So far, so good for the Thunder & NBA GM Survey says... 10/4/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, October 4th

Rockets played a regular rotation and the Thunder looks good while playing without Westbrook.


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Real to be bringing you the National League wild card game. On ESPN thirteenth warning this evening we've got to the Diamondbacks against the Colorado Rockies mark Riley says Rockies got a shot this thing out. Yes it's so according have a shot it's I still don't they did did the Diamondbacks are in position. They're in exactly is spot they wanted to be and that they played four. Greening debt the Dodgers are gonna win the division they won enough games to host this game Greinke at home particularly. In Phoenix has been incredible and so yes. All advantage Diamondbacks but I love the Rockies lineup by the way mr. baseball as I mentioned of course you can hear the game here and ESPN thirteen twenty cool thing as post season radio. ESP at thirteen twenty on the other hand on a watch last night ESP and so tonight. Policy they game says TBS what. Yes TBS OK so I know it's jumping around Banja. Is that just me or does anyone else have a hard time when it's you know my. MLB network will tomorrow or Friday okay are going to be some. Keep it up it's gonna have to go on. So yeah you need to keep your remote handy okay but it it it's true. There is no home. For the clips that is where dent. The leaks make their money when they sell to the highest bidders plural. Otherwise she wouldn't be looking for two T during the NCAA basketball tournament now would you. Susie I think maybe that twins we're gonna get it done last night I got excited when they jumped on the inks for three in the first. I I did rob the Yankee fan you've bill nervous. With the early start. I'll tell you what I thought. When the Yankees got out the inning holding it to three I thought I think that's manageable. I'm. No idea I mean it's just might my thought is the Yankees are better teams in the twins yankees inevitable in the in the twins. If it becomes a bullpen game I like the Yankees in this game. And although Adams got to be incredibly disappointing for Paul mall owner. Tennis team give his pitcher a three nothing lead and a veteran at that and have Santana go out and spent the bitten that's Stetson. That's a crusher. The Yankees jumped right back in. Yeah I agree I think that too crucial of points of the game work when the twins weren't able to. Capitalize second and third one out of freedom nothing yet also Santana out of the game early that's that's a killer for them well we don't have the bullpen depth aiming close with the Yankees have Brett Gardner. Happy that his team come back and give that lead to the bullpen just. And have good at bats and in you know they the pitch before was was pretty hot up and instills good to put a good swing on enough and then take the lead I mean listen nom you know 34 runs we knew I was gonna be enough to win the ballgame tonight and on this nice to be able to give only door open. At what level that is sure I mean they were incredible I mean they basically. They basically pitched a game right in his state two thirds. Out of one run ball so they were they were they were remarkable and there's. This may in May feel like a secondary factor but who really knows when. You know the twins. I'm great center fielder Byron boxing gets certain again he made a great catch don't against the wall brought us honestly I would because he went up he knew where the ball was. And somehow you know he's done that a lot he must hit the wall little harder at any pockets he kind of willingly jumped in without law yes. And I think he might have. Misjudged his own velocity can yeah I'm angry are you yeah yeah. Anyway I who knows that taking not a game in the fourth was such a huge blow for them because he was he an RDE driven in Iran already. And he's a force on the base pass and he's your you know he patrol center field. So in a guy who replaced him later on makes mistake at first base where he just flat over steps of bag turns granite yeah. Runner on situation into runner out who's who I didn't feel so bad now when I saw that last night when Imus third base against taleo high. How Brendan Leonard they never they never side wasn't called out or anything but to this day I can't believe you bring in and out but that's that's a statute of limitations expired. But he was just one of those moments and I I'm just saying I think the Yankees win the game. But pucks and that's a pretty big blow for a team like Minnesota has put together. You know around it's great ability to run and defend and to get on base runner on the basis them. Well mr. baseball while you were enjoying the American League wild card game. The new look rockets took on the new look thunder so far so good for both teams your thunder there without Russell Westbrook. Who apparently is heaven I don't know like. Is leg amputated so I'm sure will be fine he had an injection in his knee which I didn't know what was gonna happen platelet rich plasma injection in his left knee all kidding aside