Survey says...Guess which sport is still America's favorite? 1/10/18

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Wednesday, January 10th

What's your favorite sport?


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Yeah bemoaning the fact that the vikings will play outdoors anymore they played in the metrodome for years and now they're they're he's dating but it was. It's almost two years ago David Pate laid dad. Playoff game I. Yeah Seahawks over the vikings were playing outdoors while they waited for their new stadium. Bridget yes. Yet doing the US bank lonely girl either of them gap gap so they borrowed Minnesota's actually had they played a full season there or did they play too I think imminent played two seasons there. Yeah now was spectacular Blair Walsh yes miss that Qichen and the CR to talk about a team. Losing something or spending so much one week they have nothing the next week they the Seahawks next week I think they went and played Carolina. And discover dot trashed yeah that's exactly what happened but. The M. You did those games those memories they're just way harder to come by Chicago still does it old sciele. If the giants or jets are in the play execution. That's still an outdoor stadium in potentially bad weather situation but not too many where you're one of the people that thought they outdoor super what was such agreed I'd I'd do. Who was slow stupid there really wasn't more duffel. A ball and really there are so lucky they didn't get blizzard it on they did it blizzard and on I know they were very fortunate came off without a headset when they do it again. And there are well what are the choices I mean they're gonna be in Minnesota this year yet. But I'm saying don't think they're doing it anymore look at it even if they were heard the choices are what you could play in Philly they're just aren't very many places. Where you're gonna get a winter game. And I don't know with the latest mystery in Chile this weekend. But I'd love to believe there could be some weather factor and going to be cool before 913 twenty part me Paul the Eagles then on ESPN thirteenth when he hello Paul how aria. Odd bit OK guys I got a good. We thank you all what's your what's your gut tell you. I got nobody that we are definitely got independent back ultimately do. Really all right eagles' defense steps up and run the ball down their throats out. I think I think I don't I don't know exactly where I am. It. I'm right in the right up there. Right out there and that but I Abu Ali yeah. Yeah 800. Yards. And I am I am and why against Atlanta got into and out. Not a computer. Guy I don't get why there quietly. I. Didn't get him Hillary. All right what about your quarterback how confident are you that polls can turn back the clock in. Play like to get through seven touchdown passes against the raiders once. I don't think any combat quiet I mean it or not. Backcourt and that aren't windows well. It was big and control the ball up why a lot of cricket. Why can't back. It certain people didn't know on the bottom line. So you're looking at like in 1913 win some like that. What it seventy. You cannot not like that. All right good luck Paul thanks a Cheryl it's for what is usual word and what this is where the Eagles. Gave up eighteen point four per game. This year and the falcons gave up nineteen and change so this is the fourth rated defense against the eighth rated defense. It could certainly be a scrappy game. I think what I'm looking at is how much better Atlanta is playing lately now weather could doctor Betsy Wright well that's what I'll I'll check it I am of course it could. I'm Donald check and see if there's anything specific to the footsie liked buffalo a few weeks ago I don't think I'm an authority had you know the via. What was it called bomb. Cyclone wind storm in so I think that came and went. Have bad news for you mr. baseball a baseball is not America's favorite sport you know Gallup has been asking Americans for eighty years. What is your favorite sport to follow. They most recently conducted at last month during football season. So I wonder if that might skewed some of the answers. A football on top 37%. Footballs been on top. Every time Gallup has conducted that poll for well for fifty years mr. baseball on number two is of course mr. baseball basketball. Second place 11% followed by baseball 9%. And baseball 2% ahead of soccer scene that's probably the bigger story that basketball is now solidly ahead of baseball. For whatever that's worth it to enhance it and that's a key point what is it worth the poll has a 5% margin of error. And such a basketball at eleven baseball on nine and soccer at seven and yeah. Right. I don't know beat the dipping that I took out of that story about the Gallup poll is that. This is this is Gallup some fifty years but baseball is on the steady decline in. And it's just straight demographics baseball's audiences aging. In young. Sports teams are taking up slack aka people ask all the time as football dying as football dying they never ask why is baseball dead a commencement from the local and actually. Not see our look at the numbers right here again I don't like barely see a polls yeah I am I don't know I I I I present to you it's its financial bottom line and as evidence that baseball's actually thriving football declining a bit down from a high of 43% in 07. According to pro football