Should Thursday Night Football be illegal? 11/10/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, November 10th

Are there too many injuries happening during Thursday Night Football?


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What the heck it's been awhile but I can see in a few of the monitors here and better world a monitors and drive is watching college basketball. It's happening live college basketball wall and yeah I think I even think I'm watching the armed forces classic between Texas seen him in West Virginia. Which is a. In an an opening evening opening day when every on a college gaffe college Nassau game of two top 25 teams college basketball season tip and off with a 163. Division one men's games. And of course among those. I used to play against Georgia Tech in Shanghai you silly little short handed I understand now on gonna play about three men down Whitey. As they remain essentially hotel bound. Have you noticed that the ball family becoming a punch line will get to that bottom of the hour here on ESPN. Thirteen twenty as for a last nights Thursday night football costly victory for the Seattle Seahawks. They lose Richard Sherman a costly loss for the Arizona Cardinals they lost DJ Humphries a tackle. He's out for the season I don't branch safety out the season if Yani moma broken ankles so we'll see about that. And sell. Doug Baldwin. Was asked whether or hated it with all the injuries that in the Richard Sherman Achilles there does that exit today that Thursday night football is that too dangerous. Business can be okay. Intimidates it'd been didn't see it deems it easy tonight. Football should be unique. Michael Bennett says thirty the thirst and accused Barney put tip players in harm's way conflict Thursday night games for people are harming their bodies are prepared so. To lose a player whose magnitude of this caliber is just isn't. This strategy Pete Carroll on Richard chairman's injury Richard. Does he has Achilles and so he's. They can get checked and electric stuff that he the doctors are really clear about that eruption is kill us. There's no combat and that we get surgery helped us. Richard chairman on why kept playing through the injury before we go to every game matters immensely you know armed embarrass you he brought great tribute to mention brought there and in charge of more yards they deserve it that's okay you know I don't give a team best chance to win. You know we're kind of be a record anyway. Didn't really want with the young guys out there and input of our spot so. There's been pretty rough but you know just like anything else knows he can make excuses don't play no doubt there's so. Do not play. So that was a bloodbath last night it now there are toy watch fighting it was terrible. It took. The game was it at least the game had inching moments but. It was just so brutal watching between the penalties in the injuries. It was a it was a tough one to see you know and Sherman's thing was bad because he limped off the field. And then the cameras observed him. Melding the words you know tore my Achilles. To a teammate and he also shelved I don't know team doctor official I don't know if you saw that now I didn't I'm sure that they were. Among other things I'm sure that they were not thrilled that he wanted to stay on the sidelines I'm sure they wanted to get his. His foot in it in them and if the very least a walking boot which is what he was wearing after the game but during the game we stood on the sidelines. I'm B yeah it was it was it was Graham it was really give him an end. It brings back into that he knows his his particular case may be is the best example as. By all accounts he knew it in September he knew he had to music kill the sum was wrong with it in a funny ruptured completely last night. But it's just the body can also my last night in in you know both teams were clearly. At risk. And it made theirs and it football not fun in addition to doing now and in the end it was also allows a game that. But it was it would just wasn't fun to watch not fun to watch guys just give her happily feel now from the league side it's very easy to say well sure it looks bad because it's all on Thursday night but it's football. The guys could have been coming out of of a bye week and had the same injuries you really can't prove that it had anything to do. With Thursday night right that's where I think that the the major disconnect is carrying. As I delete it there's so much money on the table on the players agreed to this. But I think most players if you if you tell them hey. If we take there's an football away a whole bunch of money goes away. And it started and I saw it already worked out to a per player basis would cost each player about a 132000 dollars. If there's an app for Paul went away really out when you fear in what the contracts are Lehrer yeah. And I know Ross Tucker buddy Ross Tucker tweeted I'm most guys Lee would take that trade you out tonight a lot of money budget chairman certainly would. Yeah a lot of guys would say Eric fine. I'm needs that's gonna happen now can you in the middle of a network contract I don't know if it past three years or two years left it. Nothing's about to happen on since Thursday night football other than they're gonna continue to play it. So Natali tests to figure out if you're gonna have Thursday night football