Sac Republic may have checked the last box! 12/6/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, December 6th

Meg Whitman is back in!


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Today could end up being an absolutely unforgettable day for Sacramento soccer fans today could also end up being a very forgettable day. For fans of the Oakland days but we'll see how about Sacramento's MLS presentation today via. All accounts it went very well in Sacramento got good news today. When Meg Whitman decided for whatever reason that yes she did wanna invest in MLS Dallas one of the concerns with this ownership group rise well. Meg Whitman was going to be in and then she she was not but now she's back end today which is great. So sounds like the presentation went well and Ali got to do is beat out. Two of Nashville Cincinnati and Detroit Detroit's got no chance. Yeah the the the the thing on Meg Whitman. The bigger concern was not whether she was in or around although that matters. The bigger concern going into these final essentially final pitches. It what was with the ownership general in general in Sacramento and who who's gonna have the pockets. Yeah the other three bids are deep pocketed new including Detroit Detroit has to. You know. Meghann. Wealth the owners of other franchises nab him that I initiate a debit other issues one insane is. The issue one of the issues in Sacramento if you wanna put it that way is a really. In almost every other respect are too many questions to ask one of the issues is where's the money coming from if if if the league needs money if you have a cast call. And your your your own by Kevin Nagle has got money but not sports on the money. And was a big deal because it was one of the questions that they were going to be asked first of course this year is an estimated net worth of three billion dollars. See that's what is easier husband were in Bolivia and alleviate some potential concerns from grandma MLS it depends on what you know. What her ownership stake might be yeah. That's the idea when she was in. And then she decided to war now says she would retire from Hewlett-Packard in Indian withdrew that was last month and then. Today the not immediately clear what changed. But that's a big financial boost our republic owners right now Larry so according to Iran and way MLS can keep Sacramento out Ryan Lewis's peace in the B says it. The mayor sacrament or Steinberg came out of meeting saying that their community. An MLS had a series of questions. Which is Sacramento bee it would address over the following week. But added quote we're very very excited about our prospects could have gone better I'm. Not without knowing the content of the conversation. And he wouldn't elaborate on what those. Series of questions might be it's a little odd to me that they would have really any questions left for Sacramento. I am maybe goes to some specifics about the stadium plan on stadium financing notice now. The question clearly. And also says I'm well I don't know for a fact but I bet money as some do it well it to what extent of the rise guy's going to be involved an honest and tell like just assumed that one of the things they had to talk through wise. You know we had spoken with someone from the rise guys that was me about it ownership stake out in an investment opportunity couple years ago right we're aware that I doubt it just sort of where are we on that I think was one of the questions is being bandied about. They feel good about it they've done their job that Sacramento. The sacraments so. What is it called the greater Sacramento economic council. Actually paid for a bunch of fans to be there mom says are paid to travel costs for about opinions are about thirty. Sacramento republic fans chanting out in front of the building the committee members took note of that remarked on the fact that he could hear them even during the meeting. Which out of both skater Babbitt the president woods was definitely for. Small potential hurdles but you compare the potential stumbling blocks. To those of the other three finalists and it's like wal Sacramento has to be. One of the cities for example Nashville is considered a favorite but the city's being sued to prevent a land giveaway. To be used for venue construction and that for example Cincinnati east and yet they're considered. The front runner yes absolutely Cincinnati's. Doesn't really have a clear stadium plan. And Detroit was working towards a soccer stadium that's real big MLS. Soccer specific facilities and then they kind of switch direction on their plan now it's like they're playing at Ford Field that would be either they're neck and get a team. I wouldn't think so but the only potential ranch here is our one is. It looks like the Columbus Crew may be moving in you can see that maybe somehow. MLS to say well the Columbus Crew is moving to Austin we still would like a team in Ohio but that's unlikely so we would wanna go Cincinnati had a segment I don't think so. I think this same thing that I thought before. And that is that. It isn't a question of what Sacramento has has not done because by any standard tech boxer yes Sacramento has meant you know every requirement. It's really not about that. And it is completely about things that are outside of you know ability of Sacramento's leaders to to influence and that is what MLS ones plus and now this is not you know what they want geographically when you know there things seeking control here. There's a reason why you can have been getting bumped back in line more than once. And in part of the reason is that MLS once. Other things. Let's just the part that they can't control this decision is and ultimately made by the committee by the way it's made by the other MLS owners. I know that at what the commissioner says is is hardly binding but he's really talked himself into a corner on Sacramento. Checked all the boxes that's it you know I believe Garber is a wanna say that first one offers people say. It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when. And at some point OK you get a few both of those things especially when you look at the situation. And Sacramento clearly should be one of the four. Would of the two to actually get a team here. Yea I think so I just I'm I'm cautious about it because. And I think that Sacramento has had everything in place for all a while now. There ahead of everybody on this right Ian Wright and have to be because you could see MLS wasn't real now I own both say what what he got okay we're affected every time they came back. Wow that's really impressive we can't ignore you anymore I'm just prepared for MLS is owners to get in a room and want something else that it's something Sacramento can't deliver because Sacramento can't be any place other. Then here. And so. If you decide that Columbus is moving in he needs Cincinnati that's really be on Sacramento's control couldn't give you another reason why they don't wanna go to Cincinnati the think there it is a time and I don't doubt it they're there you know MLS has taken close note of the fact that with a minor league team. Cincinnati is drawing add new ad MLS levels Cincinnati strong 20000 people. 