Ted Robinson Interview, Play by Play voice of the 49ers 9/10/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, September 10th
12 minutes with Ted Robinson

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And teams wanted sponsored by the rose below. Seventy dealers 21 break. Don't Brooksville promo. We don't run these guys. Wouldn't be an niners Monday without the voice of the 49ers. Ted Robinson. Ted so great to have you back how about. How about the 49ers yesterday fair to say. SPN thirteen to at least twelve minute drill which Ted Robinson the bullies in the years it's. And C streets. Here's what mark and today. That's my mistakes aren't the politics it's first time for a net net net went ahead I I watch the thing about it afterwards can we maybe on some levels compare the 49ers to a golfer who shoots his 76 in and afterwards he's gonna I know I could have shot a 69 and first of all this feels like it's the official season opener for me yes yes he could see what you guys were I feel like the football season is starting to finally were under way yeah appreciated that and. And yeah exits and we've all been there you know you shoot there so in my case you shoot in 93 B chaotic state birdie on us. A lot probably does make a whole lot of sense but don't. The end yet because there were there were a lot of things the forty Enders left on the field yesterday. Big gain was. Close to getting away in the third quarter was close to becoming a one sided game yet there they were in the fourth quarter with the ball near mid field. And a chance to tie so you know that's the mixed bag of it and at the end of the day guys and this was we all knew how tough an opener was going to be. If this is a team Minnesota was thirteen and three last year your plane on air field in a loud dome you lose a key offensive player in McKinnon. And then at the end of it. You have to give Minnesota credit because this always happens first games. Teams have months to prepare. And Mike Zimmer put together some good defensive schemes and I think they'd they threw the 49ers off a little bit. A lot of it was with blitzing COLT what they see the of the overall blitzing all the blitzers coming from one side. One of the damaging placed the pick six was exactly that where all the blitzers came off the right side the 49ers thought the blitz was coming from the left so. You gotta give Minnesota credit for that but at the end of the day the fact that this game didn't end up 35 to six. And at the 49ers had a chance in the fourth quarter. Is is to basically take away. And Ted not excuse making and all that that player describing the pick six or couple things going on one. As Kendrick points and after Gainer in the wrong routes from any other. It's your point about the bid you know three crashing from one side that was also against it completely modified right side of the niners' offensive line. What are the I don't know whether concerns they're going. Forward while that that is it looked that was a concerning camp because that's like to meet the right guard position and these are things that a lot of fans don't. Get to energized about who's gonna be right guard but it was significant because you knew your have been a rookie starting right tackle and as a result of the injuries and that. Game yesteryear your tackle plays guard for the first time in his life. Do you get a guy loses you're a veteran Juli has been in the league 56 years yet to plug him in Eric and it at right tackle me it is it's tough so. Did the good news is that both Mike person in Josh Garnett walked onto the plane. Go home and I think their respect and cows Channing and I believe is talking just about now and I'm sure he'll give the first injury updates but. I got the sense there was more optimism about Garnett. For next week even though he's on the field looked he was so emotional about the injury it looked. Pretty severe but apparently was not nearly that bad. Ted Robinson voice of the niners with a son niners Monday Fred Warner kind of an unsung hero in his debut Ted to what extent will minor improvement this season. Really hinge on what they accomplished defensive. We net what I think that's everything guys to be. Even yesterday now they only scored one touchdown. So finishing is still a key thing for the offense finishing driver's finishing place. There's three touchdowns yesterday that they didn't finish right three touchdowns. Dunn dot take pettis in the end zone in the first half George catalog but what belongs for Opel for the pick six. And appear rehearsal went up a leaping catch and it's a ball that right hands and he just didn't hold so. Good good good. News is that the offense. And the players talked what does after the game they gave house Cheney had a ton of credit for putting them in position to score. They didn't finish the place so to meet your question what this is all about defense and the best side yesterday. Once that the front. Showed progress they put more consistent pressure on in the second half. And in particular to force partnered up Fred Warner played his tail off yesterday he he was terrific but to force Buckner. Had the first kind of game where you said okay this is the guy ready to make that jump to the elite level. Ready at three tackles for loss two and a half sack he was. Being paid he was the guy that went when he lined up the vikings had to know where he once. And that's what we've been waiting for rail on and on supporting energy that's a fraud. So I think that's a big takeaways that that's a hope that that's just the first of sixteen this year we're partners to play that way. Given the state of the of the current state of the vikings offensive line is that an area in which the niners today might be feel like how we we we should have taken net advantage of that matchup more. It's sort sure you'd like to think that. I think they did that at this. I would say this the defense had two different hats I don't think the defense was real sharp to start the game and the vikings. You don't put some us some consistent drives together cousins is pretty good bye to widen you saw why Kyle Shanahan likes him so much. Up and let's keep this in mind yesterday and again this is not an excuse but it's just context. Yesterday it was Jimmy drop almost eight career start it was Kirk cousins 58. So. You know would it be experience difference really children cousins was was excellent in the first half. The second half the forty your defense was much stronger guys held 225 yards. Not cousins a little bit out of his rhythm which was a good thing. And that's the kind of defensive stand that they have to take force that's what you're gonna have to do to Stafford in Detroit. But this weekend you look at most of the good quarterbacks they face. And yet that that was one thing work I thought it the 49ers we're gonna win the game. That's how they're really wanted to run to take advantage of Minnesota's operates a one because that's the real really the only weak spot of a viking office. Hey Ted may not have been the biggest story on days when asked because we talked an awful lot about Richard Sherman over the last couple months. And I saw him certainly on the field but I also saw him on the sideline exhorting his team is defensive teammates. What sort