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The Rise Guys
Wednesday, January 10th

How will Gruden be coaching the team?


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Our cries you've been an anti gruden higher from the beginning I started out. I was with a view and then I did kind of six counter play came around the idea that. Now I think it's good for the district the super stats say he may not be a legendary coach but he's an upgrade are you yeah are you were on the raiders' hiring a junger I'm a little skeptical of the scope of the deal Leah I I mean. The if you if you hired him I mean to hire an end for seniors a hundred million dollars indicates that you've concluded he's it. In about that yeah I'm skeptical I don't disagree with John and think at this point you'd say well you wouldn't disagree and you disagree with they'll have now he cannot Canadian thing about him being an upgrade over Del Rio. Am I still would have been Tim tonight if I were Mark Davis. I would at least pondered the idea of changing offensive coordinators. Because clearly they lost something in the transition from musgrave to. To. Down we'll remember Mark Davis yesterday we talked about this about how how significant it was. In his life but he can't I think he called the biggest stage in his life yeah Martin they've called it the biggest day of his life. You can't compete with that for Del Rio there's not going to be a counterargument pane we've got some tweaks on the coaching staff. No you don't understand this is mine white whale yeah so whatever goes wrong down the road it's been good chances not going to be grew whose fault as far as ownership is concerned. Woods kind of boxed that possibility out doesn't mean if you're Mark Davis you've already made it clear by gruden is the guy. And if it goes wrong it's gonna be because people are letting him down now is it fair to expect grew and get the raiders. To the Super Bowl within the next four years here's Tim Brown. Little doubt about it then I sit down after the they're too little playoff where they had last year visitation what a championship and through three years and you know I I think we look at just record go to of the main issue daddy headed she'd never never had a stable quarterback he never had a guy that everybody say this guy can beechy you know I doubt many struggle also struggled you know army same thing would happen out people have a quarterback in the league. You could struggle well that's my basic you know leave we'd he has a guy that is is so formidable and everybody know he's he's had he has the ability to play. You MVP level conceded that last year. So let's go get it done so I agree with you read that John agrees with TJ I mean but these guys are gonna have to buy it man because his way up to rotate in and go below their. That is one of the most curious aspects of this higher and John little cup touched on it we've talked about it. You know Jon Gruden has had success with rich gain in in Brad Johnson and Jeff Garcia and yeah actually one of the best seasons of Garcia's wife was aged 37. Plan for for gruden but what he hasn't done. And I'm Chris Simms might have been the closest to him to add to developing young quarterback I don't the best thing he ever did was apparently. And so yeah it. As John says an intimate it doesn't necessarily Ingrid can't developing young quarterback house. And he is. He's not be given a raw material is being given a quarterback is already proven that he can do good things only them but there and there are real inching transitional. And. Rise guys present needs Diana thing yeah isn't. John McDonough kind of stole your your bit. Allowing no idea to heating jump all over that. So funny entrance and a clear voice and actually crack there this kind of high and so I was overly B and over a variable for some reason that day bomb over. Yeah I've noticed that yes I've noticed that I thought pass that Jon Gruden introduces raiders head coach let's look at some of the numbers. Of the previous eleven head coaches. You know occasionally gruden is the twelfth head coach since 1960 to have multiple stints with one team OK okay of the previous eleven. Coaches none of them reached the Super Bowl in their second stint and only for. Joseph Gibbs who Saban. Wally Lamb and Ted march are brought up only four of them even reach the post season is that thing gets think realists guy doesn't mean what happened. Joseph Gibbs is clinching example when Joseph Gibbs came back to the Redskins. In his four seasons the Redskins were thirty and 34. But they did make the playoffs twice. And eat you know under Daniel Snyder he was the only coach should actually got a team in the playoffs so. You know it it's. This thing inaugural disapproval I think this is wait you're you're way ahead of the evidence at this point you know indeed the idea that it. Raiders should be a simple team no office timber round but. Even out of last season unlocked and argue that that's the case they did not have a defense that was gonna get them through critical playoff game is what's gonna happen I remember Joseph Gibbs the second go around they were playing the bills. And the bills were lining up for a potential game winning field goal and a forty some yards. And Joseph Gibbs calls timeout you know ice the kicker and again ago kick it any calls it again. And he can't do that and so as a penalty enemy to kick even easier and it was just little things that seemed to really crystallize