Thanks for nothing, LA Angels of Anaheim... 5/24/18

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Thursday, May 24th
Is Ohtani injured?

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We actually at a baseball match up. Baseball and now. We had he's just gonna visit the Yankees this weekend and Sunday is going to be showing you Johnny pitching against the Yankees out yeah that that would have been child that's now. Other focus on the NBA conference finals. Well baseball well what do we have here big time right and the angels have announced the guy's not gonna pitch against the Yankees who why not. And he's fine we just don't want overworked and come fine gimme a break LA angels of Anaheim. But that's they did. They cited workload management. And high which is. Terrible term that I just learned today from what really what did you guys it's it's almost like the baseball equivalent of resting a player that we see in in the NBA it's gonna center close to that see here's the background. Oats honey if you are looking for the most he ever pitch to pitch to 160 innings in Japan when your but it wasn't last year. Lester pitched 25 and a third innings. Because an ankle injuries so. They've always been a little bit. Wary of this is why he his starts or as infrequent as they are one reason. And he was on pace in this is from the Orange County newspaper that covers the angels. Is on pace spot at this current rate Whitey to pitch about a 120 innings. So it's not like they had them on a feverish work load and they suddenly rise apt to scale back bright so it's fishy. Did beat writer down there. Says but Tommy played catch yesterday and he played catch today so there's no indication of an injury. And I think that's interest. But the GM wouldn't go into the specific things they saw in oh Thai army. Or are the factors that led them to believe now was the time to give a break quote yesterday meaning Wednesday. We kind of realized we should probably consider this that's about as big as he gets and I don't there's no apparent injury wind bit. It could be that they didn't. He's 23. But I can't imagine any reason why they wouldn't wanna pitch him in New York it's in my late dot you know the Yankees were saga set him back which escapes the new buzzword in pro sports. Billy up for the GM of the angels says I have the utmost respect for what pitchers do they are the most hired people when the game is over. Everybody's so tired. So where's Lusk is retired LeBron was tired last night. A Taiwanese not pitching Sunday why because pitchers get tight he's not tired but pitchers get tired what is going on I don't know. And I don't know what I really do believe. Without. Any evidence to tip to be able to make this true but I'm my belief is that they saw something specific. And not just hey you know we've been talking this over this last. Twelve hours all of a sudden and we think we should back off center that's that bad for baseball you know there aren't too many secrets in Major League Baseball. Velocity is available to anyone who wants to know it and there's no evidence of any loss of velocity on on Tommy's pitches and see his bullpen day either do anybody else. So I guess he has prime more than once it's makes only one start roughly per week. So it could be something they came out of the bullpen session when it's all right he's lost at least it was a little snappy one you know something something maybe that is trying to avoid the circus subtle BO Tommy pitch in Yankee Stadium I suppose you get a hit and he's probably gonna hit all three days of the upside for the angels they get Tommy in the lineup probably. Every day. But their best chance to beat the Yankees and without Tony pitching not hitting weren't the angels on FaceBook watch today and you'll of that. I they were on against the jays today weren't there I wouldn't know where they were appeasement of a team of the week they did play game today and a tiny it was in the lineup. I'm gonna see if it's still goner for it's done they were leaving by the time they won 821. And I know Tom doubled. He went two for three with two blocks and it's kind of it's a good game for him says he tired no but the angels don't wanted to get tired so he's not pitching. Meanwhile LeBron was he tired last night Tim flagler ESPN NBA analysts is that LeBron didn't look right. Made you know five minutes into the game so the first notes are wrote down the night was why is LeBron grabbing his shorts and bending over on a free throw attempt 56 minutes into the game just didn't look right. They're gonna feed off to discuss energy level he's been sensational obviously what he has done in the post season is almost superhuman but tonight. For whatever reason he just didn't have his bio rhythms were not working for him tonight. And happens. Yeah I meant I mean bio rhythms usually is a good expressed explanation for almost everything. We know what's going on what was with the showed today you know to Byron Eaton. I don't know but I do I do believe though I mean you saw it I think he did look a little tired. And it's not projecting I agree with. I'd let her I've I thought you could tell early in the game companies Dina and kids bending over and they're just early in the that's weird his memory is still razor sharp Hughes asked to explain his turnovers and of course you recalled. Each of them in detail. The first turn over our childhood. I saw something happen and mark is it a good job Marcus Moore did a great job of renewed. To go pretty carefully he picked it off my second turn around we embrace time lost lost muffler on Mars more snow turnover. A couple of whom won in transition and Jeff Green up on up. Don't put on the sands in the kind of fumbled it should have ellenberger mirrored ball Spezza along. Back door women to swish. I in his hands maybe should not thrown out when a little bit in traffic out or for was right derivatives which has put militia took them back. I had a pulse a volunteer was injured became a patent. Are from the bomb site and means speeding means they doubled from the baseline sorry guys. A home and Jason Taylor got his hands on my pentagon wanted to open a similar fate tied to a low. In my last turn or who was just very very careless and tear rosier we got to pick a Roy got to switch and I just lost a lot of bombs on the other side there. Away from there. Baskets of us must six turnovers I think I don't know six maybe three of homelessness. Careless I think that there were ten turnovers in a market. Well. He Syrian he'll she'd like to know from LeBron but at. I it's inching many found three just tunnel careless turnovers. And he's not can ever play a perfect game. You know it's book. The Celtics are gonna continue to send people in waves adamant to attack defend that's a good strategy to green in the hands. I maybe should have to I'd like how that went back and hit him in the hand and dragged him new. Not all me kids. I'm I think that one of the striking things about the game against Cleveland was clearly not up toward the bus and shot. Horribly and won that game going away moon and they shot terribly rosier originally Velasco Leann she's come crashing back to earth. He's three for fifteen Jim Brown went four for fifteen. More soft the benches five for thirteen. It you know they'd they shot what they should 36%. 