going forward. Community is worth a lot of money. Is there any way to make it safer than it is now I wonder if there's anything you can do with the schedule that is if there's anything. In terms of being more mindful of having teams coming off their buys playing on Thursday night's. Yeah and other than your run into logistics like well now KG can't just have a team that advised plan on Thursday nights but there may be something you can do. To lighten the load well you know little less difficult for players to bounce back a little more recovery time ya. And that's it should be Paramount concern. Because there's United's becoming. Net kind of a bloody siege. But the for the league it in a bad year for the league in terms of injuries puree it via. Last night was another bad night. Mean Richard term is not a guy you want off the field you could literally put together a Pro Bowl offense and defense guys have been to the Pro Bowl and who are injured this year. You know he never missed a game. I actually as of today he still has never missed two games into became a pro. It's 111. He's led the NFL in interceptions sensed when he eleventh so. It it's it's that the leaks challenges. Are so there are so many right now that probably on Sundays the that it did people who run the NFL archer where's start. You start with some the criminal problems you've had do you start with. The court challenge to you currently facing do you start with. You know the latest round of concussion revelations or maybe there's not a bad place to start because the problem is it's. So huge and unwieldy the danger quest about the scheduling. The immediate conversation last night. Point out the obvious which is you can't do it in less you build in an eighteen makes kids on the second by for each team than you do that. You can theoretically. Have teams play on Thursday night coming off a bye all year long but only if you go to eighteen weeks and at a second by. And a lot of teams have been pushing for that anyway so maybe that's where ten yeah. That almost makes sense may be too much sense tough night for Adrian Peterson I suggested yesterday told him he will not have as many yards rushing. Against Seattle as he had carries against the 49ers were very very right 29 yards on 21 carries making. Or just the seventh time in NFL history that a player has finished a game with more than twenty carries. And less then thirty yards and not all go run these guys put a hole. And there was that's incredible. Incredible and it was an end fumbled on the first play it again. Like it was downhill from there he had no shot in the of course they were playing from behind. So he wasn't gonna wind up with a 37 carries debris Syrians predicted because they rallied to protect them. He had a brutal night and he's now had full. You know. 130 plus followed by Terrell game 130 plus followed by terrible game that's his four games in Arizona so far right. And last night it wasn't on necessarily because he didn't have time to recover and Andy was too slowed it all he does their had a chance on some of those carries a try to use be followed up is being handed the ball in strums. About half the time I'd say half of his Kerry's as soon as he received the ball he was already in the middle of a two teams crumble well well right around where he missed him. Not good and and he also lost fumble and was tackled in the end zone for a safety and that's it. They'll play out the string but I think the Arizona Cardinals as we know in the last few years visit for them that's right. That's right and and their reality is is to begin stance not a guy. So they also have to be quarterback shopping the they've got to figure out their future. They'll have a talented position player coming down when David Johnson heels. But they're gonna have to go get somebody formed throw to David Johnson by the way it would be the running back on the you know Pro Bowl team of injured players she would Drew Stanton does he blame his wide receivers for dropping so many passes. You'll never hear it had to facilitate export everybody's got their fight you'll never hear him make an excuse for I need to play better that's plants that well. Meanwhile the win puts Seattle obviously an excellent playoff position that the injuries still leaves them with a lot of holes to fill they wanna be a serious post season where yeah. I'm. His camp chancellor one of the guys was asked why. You know some people say that yeah it's top planners everything you get the action time. You know but some eat the extra week in going into the next game. And in his response list tell them bleed view yes I guess that right like lets you know. You you're you're still wrong on this that there's no way for me to be civil about it. We don't wanna play three days later we let it play idea the legion of boom became the lead to new boo boo yah there was one guy. One lesion boomer even left on the field last night Dallas stretched. Things have changed in you know you said yesterday when that you know their defense is what it was they're still good but it's true they're. And even the name brand defense is beginning to fall apart. Richard chairman's thing is brutal but. You know at an Achilles surgery successful he could be back on the field and when he eighteen and good to go but right now. They're in great positioning until you look at their roster.