talk dot com football not declining anywhere near as much as. Baseball. Back in 1948. Baseball always 39% of Americans should add to my favorite sport to follow you been a decline ever sent his 48 yes it's tough road. Baseball 9% it's lowest share of the American fan base since Gallup begin the poll in 1987. When. Bullet Bob Stella. Woods and a sit down American League give batsman beta I tried to figure out how already through IDS a great story that is not to do that that in other radar again and that's a motorcycle cops come by right as he released the ball drive and a certain miles per hour then that a race between the ball and then yeah. The here's the thing prides mr. baseball. The these demographics suggest that baseball's gonna continue to decline. Its strongest support comes from fans 55 and older lowest support comes from fans aged eighteen to 34 who needs some light east. Well I think baseball does his thing it's a mental problem so footballs in a priest does strong decline from its dip their greatest years. Which would suggest that at the very least people are not as in love with football they once were. Or that this year is a really get bad here to ask I feel about football you kidding me man in the twelve months they just handed me yelling on talk about football right now. Well I mean. From what we're gonna say. 43% and 07 to 37% this year if you figure some of those went to basketball someone to soccer and it's kind of explainable isn't it. It's on either roar. You'd better you are tired about what's your favorite you know it may be the question isn't are you are you watching one sport one sport only the question is why I told your favorite sport. It's it's a totally different proposition everyone of those sitting conduct this at a football game or something why it's like if it's like him. They you know 888 Cowboys Stadium exit poll. It got to get channel in the car when asked these questions about yeah sport I really giving a free football to spark for participating in our poll here what's your favorite sport by the way Philadelphia this weekend. They're supposed to rain tomorrow I sees me Friday and Saturday and and games Saturday or Sunday. Game Saturday. I'm sorry for asking that hang on let me back up on that yeah it's it's Saturday. So that is supposed to be played in the rain them as it turns out early surge of rain in the forecast for Saturday not freeze out might work in philly's favor right. Yeah kill it if you used our muscle in the game down a little bit forcing more. But the ground game. A low of eighteen degrees and a high of 46. So yeah it is that allow you or dome team. Right yeah Matt Ryan Beckett dockets practice today after missing Tuesday to attend a personal matter. Julio Jones I believe skip Tuesday as well and so they'll have their guys back in in their again the falcons to you are about as close to full strength as they can be. There's no injury that's a greater factor in the playoffs right now then then Carson Winston assist talent is. The sept find a way around it but it is true that their defense can keep it really close do you think forty niner fans take any delight in the seat change that's going on in C at all. Seahawks fired Darrel bevel. On a lackluster December he was our offensive coordinator and a lot of Seahawks fans it's about I guess they should've done that right after they lost the super Balkans he didn't get the ball a Marshawn Lynch yet been able out Tom cable's afternoon from Sony taking care better. They're there their line coach in there and their offensive designer. And that thinking in Seattle has been that Pete Carroll for awhile now as. You know he wants a run oriented offense he always hands. And from you know since Marshall left they just have not. Had a run game. And part of it is that the alliance been terrible even though they've had. I they had 31 round to second round picks on the line this year and they are still terrible so Steve's our keys Ian is the coordinator for the falcons he used to work with Pete Carroll so we'll Steve's our keys and leave Atlanta had to go to Seattle. Falcons coach Dan Quinn says milk. You have to do let them go to bed. They didn't see I don't know if it will warm welcome back where's that hell I don't look into stuff so come out I got a game plan to do yes thank you left there you go. OK go me and what's out there yeah the play of their the even movies and the other thing all the cougars won out. Zero chance of them and this is that's okay yeah I once again that totally. Yeah I don't remember digest in the for us that's no basis to use this. All right fine. Larry you know what that means does that mean you're gonna re writer dies on contract if Pete Carroll comes calling or do you have the right to refuse. You they might they might have the right refused and even interview for a lateral position matches out works in the NFL hard to know what he meant because clearly he wasn't sure what was going on right. I mean I would too if I were that cuts my first thought would be yep no doubt he's not happy senate like you about 80% atomic questions for Chrysler like why I don't why I don't know what's. Payroll money or tell me what's going on I don't even know what your asking. About half time so you know we've we sound about this thing. And then usually after it's explained to me I say yes there's no chance right exactly so yes they're similar yes.