Ted Robinson Interview, voice of the 49ers 9/11/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, September 11th

Ted and The Guys talked week one of 49ers football and what disappointed Coach Shanahan the most.


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So let's take a quick look here at the NFC west Seattle's O line may be worse than we thought they call the Green Bay Carson Palmer struggled mightily. Arizona losing to the lines the 49ers. Have lots and lots and lots of work to do they fall to Carolina the rams are 10 and they were dominant yesterday and tear got threw for 300 yards. If anybody can explain any of that it's our next guest next to join us yet standing voice of the 49ers Ted Robinson howry today said. Well on I think he can understand. I would like a lot of people I was told. Exciting yet this ticket won't they're going to be to Moffett talk about cut out 49ers to call it turned out to be none of that old it losing game. It's one thing. The ability and ability to the opposite to really jittery and Italy there were a couple plays here and there but it's kind of a familiar team unfortunately that's the most disappointing part. And then when you turn erratic that you see did the paper opponent curators put 46 optical you know that's kind of what. I think coach would not fit the better or would hope report its first game John McVeigh got a grips. You know tended thing that struck me. Early on was that it looked like the forty years and might be able to run the ball I realized they had to abandon it but. Is there at least some small ray of of light there with the way Carla side ran the ball. Yeah there were so apparently it was better. Mark it was better that we saw on the receipt in your writing the only night carries for I had it read it forcible. What an eight sustained. Ability to personal sustained writes. I can say they've worked an awful lot you can expect we can practiced on training camp officially ends and opera the practice field a lot of gets forgotten that you really see what they're working hard they've worked a lot of long probes. And or Europe. That went outlook yesterday but right now are that took place. That work you could would estimate it catch that ball that probably touched that. Not take it it mutual we're beginning but it certainly alters the way he plays out the for taps if he makes that play. I think this team is going to be very much like the last couple. They don't have the barge in order to work those guys that are strictly to have a chance to make a big play after big. And I don't want it any weights and that was the reason it ought the king. The block views to be approved treatment special opposites when they have that big play shots they have to make. Ted Robinson voice of the niners with a so. Up perhaps you've ardea express this but what disappointed coach Shanahan the most about yesterday's attack. Well I. I mean. Can kind of hear it points. I used to terminology. Its first impression try to rock human being every human being what first date first interview who. College draft horse job. But it ought to make a great opening oppression and and what actually able to support it Shanahan scored three points off. On a day when you're the opposite wind he'd coached at fort third downs are cute before sport down that wall short yardage. And it all we can port of one. You know that those who think the pastor Steven Kyle a lot. You know I still think and I I think we sought yesterday. That this roster it's nowhere near settle. I think they're very much and at. Coyotes it's talking to the press right now on a majority it'd. The guard situation is very much influx I don't believe the 49ers are totally satisfied with the two guards. Aaron lynch. What would not act. Actor you have to really got to abuse it get pats archer what an active consultant he was healthy right in lynch bought that's what you don't need to practice but during the week. I was told back spasms but Kyle but it felt every night I did he get there's a little bit of a lot of push to get there which to beat the players showed flashes of a couple of years ago. And that's up to the 49ers beat it pressure can't do very much yesterday and again that's so at least that were had a vehicle the last couple seasons. You hoped to have work push it in the pass rush which could do that but I I just take your quick victory gave I think she's saying. Scenario what folding that this this roster or accurate and I can't. You're a triple team not baseball kipper got tentative guy but I take a look around and we keep it's guard retreated for can be torrid couple weeks OK it's checked like this we Seattle. And that the other guys out there that the other or all. The big picture of me what the 49ers. We don't. How articulate its Seattle in recent years and it really hard in Seattle they just have been able to score points. Just to just. Put touched general board in that stadium. They've been very hard produce team go back to Harbaugh. And that was to meet with the big hope in week two critical up there with culture an and the development department it would at least be that ability. To make you competitive because the Seahawks have to respect each good and the deal would score so. I get USB big picture take Wikipedia entry that this point. That the team only got a race still wants. Ted Brahms and voice of the niners with this year on EST in thirteen Tony Ted did Solomon Thomas learned yesterday they difference between. Pre