Should the NFL adopt a targeting rule? 12/6/17

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Wednesday, December 6th

Will the NFL step in?


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With the NFL considering. Targeting rules next year it's interesting he the way players are reacting Mike Mitchell. Is among those very frustrated by the overreaction SEC's it to what happened in the Bengals Steelers game. He vented today regarding the situation. Mitchell in a video posted by the athletic dot com sit at the end of the day this is sports. Period. Ball you wanna see flag football then let's take our pads off that would make it easier for me because now I don't got to Wear heavy asks. But give us flags for me to pull off because that way I know what we're playing I signed up to play full speed contact football and we're not doing Matt. I feel like I gotta ask a guy hey. Are you ready for me to hit Q right now before it hits you. And now Mike Mitchell of the Steelers a former raider pointing out that some of the illegal hits result from QBs. Throwing an inaccurate pass that forces the receiver to dive the resulting in the player being hit the head to. He said that a 50000 dollar fine from two years ago. I came from me Andy Dalton throwing a bad ball to it Tyler I first. Is the quote I got eight holes like Matt Hasselbeck. Calling me a dirty player and trying my character. And we've never met before Mike Mitchell says. Yeah. I think he's got a great point night he's an idiot IE I don't think what he's saying is that far off plenty flag football you've lost me at flag football. You can't look at the injury landscape the NFL this year and start talking mouse off the game is well I don't think it's a matter of say in the game is soft it's a matter of saying I'm playing football and play in the way I've been taught I have things I have to do and then if that looks bad debt. Or a guy who moves his body before I hit him and I happened to hit them a certain way then I'm a bad guy in and we're not playing football that way. At the essence of what he's saying here again is that you can't legislate. The very essence of what lot of football that's what they're trying to do that's what the NFL's trying to do to make it safer. Mastermind Mitchell's right got to deliver that message but what I don't know if he is or not but I think there's a lot of truth to what he says in Anniston that whole flag football thing is lose me. And don't ever pretend. If your Smart enough to deliver this bees don't ever pretending not Smart enough to understand the changing football rules could GR. It's not an intellectual thing that's it's easy for us to sit here and say I'll you have to understand the change and for the guys that are playing it it's not as simple as. Here comes the ball there's the guy I'm trying to go oh wait no rules have changed now I can't get. That's it it is not that simple it's not an intellectual process. When you're playing the game and that's the point he's making your right of course in yet players are successfully making that change some aren't some arts and that's where I'm guessing it'll dinosaur like OK but you know I don't. You're trying to pull the Gamal. I of course should of course is going to be able to payment directions where it's not you can't go. And yet it does go for a lot of players as you just said plenty of players are making that change I don't know that they are that's why I mean he's not the only like everyone's cool this. Defensive backs and defensive players have been saying this for a long time I can't tackle a guy I can't do what I'm supposed to do you can't you can't hand on him. You can't leave your head easel tackle in fact he still racking guy it happens all the time how in the world can you tackle person without. Eating with your head if I do not think reports on my head is in front of my body yes physically impossible to my shoulder out there at a my hand if I need to see where your kids. It's physically impossible and yet it's on all the time it's not impossible now I shoulder tackle all the time you're talking about it like. It doesn't happen out in front of you every NFL weekend. And every guy who leads and helmet is not flagged for lead with his head by the way every time out the most egregious hits. If you are tackling some won't your shoulder your head still in front that's a though that all it can't be with your head I think that's a misnomer I think. That sounds good but when you try to put into practice on the field I don't think it's always practical and there's a lot of nuance involved in and you're right. It it's a physical sport. And you've got eEye guys don't have a minute I have to thing now let's see a proper angle here. But it is choose their defensive players have made lots and lots of adjustments just over the last several years. On May be I think we agreed that okay if I'm gonna hit a guy in the helmet with my helmet. That's illegal but they're too many times when helmet to helmet contact is unavoidable. In their too many times when defensive backs and linebackers are making plays that have always been good football place things that they've been taught to do and you know but that didn't look good that's it fifteen yards. But it's football. It's true there's no lead there's very little if any leeway for bats. I agree my problem with something like what Mike Mitchell is saying is that he sort of saying it's no years and I'll agree with that. He's saying quit trying essentially in a real L he's doing is. Is giving voice to an opinion that a lot of players have. But I I'm I would never agree with that it doesn't make any sense I think you're trying our very hard to make it what to whatever degree you can make it safer. You trying to make it a little safer. That's it. And some of the rules are pretty common sense right. Given what I party thrown at passing you level and you're getting flag of course but I don't think that's what anyone's talking about something needs to happen in the game all the time so okay let's not here on the point it's up beside the point it's absolutely beside the point why the defender he used to level a quarterback now veers