of an impact did he make caddie look to you. Well he he looked good and I got decisively even had a chance to talk with a little bit on the plane. Coming home he felt good. And he he joked he was talking with a few people including Kyle Shanahan any you know. You CO felt like he had played football game and about nine months and there were few plays you know you've felt some strategic some sort response he got through the game fine. I think it was one. Pass completed against him they took one deep shot. Audit which we thought was gonna happen which the fog digs and digs was behind him but cousins overthrew him thankfully. And that that I think it ties your question together mark because rich Germans impact. And his presence is so strong but he has to be able to play for that to work right otherwise you become a coach and it's hard thing when your play here. You know so so to be that really that bad bought the vocal leader that he's big he needs to be able to play at his level I think he felt much better about that yesterday. And I tape he's. He's really and I know Kyle Shanahan has already experts this Sherman's standing. It makes him a really good barometer and I know Kyle's talking to blot out the defense after the game pay. Know what you think it and Richard Sherman was was really positive about the defense you know what though. Obvious knowledge there's a painful place that they didn't make too quest toward at a shot you put an X six and just missed it. No there are those there were there were too many missed tackles in the first half I doubt caught no question about that. But overall chairman walked away feeling. As upbeat she could yesterday about the defense. It's a niners Monday were catching up with the voice of the forty niners Ted Robinson. Forgive me if this is an obvious question Ted but in what way would you say that 49ers mr. McCann in the most yesterday. For awhile now let's I think it's very clear I would say utilizing him as the path as the pass catching back. The kickoff 51 passes last year for the vikings coming out of the backfield he's the second runner there last year caught 51. So yesterday when the 49ers tried to split. Breed out wide which they did even put out for more Sal white little bit but I don't think the vikings took that terribly seriously my biggest bourse has never been a pass catching back in his career. It's just it's just that's just the element that's gone you know that's I know that's why. If it wasn't deep premiere recently it was one of them White House Shanahan was so. Interested and intrigued by getting McCain and here was because it could create so many mismatches on defense. And unfortunately. Breed and more still give you that as part pass receivers use Jack is the guy and you saw yesterday. That grapple battled and played it was very similar to play they ran in that. Who was Houston I think he wanted to pre season games on the road. We're go upload that almost has a wheeled light on route pattern to it but you check kind of gets lost. On the right sideline oh yeah and it's up with a 56 yard plight it was a very same play they ran any pre season game. And so. You know that's what used chicken due huge check caught a lot passes last year in the last five games would grow apples started but that's where you miss McKinnon. The most is gonna be that element. Ten deck and a cousins. He missed a classic throws when he clearly he looked very good is is. Our vikings. In your estimation and you some last year they better than they were last year. Well I would say. I would say they're deathly you'd be better which album cook as their lead running back and Murray is their second back last year Murray was the lead back to tell the cook has just be really good. Other receiving courses saying. Now the quarterback to step up I don't pitchers any argument about that. And there are questions going to be via especially it's the it's the middle of their offensive line they've had to replace both guards and their center from last year so that going forward is probably the biggest question. But but but guys you see it it actually reminds me a lot of Seattle and that. They have kept their defense together in a salary cap era that's hard to do with the vikings have kept their defense together now the bulk of that defense has played 34 years together. And in the attic out Sheldon Richardson this year's talent he's you know he's beaten he's been erratic. Behavior approach but he's a talent there's no doubt. That has chance to beat the best defense in the NFC without question and people don't around the league door I think think about it that way but they actually it. You saw you know we all focus I'd ever seen Griffin yet you see this other guy hunters she fast he wants. We got that would Rita tried a lot site wide and run on him in the first quarter and the Neil hunter the 200. Ninety pound. That scares. Guess it also it also tells you guys you run wide on us that if you you know 49ers didn't get it a great run game going yesterday got to be something else to him what to think you'd better act. Coming up this Sunday. Next week home against the lions had before we let you go what to tonight with the alliance against jets would you be watching most closely about the lines tonight yeah I just aren't the you know and few people ask that today and it's funny because you know I have. Did pay attention delight in the pre season and did never digestive watching this morning so wanted to watch today see what they've changed. You do they run the ball better I know they've got Golden Tate and we saw golden to people with Seattle animal bit with the lions and he's a pain in the tail. And he can be the kind of guy Phelan was yesterday the slot receiver that's an awful tough match at a really good third down guy. Take to be that way a whole lot about a month defense so that's you know. Got the DVR rolling right now facts hunter yeah hundred game due to fire up but here's the here's the bigger picture question guys. The 49ers had this 2015 and sixteen we believe gave the 49ers the Monday night. Home opener. And then both years had to go play there Sunday the next Sunday on the East Coast pins from one year Carolina the next it's unfair schedule and and the 49ers lost hope those games. The lions have that this week bright they're playing at home tonight and have to cross three time zones to play here. On the shore we it's not fair to the league to do that the forty better tactic advantage. Thank you said it's great to talk yeah yeah it's great here pretty clearly listening next Sunday we'll talk again next Monday I can't wait guys I attributed yet had a great week thanks to see it. Gets sucked in by the way the one thing that I can tell you about the alliance defense. Is that. They know how to return badly thrown ball for a pick six because that's what they did on sand Arnold's first stroke as a professional. Spoiler alert what's that Ernie happened. Yes the lions are kicking off now I had seven nothing after Sam Donald's first professional throw. All right coming up how good was that Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass last night how good was it really on ESPN thirteen when he. We've Ted Robinson sponsored by. Gift shop on C street in Sacramento blue diamond.