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Thursday, August 9th many questions did Jimmy G. really answer last season?

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Yeah thirteen Tony. There 49ers returner 49ers in Dallas Cowboys. And renewing their ancient rivalry now really its pre season. But they are playing in and football type of game. Antley by stating so people will be paying attention so kick off is what seven and yeah so that. Some legal and down so did just scorching heat. Lack of shape won't be an issue. Probably not but probably I today looks like it will be an issue for the foreseeable. But it looks like it'll be an issue forever I'm because. Although it really only probably FX a couple of games a year. You're just talking about the 115 cake on an unusually. Warm day. The the word from the 49ers and met many Democrats long piece about this. I'm he did an in depth interview with one of the four and ash top executives out Guido and outweighed a base this had yet we can't fix it. That that part of the of the stadium where the sun is just relentless. Which we've we've talked to everybody we've looked at everything and that includes the FAA because of flight restriction on the stuff. He said it just it can't be done them so they're really just signal alleging he gives it's not a matter of like thrown a shade structure of their can't do that either well that's what they did Miami essentially yeah. He's talking about because of the number of feet. Hi it is by the time he would try. He said he can't put. Some basically what he was saying you can't put some nominal shade structure has to be something really substantial. At that height for safety reasons it has to be very substantially stood no way to do not too bad. Yeah but they're it's all gonna be okay because they're dropping the price of bottled water. Well it's something and they know nothing else they can do. So used to in typical gouge it was six dollars for a bottle of water at Levi stadium. Now it's two bucks which is closer to. I'm gonna need three anyway Hampson has been my six but that's closer to a normal prize now wonder how much warmer tends to be there now as opposed to. How warm it tended to be there when he started building the stadium well that's why say it'll be a problem going into the future if if there would be if the climate change it we're seeing holes. Then yeah Santa Clara in general is gonna become much warmer place. And the 115 kick. The 120 kick what are turns out to be advice is start becoming a less popular. Deals that particularly on NASA stated where people have been asked to buy season tickets or wanted to because they didn't know. So I know a few people like mountain and it's you know their choices. Don't watch it seemed that you think about to get hooked it which is no fun or beer through. Usually a couple of games a year it's really when it comes down to. As far as the 49ers go on the field I think. How much they improve is gonna depend largely on what they're able to accomplish defensively. But everyone would rather talk about Jimmy grapple. Yes so Jimmy your op blow who by the way has his own Bobble head that's going to be given way for the opener that's pretty Tia. That's terrific I don't think that's tonight I think that's for the actual eye opener. A regular season they're not given away pre season if I don't I don't think so that. How much did you meet grapple actually prove last year and you looked at 538 dot com they had some numbers on some of this. But aside from the numbers just in terms of you guys before we get to the numbers how much he proved last year he shows he's shown yet that okay well that's a guy going forward you've got your quarterback. I'm I don't know how much she proved exactly bit yeah but I think you're just trying to figure out the other quarterback cannot yeah I think they figured out they have a quarterback I was in some ways more impressed with how we played. As a starter for its first two games a year for New England couple years ago who when Brady was unavailable yeah. No I think as a memory went in there and Sunday night against Arizona and he was terrific against a really good defense out and not to defy the numbers. As you know 530 it's all about what is measurable. But but she also clearly has an X-Factor. As a quarterback and his kid eats the dynamic wade plays and it's plated the way that I'm he can make some throws and other quarterbacks are not going to be able to make. So I think it a lot of it is about what they think he's gonna become. But yeah I I think I don't know how much improved but I don't think there's any doubt that they know that they have their quarterback. They paid dramatically for their conclusion. They paid germanic. But yes I think they've got a guy with that said and fight 38. Is like you said you know that it's a stats Bayside what they do is look inside numbers and say cable what are you really do. Point 36 touchdowns and five interceptions in other words when super nerds get on the Internet isn't the first sites they visit exactly when Jason worth's super nerds get on there as 530 A dot com as they're brighter says is mortar evaluating