Somebody please tell me what I'm supposed to make of last night's Kings game 2/23/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 23rd

Was it a tough loss or a good game?


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We hope we get to the king senate Tiger Woods it was a little up and down today had a good round yesterday I'm almost afraid to ask this for gulf war Chrysler. How did tiger you've been gone my body was going off the rails a little bit get a good he shot 34 on the front. And you can see by the way if you watch any of it the wind is no joking he wasn't kid yesterday and I think he called a blustery. Are gusty but it's blown pretty good anyway. 34 on the front side and any began to Wally took a double on now I some had a ball on the blocked found the water but he just. He recovered in just sort of played his way through it shot a 71. So he's plus 122 rounds which will easily. Make the cut the projected cut about plus five hyper fourteenth yeah it's not say it's not an easy tournament he's four shots back. No one's been at as a Giguere Hewlett out there so. Everybody's. I. Not everybody's done but almost everybody's off the course at this point so he's in position. Going into the weekend to be flirting with the top ten finish he left some out there to you miss some make able birdie putts. Yes he did and he cost himself a couple of strokes out on the course. But yeah I look pretty good and he he also he. He got up and down a couple times when he had to mean and that's older. School tiger well and he had the big gallery really energized the commentators were talking about that there was some almost palpable going on. People were start to feel like while it's it's Tiger Woods again. Emery made a pretty gets I wouldn't say a long long putt but the good mid distance putt and gave up. Fist pump. Witches. And send the haven't seen much from him while he's been trying to play his way back into for a certain but it looked more like he felt like he was in a rhythm so not bad. I don't know we can call you mr. golf though and I know night I don't know knew enough there's a mr. golf and knowing I just if anyone on this show or mr. Goff and out Beagle. Guy and the show actually has only one it's simply seventh and skin India's so. You know but I I wherever find that person will be and I went I would be me yeah I expect I'll jokes frankly sort of it may be known were there any witnesses. Yes and I did that they're difficult to find these weeks that yes absolutely get tougher to their witnesses like you say yes you know. But anyway he's going to be news all weekend and he is playing on a course that's very familiar to them like a lot of the main stops on the tour are am. And he seems pretty happy with the itself all things considered good if comic kings fan should I be happy with that came last night obviously that was a very difficult loss for the kings. Losing at the buzzer like that Russell Westbrook had a game winner for Oklahoma City here is on that final play. Go to finally just based on those who wants that left. Home trying to run the most serious things that go scream collusion to reflect. On it felt a little fallout. I'm just ready defenders accompanying him gives you space. There was Garrett Temple Russ says they they thought I was going for laughs so maybe that's why when under the screen is just a great shot I'm not. Criticizing your temple's defense incredible you know when they came in just one of those well well yeah well that's that I get 12 left in the score. You know. Kings fan. Now of kinks fans like to feel good about it instant you have to be happy about it this is the whole thing about tanking it drives me crazy. You're I understand. What that what to root I guess what to root for what's what to brute force kings get the best draft pick they possibly can't. But that means actually during games like last night somehow being able to separate off. What are you watching from well you know now they really should win this nobody wants that they were played a great game. Unit but he's hanging in there again they're gonna beat Oklahoma City what a satisfying when that would be Tivo and insanity and Garrett Temple combined for I think what 55 I mean they played well and that's the things I it's panic even if they'd wannabes. Coming about hollow victory are maybe I'm just over thinking that maybe it was an entertaining game and his role that the fans are at a good time and while lakers that are. They on the kings tomorrow night. From where I sit. It's the right result where you play a good game even though was on the backs of the veterans and that's been not formula be played as a team you played gay game debt. Energizer for eons and was a real talker I mean it was illegal wide talker as a game last night. We didn't win and that's actually the right result but I don't think if any kings and feel that way you get that close to being able to winning gaming it's Oklahoma City. And you know you know I like Westbrook but if years apart active fear of the kings you don't shout West Africa. And he was unhappy at different points a game in his car and guys at different points that game. In as a kings fan you look and you wanna send him off the floor miserable well I guess on the one hand I'm suggesting that maybe the king shouldn't be playing their veterans so much but you do have to play somebody. And Koufos was out and Darren foxes out so Reza was they only they only played nine guys a little houses frank Mason played thirteen minutes understand you got to play somebody right so maybe they're just maybe in a way they got deploy and the thing. All of Vince Carter says we got to remember this feeling this is this is the way compete at this level pulling offer of thirty footers with six seconds to go down to. I would say but he healed. Had a represented game Jesse dead and outside his family gonna be the next step curry. I know. The end next if curry might be staffed curry based on what we saw last night but. For now. What that was was Dave Jaeger riding his horses. And you know that we need the veterans are all gonna play heavy minutes. You know but he played it right down stretched like there was no we're not do and a teaching moment here on down trying to beat Oklahoma City that there's a teaching moment it's watch these guys quit. Here's how you play in a tight game. Couple we all can be on the floor. Or have veterans actually doing the work to nobody healed a nineteen and nine yen for last night nine rebounds and four assists it's something he can do you that he doesn't. And should more often is he he can really be involved. In rebounding. He's got more ops and people think he does because. It's not really what he's asked to do a lot but he's it. He he's a more attentive player and I think people thinking as he gets loss on defense sometimes and it creates the impression about Woody's. Doing bad habit that I can rebound so maybe both teams are better off with that result that's a good. Much needed win for your team I think maybe your team was looking ahead on to the warriors tomorrow night they might have been looking ahead and they definitely didn't wanna play overtime if you're gonna play the warriors in two days you don't want play overtime in Sacramento. To the kings now are happy game better than the suns and the hawks who add eighteen and 41 are tied for the poorest record in the league. Orlando Dallas Sacramento all. Eighteen and forty and they said Phoenix and Atlanta eighteen and 41 you know and it's you know it's it's gonna be a grinder. And you know yager really does have just by the way the roster is shaped right now he has veterans. You know he boy we're looking for a new play young players that he has got his share veterans on that roster many of whom are gonna have. To play them it isn't like he's got a multitude of options as I said yesterday these teams towards the bottom there getting serious about this tanking. Last ten games Phoenix one denying the Dallas to an eight. Brooklyn there at their pick goes to the to the cats they're nineteen and 41 in their last and their one denying that this one denying that. Chicago to an eight and even the knicks are two and they won last by the beater and yeah. Knew that also can't happen certain mixture wandering around somewhere in the executive suites tenacious and what happened and understand. You know supposed to win that game was wrong with them. So yeah it's very serious here I am that take a Thon dot com simulated lottery are your Democrats say. Are right let's see out of work out Sacramento would have the third pick up and my stimulated lottery. So basically. He himself sacrament. And you know yeah. So basically that played out the way you would hope they finish with one of the worst records. Worst excuse me records. And that gives him what it YE a 60% chance they're absolute worst record gives you a 60% chance of landing in the top three that's correct sixty point one in fact yes. So your simulation actually nailed it. Because those are aren't those a three worst teams by record in the league right now. Well the kings are no blunt they're tied with three teams for the it's third best third worst record was parting with two teams eighteen and 41 thing. Do they taken their pick and third pagan third and a. Here's what gets cargo bag leave. Yeah I mean here I don't want to you know it's rare if I gonna do Michael Porter junior saudis and let you play again and hasn't actually played that we think he's gonna be great.