off from that same quarterback in that same situation that's learned behavior yes. But that's different than what we're talking you're absolutely right but that's not what we're talking about we're talking about when their defensive players tackling a receiver or running back. And there is a contact. Up around the head area and the presumption that that's avoidable it's changed now and their times and you know what it's not it's easy Peter sit there watching the game and saying that. Up in the league offices because you wanna make it look like you care about concussions but on the field there are many times when it is not avoidable and throw a flag on some of those plays. It says shows a lack of understanding of what's really going on. Okay I I don't disagree that it's hard when I'm saying is in the quarterback he's implement and giving. Is that but no one's disputing that noise and saying that took awhile. It took a while guys leveled quarterbacks and a flag front necessary roughness they are pissed off about it and said that's not football in any eventually they figured it out. And now it happens very rarely. What is easier to not get a guy after he's thrown a ball did not take two or three step yeah I'm not trying to compare that a level that went out and say Peterson breaks down the whiny guys have made adjustments and have made changes but that England validate and make on the quarterback of about the hits you're describing. Guys have made changes. On those place there are some changes that you can't make it we just the example we gave of how Mark Cooper got his concussion. And even Jack Del Rio so that's terrible hours of this vicious head had to come back and now it's not. And things like that are going to happen absolutely and I was glad to see that the league today rescinded the suspension for a low cut and set a sign. But even then you know ski Shawn Johnson says that's. Yeah I eat that's what a defensive exposed to do. He was trying to overturn a Big Dig which got it right because as I look at it as wire receive early is really trying to do was shore the ball loose and did Brooks who obviously know they've missed. Playing defense you talk to run to the player the trial eliminating in terms of catching the football for touchdown. Here's a bothers me about it and I am all for player safety and I hope that game can be made safer but a lot of what IC from the league in my opinion. It's about appearances. It where's the line well depends what people think of what you did that'll determine whether you cross the line or not that's disingenuous. And the league obviously the lawsuits are major concern. But I think because of that I think that leaks concern over the lawsuits. I think it distorts. There. Rules and it distorts the way that they are enforcing some of these rules and that puts some players in impossible positions my theory is that ultimately. There's really it's an illusionist. How much safer you can make the game in hand and I don't think we we have to be honest about that. Don't disagree debt but the the idea that you can't live along any team trying new rules are designed to eliminate the worst in your overstates our exit. Now see you're distorting the argument not. I swear I'm not block out Mike Mitchell. Mike Mitchell pat spent so much time leveling guy's helmet to helmet. But he's the wrong got to speak to it that's all well he's in and that's the true video you're just the wrong dude whether he is not justify the fact. They you used to lay people out now I get flagged for laying people out whether that's a cure or not he can still be right what he says can be true. And I think there's a lot of truth in it and the district of what you're saying isn't true because I've seen you I'm not a guy now that there is in truth there I'm saying that he's one of those guys he's saying I don't wanna try. To look at it's I don't wanna try and do this any differently. That's easy she is his point of view is I don't wanna do this any differently. See guys are wrong for trying to enforce a new rule other defensive players have said. I wanna leveling guy how I do without him flat. Well you're making an assumption about what he's suggesting and under alone on visas saying yeah yeah phenomenon as history and you don't need to do that I'm saying regardless of his history. I think he makes them very good points there and I think there are germane to the discussion and a big part of the discussion is the NFL I think. Is that would have as buy into this fairy tale that are ahead up. Old teacher at the youngest levels head up don't leave with a helmet will make the game safer is only so much safer you can make the game you're right absolutely. No question about it. You can you can only do what you can do sees try what you can do and some of the rules will be terrible and why have to be taken back out because they won't work. That's part of an evolving sport known. I'm I'm not anchored by a talk that the NFL's don't know targeting rule but we'll see how it works out I guess is not a bad thing to consider it. Hash and what I did and I I'm not even I'm not I'm not arguing with you on this one but. On the it was at the Oklahoma Oklahoma State game where there was a I'm not aren't spare our honestly I'm not trying to drag you back in our guys not doing that. But you saw the game was and it's terribly. Convoluted situation. Re at a key interception but she had a defensive back. Take out the receiver but they ruled that yeah he took him out that was targeting but the interception had already happened yet so you know that was awful yeah. Well again big college targeting rule is. Definitely not where I would look for guidance because it's been a mess that that game was won but I think I probably saw. I know I would say half dozen games this year where there was targeting called. And I can't remember one time where I said yeah I really see that it was it's a terrible. The NFL would have to be incredibly specific with what it meant on the rule for it to happen ditching button. Any chance there I think you know got sidetracked they're gonna think it's really important to some like Mitchell's comments report 913 twenty.