quarterbacks and simple passing arts causes yardage totals were impressed. If we take into that account touchdowns interceptions and rushing stats. And adjust for who you're playing which I think is very common sense people often don't wanna hear it. But you have to try somehow to incorporate. Who'd they play and even when they play the rams at the end of the season ran over we're resting their guys. So you you know it gets a little bit Dicey there but their point is his numbers don't look as great he had nothing with his legs are certainly laster data nothing. And he was actually close to one to one TDs to interceptions which restoration that would never hole through a season. So. They think that that he's probably woody really actually showed is probably more mid pack. For young quarterback than it is for something close to Lee oh really yeah. And you know they got numbers that suggested. That's about where he belongs I'm. His. It's edged bit that way that they lump all of the things I was talking about together is adjusted yards. Above back up put scum like war. You know it's a son all right if is that player how much she above average. And of all the guys. In the post merger rare in the in football who were under thirty when they got these first in five starts. I'm. He falls you know about 4042. I think that the 49ers last year at the end of the year when it went all those games they probably weren't as good as they looked because as you say yet to consider who they were playing but I also think that. For most of the season before grapple got there I'm not saying there we're good team but I think they were better then. What they appeared to be because Hoyer was just terrible. Yet they brought him there to do a couple of things not. PD MVP and he couldn't do the simplest things that this seemed well the very least to be able to get the ball out quickly make Smart decisions. Brian Hoyer was awful last year ya. And they were not only that dust they were not only you know inept offensively but particularly terrible the reds. And that's a tennis Steffi if you can clean up even a little you looked a lot better in a hurry. If you're grinding touchdowns a set of field goals in the red zone for example. Even just a moderately higher rate he just looks like a better team right away. And that's what grapple I was able to do. So he's in he'll have. In of their other reasons to be optimistic he can be optimist about peer our son. And you know what he and get when might be able to do together on the field and kills progress has something to watch yes and you know if followed you know there are a lot of reasons so I think. I'm between that and you know I've alignment looks better and it did. You know a year ago and certainly better in two years ago attic could be better offensively there's no reason at the table. They'll be better and part of it is because he's the quarterback no doubt but 530 it was a San hip hop the brakes a little. You know on those just those raw yard totals that you saw out of those five games deserves a lot more soon I don't know what there. Really to glean from tonight's game no matter what happens one thing I'm looking for though. I would like to see the defense and what the starting defense might get two series I'd leak like to see in the show a little bit of teeth. Because last year when Dallas went in there. Think that was in October and douse this flatten them in on dells was way better in the 49 Fleischer. But I think they scored fourteen and think they scored two touchdowns in the first quarter Ezekiel Elliot just flat but what else I'd like to see them in the new one maybe two series. I'd like dish them to show little resistance movement I I would Albee is to see if they can't because obviously there are still figured out a lot of things defensively. Yes and there that the encouraging thing there. In what makes it worth watching and listening to is did get a CNN's committed to that he wants his starters on those who like their projected season starters. On both sides of the ball to play at least one but probably two series so you'll get some idea all right first unit defense on the field against. A good Dallas office by any measure to get off it's our it is that much but at least to get to learn something. And they haven't really. You know I mean they've barely had scrimmage so this is gonna be their first extended content and the raiders played lines tomorrow night and I think you talked about this yesterday. The raiders had been pylon on March Avis Brian he's got to get in he's got to learn the offense and yet today only was terrific. Yeah he has or go on sale here is illicitly Hindus in grade those two catches from Connor and Cooper tremendous. For a that was just didn't break him down see you build them up when an old football concept I Sherman's Brice Butler he was just. So price dollar integrators star yes pre season he has tremendous slew of pricey and tonight if only briefly for the cowboys out there to spit out more glowing a bright spot was the greatest hook up in the history of resumes in football. And not just the numbers were phenomenal away sister. Press photos unstoppable in pre season.