Sure that coach who injured himself celebrating a score 9/12/18

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Wednesday, September 12th
But does he belong anywhere near mount bad celebrations more?

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Going for their 100 win of the year the giants fell today to go on to the Braves controversial run. Controversial decision leading to the winning run brand belt was ruled out his foot off the bag on what would've. Let's see the well the would have ended an inning would have an idiot top half of the knights right the brazen up with the lead there and yeah right wouldn't that that the Braves scored on the play right only because it didn't turn out to be the third out. That they're giants protests were pretty. Heavy mean. And it Timmy partly that's just the team being totally passionate you see the replay and bell was the news that was right call the runner was safe spells what was off the base it sure looks like it to me. And the only thing that I am I saw from the beat writers who has. Debt that. They had seen I guess different angles and then we saw because no rails we saw Ochoa clutches of close that is what came off the back write just barely was got mad me. Well that too it's all fair so the go ahead run scored on that plane Duncan scored their half the ninth and they lose again. A receipt for fast just eleven straight losses for the giants but you said afterwards yeah I mean he said he was aggrieved by that call but he said we cannot score. We scored one. Like let's talk about how really brands are pretty good ballclub. Maybe a little had a schedule on. Straight into the playoffs for the Braves this Antilles finally coming came back to earth and the Braves are ready year old top five in Baltimore he pays a leading Baltimore right now 457. Another. No it's only ten and things are amongst it it just seems like is when the G I got all ten and one inning so it sure seemed that way they had a better third inning and went on forever and I know one point LeCroy area had two hits in the inning and that's coming out win then end Baltimore or. Is still using starters fired me so easy pitchers should say. Like we haven't won and if they're gonna go to a position player but I forgot about the September call ups again. Argues yes but my my wild card factor there is is Showalter. Being so angry that he might just you know tried it embarrasses on team by thrown a position player and others is a game where they might as well this spring a fan out of the stands there wasn't pick GA saying who. This is Gil Martin so you can close the he said that like you know who it is nice sail like he reminds me and name a friend of mine so he could be some material. South K Gil Martin different your student okay to learn. How about Sean Elliott not the basketball Sean Elliot the Georgia State coach. Injured while celebrating a touchdown during last week's loss to NC state. Woods injured feel a bit of that one wouldn't Georgia State coach Sean Elliott says he tore his right biceps while celebrating a touchdown. During a loss to NC state Panthers scored first touchdown of a 41 to seven loss. On an eight yard run in the first quarter Elliott said the coach set up fist bump during the ensuing celebration. Cause the torrent right biceps but it's not. Yes he's expected to undergo surgery to repair the terror on Monday there. Does he belong on mount bad celebration more blue I don't that's a pretty big. That's a pretty big assignment. Because there'd been some bad celebration injuries I would like to give you mine this is my amount bad celebration mark K okay maybe you agree maybe now we got four faces a mount Rushmore right. Currently yeah. I got. Gus Frerotte had bouts the end zone wall after a touchdown a 97 and sprains his neck solid. And especially because guess for odd that's so great. So like him just like yeah yeah you bet it did yeah I got 2012. Chris Coughlin. He's a rookie of the year tears the meniscus in his left me. While smashing. Teammate Wes Helms with a pie after a shock of seeing it but it's okay. Member I think it was Matt cain's perfect game and Aubrey Huff hurt himself going over the railing I considered that but that didn't make it. I know and I think in the I think here. It's a good one to keep them. Because she really did all I was trying to do was leave the rail to write a celebration yeah yeah I think that's happened more than once a guy's got hurt trying to go over the rail peavy might have done that interview he did this I think is the week it is a good one but I think it's the weakest. 2012 also. Kendry Morales and hits a Grand Slam a walk off Grand Slam comes around the bases stops on all played and breaks his leg GAAP. I'm I was just look at it that. And I don't think that we can all because just. You it was a straight. It was a straight jump on the home plate. You've broken leg jump and play. I mean that's a pretty good freak. Me out bad celebration more. And you know what that you know what number one is don't you know. 2001. And bill gramatica hooked up it's our via its shares the ACL in his plant leg during a celebratory jump after kicking up 43 yard field goal. First cold air that day and if he is to Sonia he's got what does he then the speech it is all over. The dramatic yes so that coach that's unfortunate but that. Come on Billy fine yeah. Just not gonna get you anywhere near mount that celebration more no I'm I'm I'm sure people can you really have to even explain it anymore to death celebrate. The it in his case. It is true that it happened I think the first quarter and it was the only. It