Ted Robinson 12/6/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, December 6th

Play-by-play voice of the Niners.


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Always a treat to catch up with our next guest the outstanding. Play by play voice of the San Francisco. 49ers who won only Ted Robinson. Nice stuff to join his head is so appreciative of your time here. How's everything go on this say he also for the holidays right yet elegant giving gifts bought and everything and decorations up. While they've what I've heard all written back with you and now. Our holiday really Thanksgiving because the odd numbered year. When Notre Dame place Stanford here in the Bay Area. And so we have our tire deadly crash is that a lot of frame that it just really it ought dot and this year. I was blessed because I didn't happen he. Saturday games Sunday deported under cold so we were any huge tailgate at Stanford. Actually. Could participate this year so Thanksgiving was our Ali Christmas tree bill little calmer for a and I've got my emblems looking over there are about fifty people might Mexico and have all the old granddaughters. Pregnant out of crawler belly right now my house so take everything's got out of 401. That's a year ELA you're renegade group right now when you do I need to keep doing and it. They have what was said Jeanine Graf low able to do that brought out the best of his receivers on Sunday. Well liked that part of it is a great question right there is that. Those who recently. And not meant and we expect editor's note here or anything they can be. Can be interpreted as criticism prior it that way but it does mark. True that the 49ers lack. Accurate he's the quarterback position for some time. Really that Alex Smith. And core apple gave you that means I was talking about it during the game guys going into. Became this this past Sunday the 49ers. Seen completion percentage was 56%. Say they'd written expert that sounds pretty good well in the third routine and it felt that was. Thirty hours that's the point that. The bill we may be the beat entry level but cover charge to get into the bars 60% but the good teams are pushing that. And the borders are 56. Or go drop below 70% that's the port and airport which Chris Taylor catches. All over the battle he could that hurt and rob with the but the cat which we had to seem to walk that this year and marquis Scotland. By the way and it really nice game to it was his career I catches. And yeah apathy that after the quarterback it. But you do it right that most all time frozen balls off and where the world for that result. It just. I could tell you guys I talk to players yesterday. Guys that are apple while we do that and insisting the optimism when you see him. It it you know it gives me popular column play another 56 years did you have a sense how good is god and because. Well Ted getting ahead of the evidence a little here a bit just because it's fun is it possible that. A few weeks from now we might look upon the receiving core of the 49ers a little differently. In other words is a possible there was some talent there that hasn't really been observable KG never got to deliver an hour. The ball. While your debt market that would part of what had happened in an accused. The quarterback that got. That's the degree to why these guys an update in thirty billion dollars a year because they've made it that they can make reef keepers of look better yet they can give them the best chance. To succeed and that's what you hope go while apple continues to do certainly what he displayed got it back and art talent. That we seem. And it's one game we all I cautioned that one game but it was a good and and by the way within a couple of points got a pretty quick point the sport while there this year Carolina scored three points. I don't care about oil you get that but. In victory infield there so it wasn't a slight doubt he's there. Given that appear on the that you don't really inevitable one receiver. Using the cat but he did it was just really good. At that that I acted as I could feel the pocket all want to get the game from friends and colleagues with tech. All along the line up and it looks like we have a quarter. It it does it does highlight to dry spell it more than they would want to think about that this franchise has been. Ted I'll never forget I asked Drew Bledsoe when time what is the hardest thing about playing quarterback and he said you people have no idea. How many decisions you have to make in such a short amount of time so. I know that there's so much more that's involved in playing quarterback then I'll. Than I'll ever think that said BC Jimmy go Rob Lowe and there's just something about the always and the presence regardless of the performance. Is that it a mirage of me in my right is there something about the way comports himself that with more confidence than than the than the typical quarterback. Obviously it goes back to that dangerous line that they used about what George Leary who's briefly hired at Notre Dame head coach yes I do. Fortunately they read debate issue now and and a lot that was used was if you went to central casting to find it. I'd Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach who would beat Georgia earlier what cubicle wall. Sit central casting. For quarterback. And I mean I thought that they want and I'd ever seen until the first day you walked into cleric watch practice you'll just see how he. How kind of bounces around Kerry himself. Of course that Al throw the ball. And how we boo and I thought it I decked him right in the zone practice field it is the second weakening as it you know he. But it it could be easily the interpreted saw blade anyway. You know he had HO what I don't like looked to me now Michael back colloquy chill in the big year college. And being the MI port it Mitchell would never really strong muscular guy up. But