44 a minor league soccer team so. I don't know I Ali no is that. By almost every measurable Sacramento is already there and so really is just waiting on the lead to wise up. Originally the Cincinnati did. Was promising a 250 million in the dollar investment in the city speech and give a 150 mill would have been part of the commitment. With the remaining 100 million is a matching amount. To come from the municipal government and then you'd have a pool of 200 million. That would be used to build a soccer specific stadium to house and MLS team in Cincinnati how ever. The drawback was the lack of political will to financially partner in the stadium proposal and that's a year to finish second and I yet. We didn't think god just tells what we'll start were ready to go it's paid board planned we got the site we're ready. Yeah well. You know you should know around Chris little bit after Christmas whether you win you get it or whether you dates tell you you've done everything right just hang in there. Which is what they've heard before him so they've made it a great pitch they did their job they've they've made a nice presentation that locked in with a nine ipads. Then preloaded with all of their details are named candy each of the committee members that doll like they didn't thoroughly. Prepare for this thing. Another thing that says Sacramento's contingent has. An advantage in his. Some of these guys like Steinberg indicate that they've done this before with the NBA intern like all right we've been down this road before him prodding KJ for his closing power. Why he went to the meeting today. Is that you know Denorfia as a closing Perry wants out but that's not for me I decide I'm assuming that this is about his you know ability to. Or his his his record of having. You know plaintive. A role in the king stain in ten mountain and this just a sign of here's how we did it and here's how we do it and here's why it's thriving it looked the golden one I just hope not only other owners and those pipes. Well look these pass probably not that I I I I I don't know I know that they. They eat that there's not a perfect bid. And that's probably a big point for anyone to Sacramento he gets nervous or who looks at the history league insist now now you know you've talked to a sweetly before. But chilly out in the east were bids are not perfect but it Sacramento probably comes closest so looks really good for Sacramento but we just have to wait and see meanwhile the baseball park plans. Fell through. I you know they they wanted to have. Go ahead and build a new stadium. Are on land near Laney college. And you knew from the get go and he's picked that site you knew there could be problems there was could have bridal governing board of the brought the community college district decided yesterday and we're not gonna talk is about this anymore and so now the jays who knows what they're gonna do they gonna go to plan B maybe or maybe this it totally changes there stay in Oakland strategy this isn't the first time me is that that we've heard this. But this is come from a different guy this time date Kamal is presently gaze was quoted lightly. When they announced this site as their choice as saying we don't have a plan B for a robot. Shades of blue wolf and it's really important to have a plan B and and of course they do. Date they have other options that. They are the ace said as much you don't have to guess they said in his statement that they were stunned. Debt the debt the did the district of prompted district. I opted to not even continue a conversation when. That would suggest a meeting you've been handed a pretty firm no. And you might wanna reconsider right from the start. There was a lot of push back on the site. On the the issues that would be involved in locating a stadium of that sizable fifteen acre. Plot right next to a Laney college. And the mayor of Oakland right from the start said I'd prefer than you know Howard are terminal that's been down a waterfront. And plenty of other people said you know you're sitting on nice piece of land right but whistle flatly yes not a developer that's not attractive to developers I get all. I'm at any rate I am. I'm just not surprised by this the -- sound as stunned they shouldn't be yet they actually use the word shocked yeah we are shocked by the decision to not move forward how can you be shocked when on day one even though there were some media in the Bay Area who have very quick to gloss over this. Is it didn't fit the narrative. But out but from day one there was push back coming from within the school district area and the surrounding neighborhoods. So maybe it wasn't your best. So I mean the city of Oakland is committed to keeping the a's in town they're going to be the only game in town here a couple of years in. And hopefully there's a reason to think that they will continue to work on a solution but that's a pretty big swing and a minute policy in cities the only way to go miracle on. Late great coliseum city that plan is rested and ready is Syria is in sit there on a side show for some I don't wanna see him back at the coliseum site so like you can down there and get out of there. Yeah I'm not sure what part of you know immediate highway access and a train stop doesn't appeal. But I did no one under today area yeah developer would sickening my money there and I can make my money down the waterfront. That's apparently what's probably next.