Say it ain't so, Robby Cano 5/15/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, May 15th

He suffers a broken hand, will it all be all right?


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He has interviewed Tony RD minute conversation at all the NBA conference finals guests are airwaves you that's a fact Jack goodness. They were on early and then those two Jack asses in the afternoon showed that show was a little shorter and acting you're the basketball recruit see we can do about that. I'm I've been talked people down the hall and although they're generally not receptive. Did you know anything I'm they've they've been taken this or under advisement so. Stay tuned to ID it's possible that later on this afternoon and the lottery today and they gave you wish. Yeah make you wish there's some about the lottery eleven just because it's so weird there's nothing else quite like in sports. It's bizarre. I think it's win their league really start to go to different direction is when. The lottery idea was hats and all that. But at some point it became a thing. As if it were a day of celebration. Which is interesting to me because which are really doing is saying we're gathering of bad teams today and trying give from a decent player so they'd stop sucking. And then at some point it became number no it's lottery day. Right you don't understand right it's brilliant marketing it really is it's all in the cell I don't know if fit well I think we saw last year doesn't really discouraged thinking. And they'll take further measures to try to have. Make that happen next year. But it does. Pennant turn a negative into a little bit of a positive for them. Whereas before there the we're seeing on most sports the worst team has first draft pick canals like every team has a chance today all the bad teams. Yeah but I I agree yeah I think someone I'm in New York committed to marketing arm of the NBA realized wait. Now in basketball this can be a big deal only you know we're thinking about this from. You know if you have a chance to maybe add a top. You know if you're able to draft somebody who might become one of your top eight guys. That that's a pretty big deal for any NBA team. So wanna leaflet does the script and declare it. You know this hopeful day mom. So that's when it started Rico we're pretty much and which I still have trouble if I all the kings and all the king's Bobble heads we need to. Where's a lottery today it's in Chicago right yes so we need to do this every lottery. Which in turn them so they're all facing wherever that would be which would be well whereas most. Weight room way. Here it would be right year it would be I don't know where they are over your shoulder wouldn't Whiting well they're so it's already we got our Keon Clark pointed in the correct. Bobble head rattling yes toward the Hilton in Chicago where this thing's gone off today okay. And then. Songaila has no idea where seat looking there's a I don't know and polar areas like Guile color stared at the ground so we got a couple things to fix but. In general brevity I think yeah I think with. It's a good idea we got a wind up yeah doesn't work so I don't know maybe this year we read that don't try that. Mr. baseball what the hack. Robbie canal don't you know suspended eighty games by Major League Baseball what do we Keyes had. Sustaining a broken. If matter carpal in his right hand when he was hit on Sunday by a fire balling Blaine hardy. It and you know taught harvests but he did hit it brought his hands on the wrong spot and then Robbie canal suspended eighty games without pay by MLB. Testing positive for a banned substance first things first. The the procedures here they they make no allowance for and they don't distinguish between an injured player and a player who's healthy. So yeah he'll be serving a suspension while he recovers from his injury and it looks like you'll lose. According to Darren rebel who lose about eleven point five million dollars through this year. That's one of the early things out one of the things I learned today I didn't know that when you're suspended it doesn't matter if you're injured. So that struck me as a lot but of course the point is that you're going after his money so he's losing to get appear injured you collect money you're suspended he you don't so that's the first thing I learned the second thing is that. Did did the drug for which she tested positive for us to mind is eight that's a dire Redick that's normally it. It is commonly used in medical issues people with heart. Issues kidney issues some stroke victims it's a common diuretic if you have like a lot of swelling fluid. Causing swelling and I think we call that a diva. You that's well things you can take to get rid of that. And MLB doesn't specifically ban a player for having that in his system this is what I learned. Instead what MLB does when it did know when it went discovers the president it's of this particular direct. Is it brings in you know I'm an act and other specialists. Did then determine whether that was. You specifically to mask. Made it a different drug that's why he got suspended because it can delude in your system concentrations of things are not supposed to say exactly. Robbie canal city was given for a so much about our licensed doctor in the Dominican and he said it's used to treat quote various medical conditions. In quote. Don't know which condition naturally none of our business but Robby can noses. While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was