season game speed in regular season game speed. Well I think he got a guy. I I haven't had a chance to watch carefully at the C. I don't know I didn't if you snapped out I know we did a good job reported there were very. Strong effort in rotating their life which was not done here in the past. So I went seventy people on the on a solemn dignity and a plate you're the one good you know McCaffery which you knew we wanted that. I would so all guy though to meet the defensive line held up well in the world and the run defense. Was a big step toward Q that's it that's probably the biggest pot but it command of the game. Again given. Given what we had two previously. The run defense was collective Carolina did run the ball really until that final lap with a post it up from one yard line. The ball the pats rushed to pressure or they're what you need to be. And there were two massive cover break outs and Indiana felt it should be two touchdowns all what you can do what very good. The porters they want but you care about those two meant to cover protests and it was only one touched. I'd said you mentioned the lack of pressure is it fair to wonder as I've heard a number of fans already wondering today. As a fair to wonder whether 49ers didn't get more creative in in trying to find ways to get more pressure on camp. The other thing that was one thing that that was clear. That that was that is it going it because that that pitch real well metrics football outsiders that the that job of mentoring that. Newton was the most with quarterback in the league let your that the boat hit quarterback by a wide margin in scope readers network 300. War hit the next. Contacted quarterback in the morning and there it just a couple but. You really do hats to him is lack of play and preach he's in the coming up shall. So that could help but watch out. That although the upper part in. Get out people contain it and seeing it scorched 49ers in. Years. I think. The creativity point two would be. The last doubt apple want oracle tried that it Waltz up right car outside. That the place that I've just arched eyebrow about. Simply because it was a pretty strong statement that we hope we can rebel ball. Art art big bill would kept track of the ball all night and didn't change today. Lot of cheap shot but the one yard line which is used it is different. But. The float I didn't put it back out to be it was I'd I'd like culture and it's a question. It worked out at all ports. Pretty much all choice. In the last. Yet tactical but it got to go to partly potential first read you what I'd like that part now opt out. Porsche can run games that they could split up a port one thing you know worker rot your cup and we get. They did yesterday we did not. Ted was it was Brian Hoyer looking at. He Obama's hands longer than I think we expected him to was he looked around fine no one open looking for the quick release and fining everyone covered. Yeah that that was one thing that that caught me as well. More of what we have to that I locals pride they were taught at a Tim Ryan admitted it. Our broadcast where the ball didn't come out with the timing that we seem to Brian proceed in. And you know even in practice where these timing and accuracy been really good what it is good yesterday and you know you've got. What you got a pretty good collection of receivers and their rent a lot of record a lot of guys open it yesterday and I thought they'd covered as bad but there were guys bear what. Her disappointment to everybody watching certainly. To beat the pats game protection props that. Where urged people to consistently. To burger. Carolina tackles and they're really good. Players but do you want to battle which is why at. Reference in a big couch and it prepped for reference to guard problems. The interior line battle Carolina what pretty decisively. And the running back pass protection. Upward beat up car outside and a couple of minutes at salt he'll lawyer felt kind of pressure that I'd pick forty dollar to hoping to do. Would be what did. Instead what you think about McCaffrey's NFL debut and he's cooked this yeah. He's good. You know. Just part of me which is different circumstances different year different. The thing that showed yesterday and did you not to border guards like gonna be too dark dark rusher. But the thing showed yesterday that all stripper and but it what's college football. Recognizes him his footwork and he showed yesterday for flight times it's just. It's feet. Moved so nicely it's cops are so quick. You know that the dump off that you're into the first app was remarkable. That was the third and six students went up there and keeping you make something happen he ran at about six that particular per. Carolina three point that should not have. So you know got its. Swiss army nights element with the effort was at least a little different alignments. That one is query string. So it is going to be a weapon. That if Carolina can really use it that way all year long and stop just duke and trying to draw Paul Archie forty yards down the field. And then run it it can you McCaffery like it did yesterday they're gonna be a pretty strong fortunate. What tennis great catching up with you again you're gentlemen we appreciate your time very much good luck in Seattle and we will talk again very soon sir. Good look at Seattle and we don't work. And hours and a lot let you buy your. He did talk a decision and I thank Garrett and yet they care Ted Robinson voice of the 49.