Is that a thing? 11/10/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, November 10th

How would you describe the game last night?


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Pretty big college football game tonight numbered in Washington at Stanford. Washington with just who won the loss. Can you envision this to college football pending approval. Any. Washington in the. Playoff scenario here they would have to win out of course and then hope for just. A meteor shower and it's tough they they're they're so far on the outside yeah it's amazing they lost one and that lawsuits is killed. Because they took a terrible terrible loss. And so yeah I mean. They're gonna have a fine season. They have a chance around the table and just finish with a one defeat. I'm but the playoff is really. In the brutally. Selective and so now they they'd have to have a number of teams. Have. Remarkable falls yes for them to even be in position. You know its strength of schedule is a part of all of this and strength of schedule can vary for all of these teams from week to week but but you don't just doesn't have it after tonight. It just isn't there it is not going to be able they don't have the numbers to climb over people as for the NFL now you say there's a home dog you really like. Yeah can I take aghast when gas we give you one guess you'll get it right. Am I know you don't like the jets. But team misses not playing for Tampa Bay site don't think would be that some. You're not especially high on buffalo it could be at buffalo home dog against the thing Newton. I think it by. Had to pick I'd say you're going Redskins vikings need to really yeah absolutely. And you know there's I think the rest of this. Great respect for the vikings now are playing skins get an appoint half the not so basically you'd have to. Really to be comfortable with that. You'd have to be just your picking. This the the Redskins to win the game. And is that close mocha so I I think the Redskins win their game out right and dare I think without knowing her sheer. That they might be taking a little bit of they're getting a little post Seahawks discount they're aware. And you know teams who plays Seattle traditionally the week after the player the Seahawks. It can be a tough game you know they can be beaten up a little guy ethically exit poll yen. So I think there's a chance that they'd be more likely to be the favorite if they had just played Seattle but I'd like their chances of winning that game out right at home. I like Washington. And Washington got enough weapons to win to hide it in the water oxygen. That's the recipe for good water that's been viewed. Him he'll have to be big but I think you'll like that game line. Yeah. Rise guys present needs that a thing I guess it's. What a game last night at the golden one senator yeah Heidi describe that finish. Continue there's no ethernet you know the games to close the hole would turn them off. Oh god yeah no way I mean even at what LA wanna to right. That was in psych we you know we watch nothing NBA well I don't two kings and they're down six that anything can happen I was saying at that point you know why it. They're probably gonna lose this game Phillies a little bit better team is philly's a better team. The kings are probably gonna lose this game but there's still going to be a lot of good takeaways from this because they really competed but that the whole second half by guy. All the way through in middle of the fourth quarter exile island now while ago probably Philly wins. But the kings have acquitted themselves really well on this game. And they would then looked nervous and they look like kids. They just look like they were trying to run good plays and play decent defense. It was pretty calm all things considered mean so great finish you know Robert Covington has been a productive player in league for awhile now but go to find yourself every time makes a three on. Who is that guy out. Yes I actually couple times last night. I solve a shot and didn't associated with them and heard his name and putt on that's right it was Covington. Yeah that's right he'll take a theory of course you'll. And they're gonna be a load I mean I I think every time I watch been simmons' play all I can think is he's gonna be so good. He's gonna be so good. I know he doesn't have everything all in one bag yet but my god and not the greatest shooter right now no but just give it a minute I mean he's gonna be so good in a couple years then he's going to be to a problem for Italy for a long long time have been Simmons impressed with the air and fox yeah. Itself. He can play he had the air and fox the youngest player in the last five seasons he's aged nineteen. Youngest player in the last five seasons to make a game winning field goal in the final thirty seconds or fourth quarter. Thirty seconds or 44 quarter or overtime. He's the youngest player last five seasons to making game winning field goal in the final thirty seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime in the NBA is that a thing. Mean and it's a reach but I'll give it 20 well I mean things. A long time he picked the five year window and yeah. Limited is the last five years in China. But I mean what happened last night with a nineteen year old make in the game winner that is an avenue five years in the Aziz means most you know nineteen year old or twenty year olds on our on teams aren't necessarily be go to guy. Kings don't have a lot of scoring options. But we rice as saying. Yeah. Yeah but that's said he. I thought he took the shot like a 25 year old so that he can mean in a clone of me yet and he made this that basically teams are gonna get them until we can