was the only point I'm mouse yeah yeah failing and I believe you know forty what is seven he might have known I'd better celebrate this one can see he's got to go for like you can you don't blame him so I get it to your biceps here and there. Possibly you were over pumped to be in the left. That biceps awfully large it was sort of data to be torn. Did you see as a team and Choi of the rays he did a celebration a walk off home run a couple days ago. And he started celebration before he got. To home plate you know all the players are waiting for him and he stopped halfway down the line and did like it being answered some things really which I think I don't know that I've seen that before and that's tolerable yet is it blowing out I mean I think you you know did you hit the home run and well you still we're still kind of in that. Ron sliding scale of what's tolerable anymore so as things change I guess nothing's certain end. A little playgrounds have been given on the on on. On contact right if you launch wanting you know they've just won the game he could bat flip. I you could just Tom. As you get ready to go and you can even slow jog it obviously them without it dotted but I don't know if you start celebrate come up the third baseline of a well but no we'll see if you haven't scored the Runyan if you wait to get don't play nobody sees it. There's just a mob of people. That's true but nevertheless I just talked about and let's talk about what makes cents and just talk about what might it dotted in baseball. And it's possible that the started celebrating while running up the third baseline. Is. Did that might get it done. I'm trying to find a four here apologize Woodson did them through video anyway. Where he hits a home run here ago cries I apologize to Lesnar wanna get mark Brothers viewing this. Jima and Choi with a home run a walk off home run for Tampa Bay this was a couple of nights ago. And his teammates are going absolutely nuts as you can see today for the Indians Gatt and he comes around third base and he sees all as teammates going ballistic. And it gets about halfway down the line there. And then he stops and the let's let's. I don't know what does that kind of it kind of let it kind of a shooting ability yes yes yes motion doesn't like idea. Breathing gets to home play here mr. baseball's is that is that Bolton. Well I would've thought so until now is show me the video I see that the Indians actually RD walked off the field so maybe it's not as I was pleased you know if you get asked this respectful yes maybe not because it feels kind of clear at that point so if it's issuing your mates out there and that's all that's left I guess she can mutually and it's a fourth inning or something and yes the next three guys again -- and I'll tell you celebration had a little trouble understanding now know what happened. I'm short season hey it just happened up in Oregon. And emerald city here somebody my they they they won. The short season championship. Of the northwest sleek. Beat because the opposing pitcher balked at one time. With I think the bases loaded rewrite balked him balked him to beat the people walk off share. He what he balked in the championship Ron and look like he started a windup and I look like made it easier rulings that his cleat caught or something and he sits Greg idiot did you see the catcher in the case. And it is easy in his squat and he's prepared and they stood at one point they show replay it's just being a catcher. And they just showed him looking out to the mound and just. Dropping his head in his shoulders because they don't even get to compete. Which is all day it happened. The bench with. Easy they went crazy as though and another won a championship for you want to short season a championship that's just as a championship. And they want it because the other team balked in the treated big guy scoring as though he'd hit you know. The Bucky Dent home run I got no problem that mr. baseball I just thought I'm not saying it's dot there's no repercussions drinking but I just thought. I'm not sure I've seen this before I've seen guys get congratulated for actually drawing OO o'clock that into the game. But when the other team commits the ball you put a ball in play and using commits about I know we're celebrating that you'll go crazy you know. Tip base have negate your they're not gonna win anything yet any have a walk off home run in the team right there we're going ballistic yes you can go back to their early sixties. Especially go back even further than that. Teams win World Series and the players they weren't half as excited as Tampa Bay was two nights ago for walking off. Cleveland yeah in a meaningless late season game I mean they're guys that. Yeah. Do we want the World Series. They only knots and I mean partly it's. I'm sure too that partly is that's a young team without enthusiasm finishing strong but in the old days and then you know they have the TV's a lock from their season. Some hooting and hollering bright bright yellow and it's just pandemonium. Did you take your wins Reid get him. Mean that's definitely in new debt taken baseball is all celebrate today because I don't know any I don't know. About tomorrow and the rays are everybody Cinderella story and their eighty and 65 by the way. So Dave Dave Dave push themselves that they're actually the team dent is chasing if you wanna think about that way they're actually chasing me days there has the mayor's. So yeah they're gonna celebrate every little thing if you've ever been in a locker room our clubhouse when a team actually wins something it's scary. It's different.