banned I obviously now wish that had been more careful. Yeah time and then the other thing that I learned through all tonight's assays are partly back. And who then that apparently none apparently can't do Major League Baseball player you're taken some as described in the Dominican. I didn't realize it was banned yeah I should've been stuck on I should have been more careful don't Italy fifteen years prescribed for various medical reasons like I was fine which one of your condition is Benazir besides war. Well I'm concerned now because I think you've had a either a stroke. Or you've got some kidney or heart issue I don't talk about it today. Right to worry my fans yet don't have to you're absolutely right but the other thing that I learned is that. Com can now as you can imagine is ineligible for the all star game but I did not know. They he's also and as of now no matter what happens arrests here he is ineligible for the policies oh. So I don't know where the mayor's headed probably without connote not as far as that line. But if they had a post season ideal even if he's back on the field and playing. This suspension means that when he comes back one of his lingering punishment says he can't play for them. In the post season. Nothing I did not go boom I wonder if you could do nothing in an appeal that right before the playoffs start. This happen before the season anyway background of the story is still happen this week or last week he tested positive before the season. And they were in their review appeal process. NN I guess as of today or yesterday exposed he decided to drop the appeal which is another way of saying they've got news you have nothing. We've looked at everything there's no way you can prove accident. Can't bring in the doctor to say gets on me now last up's gonna work. So it finally dropped the appealing to started serving. They also have an outfielder to the Mariners by the name. MLB's performance enhancing drug policy while he was with the Marlins and when he sixteen and why these guys do this because it works they make tens of millions of dollars from. And the PD's help them do that they get popped it's unfortunate but it's still worth it in the long run. Can those injured right now but it's freaky Munich got hit on hand he has not missed more than twelve games in a season. And now that's even counting on Taiwan rest. He's played pattern fifty plus and a season every year since a seven so at some point. And and inning player's career he's going to be very tempted to find something that helps him stay on the field again on the field every day. And that's a risky running if you get caught because it's just. Straight up Howell works. Not that everybody's running around cheating but there are enough guys looking for something or anything that keeps him in the game. In canal clearly is one of them. And that you know the whole point of the dire rhetoric mean that's the red flag that seems you onto essentially secondary you feel the first test now have found out why. You know what's a concentration of the directing assist man that poured Dominican doctor he's not gonna sleep well. Why and I guess that's a Robby for his various medical ailment I should have something else for his various you know ailments you know various elements indeed. But that's. That's a Benson. The money is a big deal of course but I was struck by the fact that it also. Includes its heat is isn't as though you serve your time and combatant come back and you still suspended from the playoffs as a team angry I'm sure they're very disappointed but the official statements as Robinson made a mistake he is explain to us what happened except that the punishment has apologized to the fans the organization and estimates. We will support Robinson as he works through this challenge he's been very good for them. And they only time but he's been really good for them so probably two things are at play there. He's been a good player and making Galley country it's just interesting to me and I'm not moralizing I just an observing. That the stigma they used to be associated with the ED use. Tell what it used to be obviously it's there is is still exist somewhat but is now what used to be and I think it's just more. Maybe we're just better educated and realize it's less on older guys take it it looks last night. Really in I mean I think there was a time when people were very happy to not know at all. And then came a wave of years in which week. Were confronted with it I guess you'd say and didn't know what to do. And now we're just a little bit savvy or about white guys take drugs yeah I think the last straw was when. A curling curling competitors. You know failed PD to us I think we all realize and file with their take on I think everybody should. If the curlers are using PDs. Certainly baseball players basketball players football players should. My aha moment was actually. An Olympic sport but it wasn't trailing it was some by half on where you know year. Winner where you're being used skiing in the and you have to stopping you have to hit a target five straight times. While you take a drug. To call me you them not to review and I hadn't ever thought about it that way and at that point I realized. Yelled answer. You know you care you're gonna if you got to get chemist. And again doctor you can probably get something. That's perfect for what you need in your sport and the question is only whether after that is only whether it's standard.