Should the Kings take the third with the second in the first? 6/11/18

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Monday, June 11th
What's the latest mock draft?

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Bart today only the third intent today working out came. And check out to if you're not already following changed hands on Twitter team Samad Simmons just a quick video snippets on his. Twitter feed. From a Fe police work out impressed by his ability to score low post with the right in for left handed player yeah. But it's hard to be big to me it's hard to tell too much about a player from fourteen seconds of video and this is me bush is where you and I differ away because I. I've watched at least fourteen seconds it don't Chechen unmanned. The latest mock draft from the athletic. Has. Vaguely going to the hawks' third. And then Sam descending. Of the athletic rights talks we take the best player on the board to. That's Bagley on my board monster athlete who produced at a prodigious clip this season he's the first freshman in the last quarter century. To average at least 21 points and eleven rebounds on a 64 point three true shooting percentage. In only the second high major player to do it joining Blake Griffin and Oklahoma. At a Oklahoman 2009 it was I don't know the kings are going to be able passed on this guy. You know not arguing in favor now I'm not saying this is what did you do I'm just trying to look at it as objectively as we can given the limited. A man of information we have and it's it's harder and harder for me to see the king's passing. On Bagley. Incredibly Smart for him to be in camp I am working out specifically for the kings haven't they conceal all the stuff. Including our runs the floor it's a lot it's just so much easier for them to imagine him. When he's earning their building ran their stuff and I'll I mean you know you don't really get drafted on mind tricks or anything that. Thanks to two run them against a couple of bigs even assistant coach Biggs. Gives you an idea of what he's going to be capable of and for sure the word on him come now school like he was boy he really left hand dominant. Is it that were enough putt I wouldn't bother me but I. Can appreciate if he's trying to show everybody. I'm good I'm good with the pain. Is there any thing that Marvin Bailey the third can't do. Yeah not a fact quote much like when Blake Griffin was coming into the league. Nobody got to Begley will be productive offensively and on the glass but there is concerned about how he fits in defensively. Not the most instinctive flair there often ending up in no man's land and despite elite quickness at his size. He doesn't have great fundamentals in terms of his defensive stance he'll need a strong defensive coach to get the most out of them and quote L stints. Grow in an end to learn how to play defense and an NBA level but the word on him. Even at duke in huge probably better mid year mid season anyway as strongly toward the end of duke it. Was that he was just to step slow on defense a lot that is just a step slow on rotates. You know. The word from duke was that they had to play an awful lot of zone down the stretch. Because she he was meaning he might have been the only reason but. He tended to be a step slow and also set slowing rotation and that was killed them and yet in their conference and he's not slow. Sophie is a step slow you know it's because he's just not. Doesn't have the instinct sees plagued defense yes you know the energy perhaps it could've been. Either bench kings job and that's a big job the kings job is to try and figure out which does he just can Izzy just not. Instinctual and is that going to be a long term problem or Kenny B. You know can we. I. And move him oh a little tipsy committing more energy on defense because everybody in the NBA has to sooner or later. Aren't too many you know one way players in the league just a couple while speaking of Blake Griffin. Dwane Casey has agreed to a five year deal with the Detroit Pistons to become a new head coach K. You know good coaches sometimes end up in places from where they don't do so well. I wish doing Casey the best in Detroit I am their bill the around Blake and I just. I am not optimistic that that's gonna work for them. You know coach out a month was really good with Portland. And then he went to the warriors and this. Just he was awful their penny came in the Khazei is great again yeah yeah. Dwane Casey. Did a really good job in Toronto except that. He has the fifth worst playoff winning percentage all time by any head coach minimum of fifty games Mike for teller was twenty and 42. Jeanne shoot thirty and 47 dug well 3350 Doug Collins 23 and 33 between Casey in the playoffs 21 in thirties yet. Nothing special about it. When he of those losses in the Eastern Conference were essentially do the task of beating you. Could mean let's face it hasn't yet you share. And I I heard anti aging parents honesty today today it was and pinching interview. Because and he wasn't really being it was so let's just trying is a we've we've not weep you know we swept. They said you know to say that there were two games that were were right there because we have four tip ins to winning game McCain get it. You know when he said there's no question we didn't get our mode Joseph back after that but the reality is they could've played a much better series. Than when they play they could have. It would have been