outside of Alabama. You know you eat it's in Miami is pristine but there aren't too many teams that don't have a nick already. And they cut in the committee's responsibility righty is ultimately trying come up with the four best teams going into the playoff. If Ohio State finishes just on fire. There's a there's at least a shot yeah they do have a shot and I don't think Washington has a shot anymore though that is there. In the pac twelve would need I'm. A whole lot of chaos to occur right in order for it to be even Barry MacKay was easy earth to swallow up entire conferences man's Stanford took care of that that was an impressive performance it's united a patent were. The pac twelve in general would have been better off if Washington wins that game at that to me that that's a big win for Stanford. And it unit in an up and down season that's a big win. By the NFL's compensation committee is given Jerry Jones east cease and desist warning in response to the cowboys owner threaten to sue the league. Over contract extension talks with Roger Goodell. That according to the New York Times so looks like the owners like that come on Jerry burg that let's figure this out to Dell's going to be our guy. But here's paying Roger Goodell has reported that compensation. Demands is that a thing yet that's the thing that's a straight games. By the way if nothing else about the students interested. But but Roger Goodell is contract demands are the most fascinating thing for one reason that I didn't see count and they were sent to the committee around August 1 he seeking approximately. 49 and a half million dollars in annual salary. Lifetime use of a private jet. And it and lifetime health insurance for his family. Now sorry. That's a win this this is to me a this is what they all time gas contract demands. But Keating asked for only green Eminem's. Or you know a fresh fruit plate delivered it just such a time every morning. He did not ask for a yacht yes for Janet. But here's a guy who's making thirty million dollars. Who's trying to make fifty million dollars and why ever lets you pay him fifty million dollars because he negotiates. Multibillion dollar contracts who. I need the answers probably don't have to. Artists I would Jerry Jones on this. He didn't sign them why you want to all you have to do is is have someone tried out the value of all those contracts that Goodell has negotiated that he himself has personally negotiated. And then tell me. Anybody could have done it because either you believe that you don't. And the word around NFL offices that guy's an unbelievable negotiate he must be a lot more shrewd. At the negotiating table when he as when he's on TV trying to explain why the league did this or that that's right I think he ham handed fashion I think what he does is negotiate deals. He's really more of a closer. He's really not a guy who should be you know trying to explain a domestic violence incident. He's really at his best when he sitting down across from. Executives with fox and CBS and ESPN saying here's what it's worth fellas because he's killed. Them so do you think if you're on the committee you give maul three. We're and a half million. Jet and health insurance here's all I care about all I care about is that he wanted to health insurance. Is that division plan dental. We'll I'm not at these are also needs negotiation but but but but here's a guy make and thirty milk trying to earn fifty mil from here on out. Whose big concern is he wanted health insurance for life for him and his family why. Because the one thing in the US decade wreck even a rich guy is runaway medical costs. I couldn't believe it when I read that I thought that's shrewdest contract demand. I've seen of any sports executive he's like look forget it he does know what he's doing right I don't need the fleet of limos or whatever. For the money paying me on my own driver but I need health insurance. All right. I mean that's like an all time Smart play so that's definitely thing.