I mean six that's a little worrisome isn't it it's the first game of the pre season. So I mean we'd much rather see him doing it treatment now been doing it in. You know him. Late October might still that's it would have loved to have seen those guys on the floor together and that is happening rockets win 10497. So what out and everybody looked. A Carmelo had nineteen Paul George had fifteen. For the rockets crisp ball eleven point seven assists no turnovers. In his first game with James Harden and the rockets. They played with the exception of the name they've played their regular rotation. Through the first. Three quarters in Terna scored ninety points in the first 36. And really like that things on track what he seriously ninety points and three quarters for that rotation. Wouldn't be like a 120 point pace I don't think is out the question. That's a scoring team they're not and it's mean. Chris Paul is not gonna affect dramatically the pace it would seriously it'll be his job to get to care level of pace not the other way or mountain so. I really question to me is. Did Tony talked about those guys playing not exactly in shifts but a whole lot of Hardin at point guard then Harden off the floor. And I'm. When when Chris Paul's run in the point and my guess is those guys you have both been on the floor a lot mean before it's all. You know over we have a new general managers' survey the annual GM's survey survey says is. Well 93% of those who responded said the warriors would win the title. Last year 69% of the GMs are respondents said the war is would win the title. Am. So this is an unprecedented number but to hardly a surprise no they did that NBA dot comes into in this GM survey for sixteen years so. 93% would naturally be the highest thing they've ever done that to me the other striking thing was. 93%. To the warriors 7% of the cavs don't proceed to anybody else in basketball retro that's what you don't want as the NBA here. The percentage GMs who voted say it is said that army LeBron when the MVP. Kevin Durant was second in the GM's MVP tally other categories of us some interest when he 9% voted for. Carl Anthony sounds of the timberwolves as the player they picked today to build a franchise around about down. Yeah first got hit if he could sign anybody Greek streak I think was the next guy in the list finishing second in the voting was in fact. As I. Oh yeah oh. That's the guy. Most likely to have a break out season Carl Anthony towns won 21% of the vote again this is a voted GM's. Yeah on us let's see. Well it was. Port Zynga as soon and miles turner the pacers were tied for second sorry about that yeah as young as 60% GM said lawns a ball when rookie of the year. And prides. GMs voted Oklahoma City as a team that made the best overall moves in the off season. That's surprises me a little bit because I thought first of all I thought Houston's move on Chris Paul was maybe the most. I'm. The highest impact news. Simply because Houston's already good. I think Oklahoma City made great news that that only makes them competitive mountain used as a chance to be you know the second elite team in the latter actually GM's shows Paul George as the new offseason acquisition likely to have the biggest impact in Paul Millsap to Denver. Was the most underrated player acquisition according to the general managers on the India. All right. And you can't vote for young guys are your own team or yourself I saw kings player to receive notes in one of them of all of all things was. Garrett Temple got votes from GM's when the question was which active player make the best head coach someday. Moon that the leading vote getter was Chris Paul and then a Ginobili. Vince death and then Garrett Temple and Vince Carter got a couple votes as well so. As a got to make the best coach someday you know down a current roster you think will be here on fox got a couple of he got Adam votes as and also. Ran it and rookie of the year so lament the keys on people's radars guy who could be. You know who who the kinks to be very happy they drafted it's gonna be really fun every time he plays against lawns of because clearly it means something to him down. Is inching and GM units look at things so differently but it. When when they're asked about rookie of the year this year and it's Alonso when they were asked which rookies gonna be the best player five years from now. It's just Jackson at Phoenix. Where they are really in in the long view and and Alonso isn't lawns are like fourth it's it's Jackson in minutes you know Fultz. And Tatum it's it totally different true then who might get votes for Ricky Villa this year. That's just GM's short universe is long he's home we got to feel pretty good about your team are pretty proud of what they've done I am happy they didn't say it because if they'd if they sat last year in just said what's your team Roscoe get him again MVP. They'd be at an absolute non factor at least there are a factor good luck with that neat thing I'm sure that'll be fine basketball player with a and injection and mean ask you that everytime I here lately and rich plasma I think great news ahead just routine.