that hard to envision them pushing it to maybe a six game if they even when the first yeah the first game they just flat out killer to it yeah just attack and stepped recover from that but he also said I didn't hear it may be dead he also said that he the plan in Detroit is to build around Blake. And expand his game a lot like they did with the rose and in Toronto expand his game that to the three point line. Have some point forward responsibilities. Good luck with that it be exciting if it works I just I'm not so sure that you can build a team around Blake that way. I'm impressed by the fact that Blake Griffin developed to jump shot midrange. Debt really has to be reckoned with now because you have to come out on him. Or don't knock it down with that said. I don't think denting its ugly violent yet and I don't think it it'll move to the three point line. And I certainly and again. I mean all of all of the luck in the world to doing Casey at the key deserved a job. Without a doubt. But if you think it Blake as point forward is can work. You. You're in for some long long. Nights where you're just watching mistake after mistake I don't think you can put the ball in his hands as often as it sounds like they wanted. Blake did shoot 35%. Beyond the arc this year 34 the year before us is we know that was. 34 with Detroit and thirty found its right thirty for the clippers yeah pardon me yeah so for the year he shot. 345 B on the arc. Before there was 336330. Threes it's not a very good three point shooter I think gets the upper limit that's my point I am I am I really do I think it's you know if he got. T even there can agree with me I'm agreeing with you there. These guys released the first. I I don't I mean he's not gonna become forty point. A 40% three point shooter that's on his game at all also of Jerry West is training guy and hunting him he's not in again. What about that I mean he's doing that's too but I think Jerry West is moved talent before. When he said hey he's two ounces but that's a bad fit for what we wanna do. In LA which I thought it was becoming pretty self evidently Kim IE your peak your parts of it. He's talented. How he makes him fit with Detroit I don't know. And I think that's what Jerry West human with Brenda guy's got a ton of talent but. I don't things can work here and that was a long time coming and I think that was seven doc just couldn't admit it. You know and that's when doc was the coach and the GM is a hard time from treatment stock to big Al here three point 913 twenty thanks rang and dig out what's going on. I've gone back that you guys but first the Chrysler are I will be out could be credit that you spent that may have got through. And it added Jerry West didn't really remember you go back to ED you have frequently three E*Trade. An all star guard norm next been right in the becoming. Byron Scott you Hugo and of course they've been hurt and belt blows out of line I'd never heard from you know as the break. What before well. You know that coming but he wanted somebody you wanted to drop dead outside shooter to take a look at Byron Scott and Arizona State then he would be guy. Starting to shoot long range jumpers don't read what that aren't I mean I am sorry your right Jerry Jerry no about it manipulated. Out of my point about view I've got to come back which I don't think gaining not. Okay dope or anything but I value. More credible sources include Boston Herald Beltre that there are gonna get bump up after the game I want beginning to happen help you guys out but. It'll go to probably Gallup. Obliterated June brown and the recent board here. Read more here that they can make a dollar look at the dollar ended the war position. You want an apple let it. Rebounding shot blocking better and app to Bob. But the all American gay Arabic about all the detective last year that he can do that. Tell yourself sorry you're you're saying that their bosses get to trade up into the draft. They're gonna go to Ottawa I was joking mile ripping McCain should do it yeah they're brown and that twenty whatever it they haven't. If you view lackeys no no don't do pretty well do it outside wants to do it about that over commitment in that we're level take a look at a word. More and a load July oh is like he'll be later on. And Courtney Kemp who's now could've been you know you could make arguments if the artist I'm coming rookie of the year. Yeah yes Al yeah and it certainly is gonna do it because they haven't yet in the better position. Al Horford and a free agent another year and they owe him when he whatever is billion dollars and look at young kid that does what he needs rebound. And app. All right thank you dig out thanks Alex that's him that's fun idea I wonder how all. I see what he says any Sandia Obama comes in he has a lot of outside you save for some money there. Also you got some redundancy there with brown and Tatum who and you didn't know either one almost going to be this good now they're both pretty good teams better and needed a somber in the sense place Horford eventually. If not when you're from now. But it my question is how high do you have to move in the draft to make sure you get pumped up. You have to Dina DF to call Atlanta. Can or can he get away with you know picking fourth recess house's Alice Oscar and all he's got he's talked it sounds to me like he's talked to Danny Ainge he man tells me like he said Danny your house for some cookies benefit not surprising.