3736 and out and win the game by a lot right wing got eleven more shots up when they got eleven more shots up I think we will again turn the ball over. Fifteen times. Happened man. EE giving up that many times and again LeBron is being asked to answer for six in the post. That's a lot mean even me even for a guy his high usage balls in this Camelot he. He has to play as close to a clean perfectly clean games he can't. Apparently the narrative in Cleveland is set the cast missed an opportunity last niners Brian wind horse to cavs locker room after game five was as quiet as it's been all season and that's because they knew. They missed a huge opportunity in this one. Holding the Celtics to just 36%. Shooting. Having an opportunity to win on this floor and not being able to execute enough to get it done. LeBron James was a little bit low energy and he admitted he had moments where he felt tired but he got no support for most of his teammates especially the starters. Title admitted he lost track of his rotation and forgot to play Kyle Korver enough. All in all not the type of performance from the cast that they were looking for. He is you know tired Tyler said that he also said that dead this Celtics switched up their matchups. In a round about way is giving Stephens credit report heat. He said there were reasons why Korver didn't wind up the rotation more often not just that he forgot who said it had to do the fact that no delayed in play yeah for the Celtics right they were looking at a matchup that they weren't getting and so it did he hesitated on corporate coming back you have to say effort not to put him in right Eminem makes a semi. He's dare elect. But the reality is it that you know and Korver. Was low impact they're just wasn't an impact player on the floor not named LeBron. For Cleveland and it doesn't really matter with the Celtics shoot if Cleveland really can't even. Successfully get up a shot after a possession them and they ran into that problem line. So the Celtics got they shot poorly but they do everything else well. Including defend. And they took control again right at the at the start. Now obviously Boston with a chance in the next game to close the series out to eliminate the cavs in Cleveland here's Al Horford who. You're supposed to do we won here you know. A big game five for a person. And now we have a big challenge to go on the road. The first game we don't play very well the second one I felt like we played a little better over there. And we we're gonna have to tune to play great game come Friday. Because you know there's Tulsa home yes. At least in our series they've been malicious have their way. So while we have to make sure that we're really. Focusing committed to playing the right way. The whole game thing do you know we've done that spurts over there we have to be more consistent. So far cried some five for five again and our team and every game yesterday yeah yeah ways to go still this is a big challenge for you huh. He got two great challenges here you have. The warriors game inning game five on the road news in the and you got Cleveland. Really not as good as Boston. Desperately Abington stave off elimination at home tomorrow. Gay games right I mean hopefully they they should be big gains have been few and far between this post season and draft. And and last night was no exception and and really needed to with both teams played poorly it was not as much fun to watch because it was. Was essentially from Cleveland watching clearly not be able to catch up for three and a half quarters what did you notice it was Marcus Morris and it was Ernest junior right got into a little bit yes and Watson began today. Want to go on get up when that. Whatever was broke out. You had all the Celtics right there. You did not have all the cavaliers there Celtics ran even all there was only one guy and the cast Benton it was right in front of their bench and Ronnie who's the only guy who even stood up and I don't know if they don't take it seriously or alive but it's they're they're maybe that's part of it I mean maybe is they've they've been into the finals a lot of and these scenes on this but. Boston with their youthful exuberance. Pages look like they've got more of a belly for the fight yeah I think Mort that I'd be more eager for a you know do it and I don't mean to win I just mean. Eager to have a problem meat maybe that's a little bit close to how they play. They want a little friction so sometimes it might create a little friction because they liked that because that's what stokes them. And the cavs are a little. Cooler than that. You know led by guy whose little cooler than that and using it to be in the middle side but even early in the series when JR Smith got into somebody. And the caps and they didn't they just didn't respond nearly the same way as the Celtics have been responding to these. These little fracas is yeah I and that it's fair I think that's exactly over the Celtics and it speaks to where those respective teams are as teens. Yes I also think that the Celtics really believe that catch can be had. And so there I think they're they're getting. They're get subtitle salty because they base kind of sense it salty Celtics yet that they can put these guys away that they can push rambled it. What you think Morris said the Nance. Oh I don't know why do you have an idea no I have no idea I don't know he said that he said some very specific and has taken into other things marquis was sitting right there. Really I believe China's.