There's word out of LA on the Aaron Donald hold out... 8/8/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, August 8th
Is it just noise?

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Here's a question are the rams really close to wrapping this up when there and Donald less need the rams general manager said today it will give an update. Bet thank you. And it lets needed during a process question. He says that the team and the play there are in the same zip code quote. We're in the same zip code area code ballpark once he told a group of reporters at the team's hotel in Baltimore where that. For inflate the ravens tomorrow right pre season football. Excuse me ask for a clarification. What do you mean by is that could I think we all know what that means zip code usually means you close but you still haven't agreed. So I don't know if this is really an indication that they're on the right track or this is just no means. This is just some sort of diversionary tactic it's very easy to say zip code do. Snead also told reporters the rams would not quote put a false timeline in quote on getting a deal done with Donald according to the LA times. Whatever the date is to prepare for the regular season but again there's no hard date there so why I don't I don't buy that there in the same Ahmadinejad in the same ballpark. IDC that's just sit. I don't with you know at Dodger Stadium traffic. Hey guys just answered a question right now he's answered a question maybe is trying to put out a little bit that I a little good spin on it but. Just for reference same zip code in same ballpark or not the same thing. He can't isn't in the same sentence if you're in the same ballpark you really close. If you are the same zip code or are so our area code very 'cause a pretty big frenetic. I mean all that means is what's bigger in the area code or zip code go missionary code generally can reach awfully far Tom. Did the feet the whole idea is that Erin Donald wants. Is set the market. For defensive players. And the rams don't wanna give it that doesn't sound close to me and Sean McVeigh. The head coach this was yesterday at the and practice. I'm with said I don't think anything's gonna change with that in the near future I mean he was not I mean you seem really being pessimistic used to sing. Yeah I don't know not math and now. You know we help them get here we liked him. I am he said I'm had a little bit of dialogue would Aron and were hopeful that we'll get something done but I don't think there's any realistic. Deal to kind of you know he's Simon yesterday's news deadlines that doesn't change really anything. It's his teammates and said. How we think he'll he'll show up at some point. It just doesn't seller Kalus. And the rams open the regular season against the regular parade is fabulous. September 10. The rams raiders we showed up aired all showed up on the eve of the season opener. Last year. Didn't play penalty giving game but showed up bright bright as the season was about to begin. And I guess that they. Have it in their mind that he might work his way around to a similar notion. This year. You know whereas the clone Mac thing is in a sudden he's gone through really heavy duty for the first time. The accelerators may feel like because they went through with him but they're not laster maybe they feel like pisses. Maybe they think they have a better idea of how to play out he'll skip camp. You know show up near the start of the season and in the start collecting his antics. Which the raiders don't know about. Yeah I don't know I think. I think you that there's a better chance here and almost going to be there for that opener than there is a coach Lomax going to be there but who knows it's I mean the rams have they could payment they want and I'm sure they're traders could pay to the Mac. If they wanted to. Well yeah I mean it was again paying something they just bit the idea of of you know front loading indeed deal probably. Is there least favorite. Outcome that I'm assuming that that's a big part of the whole don't know it don't know it it's really speculative that a marriage is a fair assumption is the second of the two Monday night games the first Monday nicknames for somebody into. That's lions. Looked at. It's black that can be good not Strasburg Hawaii I don't care how you say Arnold adds lines you object is much is you want in their essence. You not selling them. You might sell the second game its own chips lines you are just full of football humbug. Not no I'm just waiting for to get more inched your football Scrooge. Yeah fair enough. They ovulating on second thought I'll give ya. Yeah I would look for begins to matter to be house and that the opener matters jets lines as a matter much to be a playoff team and they might. Stafford the most under rated at Tennessee quarterback Brett you'll you'll see we'll talk to feel gates to. Day pitcher get to finish the ducks are with him and god by the way Dovonte Freeman. Says he's getting out the new helmet rules Dovonte Freeman of the falcons running back he says yeah I'm. And I'm gonna get a couple calls and it's not by rule and you know I'm gonna play like a play and we'll see what happens okay. If a guy's clothes and an army numbering my helmet yeah are pretty much better than I guess it to a degree got to do that to protect yourself. And then if there's certainly I'll just until they do I'm beyond were played football I imagine there's a part of a lot of running backs. There's going to be a lot of guys who believe pay when the season starts they're not gonna penalize me for essentially protecting myself as I go into collision they wouldn't do it just like hue Jackson sit on hard knocks. Let's place of GD football. I think he's channeling his ballots go get a GD snack yes from Rex run a few years ago a 100% all right.