consistently make it. I he out to I'm actually that he seems pretty comfortable with that elbow jumper I don't know when a lot of is those shots look. Mike Garrett struggled with that when he looks pretty comfortable with even when he misses it. You're beloved thunder is the only team in the NBA without a single win against that team and its own conference their Owen six against the west. Thunder only team in the NBA without a single win against a team and its own conferences that thing gets thing. They also. Has such high defensive marks. Across the board. Date they actually lately have been the worst team in the NBA in crunch time. So they're defensively in addition everything else or fall apart down the stretch. So yeah I I think. It matters in their case because there are conferences and no joke conference and you know they've had a couple of opportunities for wins against lesser teams are at the very least equal teams nuggets. Blazers. And then an outright loss to a team like the kings that they can't lose to argue comforted by this. Notion that well you know it's because they've they've got a lot of new guys in training camp was and is as long this year I'm of comfort is the right word but I believe that. And it doesn't mean when you're losing games early and you look bad it doesn't matter. But ya a 100% believe that I believe that a lot of teams that makes sense under stature some of them some of the flaws were seeing are necessarily things that can be corrected by playing together more. I fear that some that may be some odd question I I I just fundamental stuff in but I disagree that mean does that three of the highest usage rate guys in the NBA and you put all in one place and say here they'll play middle take them. Awhile before they figure out how to play together. Carmelo by the way 28 points matches his season high passes Allen Iverson for 24 on the all time scoring list okay that price makes you feel better about the whole thing no. Clearly that our rights the Japanese Babe Ruth if your of the Japanese Babe Ruth. Joseph I thought I oh Tony yet the Nippon ham fighters announced that show hailed timing. Latest upcoming star from Japan gonna be posted this winner yes the last two years he hit thirty home runs and a 169 games by hitting 326. Also has an ERA of 2.5. Two. In more than 500 career innings pitched in the averaged ten point three strikeouts per nine innings so show hey oh tiny. Wants to pitch. Any wants to DH. In MLB. Is that a thing no not a thing. Thing in and I think about what he's saying he's saying I'll only a consider half of Major League Baseball. And that's a problem. And you know media. The other thing is that it although any any team would be crazy not to say sure knots up I mean if you're just trying to figure out how to get this guy is posting to come your way. If you wanted to give way to pay the posting fee for the Dodgers for example. I'm positive or the betting favorites one up with Tommy you save sheer whatever you wanna do my training in the big leagues. The problem will bring any camp. Win what it and I don't know how they feel about him either as a pitcher here I'm not sure which it is they want him to deal I think they cry I want to pitch but. That would be good that the the default response of any team that's thinking would be absolutely. Because they know that these are resolved themselves. The reality is you're not gonna Cuba you start. It's it it's called the think the in my and maybe someday there'll be a wave of players. Like the first pick in last year's draft Rita McKay from little visit straight two way player. Who's drafting team a free named after him said you know. Absolutely can McCain you know why when you at least be open to it and I agree with you I mean if you wanna sign that guy you if you wanted to come to play for you you have to tell ya we'll get a chance right that bass is the notion of him actually doing both in the big in the may not talk about Miley baseball. Which I'm a Major League Baseball answers now. The answer is that he'll have to be completely focused on one or the other either being a pitcher being a position player there's no way he can be anything other than sub mediocre free try to do both. It's not a question of his will power or his interest or even his ability it's a question of time. It's about time to you mean the amount of time that a player has to invest to be a top level hitter is insane in the same thing goes for top level pitchers throwing every day. It's not like hey you know what I got a few minutes before this next bullpen session. He's got a really strong work ethic his upside is is you know Madison Baumgartner in that area and a debt that's what do what you hope to be. Anything beyond that is in of that team's gonna indulge in because it wants to sign him but there's not a future. Netting and amp but he's really good at both. That's right and that's awesome but you know the Japan leaks of not being confused a Major League Baseball very often and they won't be again no but there have been a number of hitters. Matsui. Suzuki absolutely not a lot but they're gonna number guys have been outstanding hitters they're came over worsening enters hair absolutely if I were the doctor doctor there's other days pretty I mean he's asked if DOS at. And if I can if I had a team. That he was it shouldn't signing with I would wanna bring him in I seriously with an open mind and say why don't we just see what he's best right. Because I know deep in my heart that eventually we're pushing him one way or the other. Is that so we do I'm just saying keep an open mind I know why you're saying what you're saying which is keep an open mind mr. baseball sheer.