he was creepy athletic. And yep out a little mountain moved. That allowed him to just to use that athleticism and their work be of a more ball guy and become one of the greats of all time and to be what uncle Koppel play. On the practice still rather that support and I don't looking look a little wonder you know where a lot of quarterbacks are heavy legged guy who just who they are. Go apple has that. That air about him to be dead just a little bit so again it ought I'm. Excited and you know here's. This is a quote that stuck in the back of my mind for several years now. And I'm not a huge fan of the type of Michael Crabtree left 49ers and signs with the raiders and I don't think there was a hole. Lot of club passion for the 49ers fight to keep him. What we Crabtree lucky that the unit intact walked over a lot. The Crabtree said he signed with the local we wanted to go someplace where you with our quarterbacks to give it all mean. And at the time you know Capra was still held in high regard but they hear the quarters hopefully you could see that Super Bowl quarterbacks so again that the for the economy tech walked over what there was. There and it's as I was bored out there was more than I thought types cruised to dot com. And this is where grapple letters to say because we saw. Glimpses of it from Gabbert two years ago where he could do it but it can stay. Unfortunately we never thought of capita last year and we never sought orders this year which was a big disappointment. That that have been written. That that I thought we get at least that your employer was consistency and accuracy you get either of those attributes so here's what grapple with brought to forget. And obviously that go for the challenges it could play. Comes to better defenses including Jackson go step stud decent this year everything I'm told. And the rams at the end of the year so he's been accepted by the better he dances but we'll find out and get the ball great this is what this is supposed to be. I cook and I couldn't understand the mindset of don't play don't play. The 49ers. Gave up a second round I second round draft. In return or the other team pains war. Forty years a mini camp forty usable DNA fort training camps. Three and a half years at quarterback rooms with Tom Brady and a very respected by the judge what did I somebody else paid for all that. And it caught the 49ers would be second round draft the high cost it's still. You bargain here now it's like by the ninth spot won't want to put it was sold for over 25 years. The audio the court let's break let's go. Yeah I'm. Ted you've been watching this now all year I this is a little bit off that track but he goes to drop low so I'm just curious now you've seen this sort of unfolding. Is how she and hands off it by its offense that complicated. And that complex that it would take a quarterback. I don't know I season plus to even understand we supposed to be doing. Yet to be that kind of stuff that they're all ought being questioned inside for. I mean it definitely. Involved. And I think now the but the TV guys from what I wanna go back what you eighteen but they get a play call you're there. Maybe cut out is too when you see the amount of words that are physically and play call it's. To be kind of crazy but. I don't have to play so. Yeah I think that the I think the answer is yes it is I think it's one of the things that they're impressed everybody what was he picked up pretty quick. For perked your gotten a bit better with Peter in. In the sport and let you use the mini camps so he had that edge. Go rot will look pretty good it looked like it running and not. You grapple good shot on Sunday in the only probably deeper into which was which one. You know what the incident and it all will cost in the game with the reds. And that severe have to get better. It's been able at all record. So bad that it did on cubicle all all. I'd go talk to Kyle about his two years and it did your router in his. Believe. Is that the red zone you become extremely hard. If you don't have a running quarterback swear that the wanted to achieve network with grit and in Washington which is that. Of course captured present at the same thing as good times here. If you have a quarterback that Iran is probably just beat the red zone. So much easier for the you don't indicate that doesn't pay attention it's just too many defenders in shorts like on it at all not equal her. What for the 49ers it's pretty cute he used it as a you know that was. They moved the ball all day they all came walked the ball until they edit don't want. Back but at it the next jealously watched over the that's what we. With Ted we appreciate the chance to catch up with yet very much have a great trip to Houston and now will be listening. There are. There. Thanks for asking ten actually people probably a lot people don't know attempt was supposed to be calling the UCLA Montana basketball game at at Pauley Pavilion tonight that was. It was canceled in yeah he's fine he's on campus I mean he's. At this point he's probably Ted two football fields from -- the edge of the fires so we're monitoring the UCLA says everything's good so far. Yet good young arms. I had no like yeah I was going to be Europe I was literally on the highway to the airport wanted to call and did I know like if things were that close to camp in its. Yup that's the odd and Italy and the good news UCL a it was responsible and clearly Digisette look at it or know what anybody out there were were out. Absolutely right thing to do they ask intended and as safe travels will we'll talk to us in our guys are writing thank you said. Voice of the what do noticed that Robinson got it done is the 49ers Texans on ESP at thirteen twenty. Yeah we out by the investigate doubleheader by the way because we got 49ers Texans early and then Eagles rams late the supply yeah. Why are you kidding me awesome all right.