how out of touch he was. Towards the end of the second go route that's probably not fair but that was like all you you can't do that. If gruden was such a young head coach stat coming back even after a long layoff he's only 54 it's not like he. Is you know being brought out of retirement when he started his raider curt Hughes fourteen media com and so. It it won't be a question of him being out of touch exactly at least not mean that the wave might think of it. But I do think they've been in John touched on this in and you mentioned this yesterday. In. Due to lack of practice time's gonna drive him and say yeah Girardi does yeah he he. He got over in a very specific way. On on his first go around you know and worked his team's harder than anybody was willing to works players so remember we're talking about eleven head coaches. Who had multiple stints with one team gruden is a twelfth so the collective winning percentage of those 111 time around weather team 629. Collective win percentage of those eleven coaches second stint 397. Is that a thing. I I guess so I mean I. You know the number. Useless. I'm not sure what it says about this time around I don't know what it says Padilla history's really bleak for whatever reason. It's it's this is just so different though this is let's just so why aren't so much terrorism on life yet your absolutely right and end. It's it's rare enough your your point exactly is that this only the twelfth time is even happened. So it's already very unusual in the NFL. Not forgot to come out of retirement and college but to go back to a team that he wants you to marry once in in a weird way even to the same. Ownership family. It's very usual one more time of those eleven coaches view coached. The same team two different stance. There. Average tenure first time around five point nine season second time around two point seven seasons is that I think. I'm not in this case. I'm saying you know share. And it's true that in some of those were desperation reach outs violence that's a thing don't in the way back machine but in this case this is a guy comes in with. From all appearances at tea in year 100 million dollar guaranteed. Contract. So don't think that he's although he doesn't know the terms right ya helped lead Russia call as agent can he really got a great deal is gonna be excited when he finds out. You know the bigger picture is if he has a bad two years she's not troubling your three if he has a bad for years she's probably not even troubling your five. It would have to be disaster. For this to not play out at least six or seven out of ten years. And you know for sure that Marc Davis's. Medium play short play is bring grade that Oakland is medium play is prince Michael trying to go to Vegas. That's a lot that takes analyze years already. You know you're gonna be in Vegas for a few years before there's even any questions I'm not sure any. Those are actual things I mean they're interesting numbers but the circumstances are so different to I mean and look at the names of we're talking about Wally Lamb of nothing about Wally lamb's two stints with whichever team he coached have anything to do with. Jon Gruden and the raiders but we'll say one more is that a thing for you. Lakers 99 kings 86 last night. Want the ball five points on to attend shooting. Eleven rebounds eleven assists five steals first Laker with five points five rebounds five assists and five steals and game since. Luke Walton December 2006 against the bobcats and give that was it doubled and triple overtime is that a thing. Just freezing bobcats no it's not a it also isn't a thing on any other days yet this is a classic example of one of those staff that it is not a Pena don't bother me whether it. 555 and five you know I don't care. And also launch a ball on 1% from three last night which is his last shot was. And total embarrassment a scud. He. He's team chief says it in and I I believe it's been established that it is shot his his you know his broken. And it's also true and I think Magic Johnson said this week's go rail and I can get into during the season. Who will will will work on in the offseason we okay we can do during the season they're competing for anything I I I actually get. But a play for that shot needs help don't shoot. You know either drive the lane or. Or addition he doesn't he does that a lot he dread that our coverage Terry says if he can shoot 40% whom he's going to be an outstanding player. While he's not wrong because everything else he does is an asset to his team. I mean he's he can play defense. And everything he does offensively is an asset to his team. But he shouldn't be issues you all right now. He really should be in you know I realize you can't play like Debian BA. But he shouldn't really shoot at all that Laker team is pretty entertaining for better or for worse I mean last that was a good example. They get it going and get an open court. Other fun to watch and then they do some crazy things and making I don't know what I was but I I don't think I've ever seen it before. The tell look like they're never out of it but never in control of it team. You know they got off to he's Arabs on the first quarter but they were just them ridiculously good. And you know well I think and that's never gonna last I'm just saying it was almost in the blink tonight that they get it all back. And that's going to be there and that's Luke wants great challenges can you really persevere for eighty teach it was.