Remember that time the rain delay was longer than the game? 9/12/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 12th

Is there more rain coming in?


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The jets got a tough watch last night given the fact that there were human and at football games on and now. Some guy named teacher coach you better really cool like Ted Williams boosters on the but I'm just curious. How long did mr. baseball when only mr. baseball stick with that game last night the game that ended at 211. A gamma. With the jets extending the Dodgers losing streak to eleven games. Well it's anyway. I saw I saw the first bass granderson strike out. The skies opened up and that was about all I saw I saw the resumption of play at about 1050. Ability is about 1050. And I would is. I hung in there on and off until about 1245 and when I say that I mean another off a couple of times than I mean this is beyond my attic right you're right no I did not I did not but I had watch a lot of football and I was. Sort of ready for the sports not to be over most in my review stage. And and sure enough in China refused to. They refused to put the. I'm you don't listen if you. They were all the other stuff that's you know. At AT&T park and around AT&T park happens normally. For example barks option. The last fairy sounds a horn so at some point even the people who stayed through the long rain delay. He you have to make a choice mean at some point you can't get home. You know it. Right if they played it because that's what baseball does these days. They refused to they refused to think. Deeply about other options. Because they felt inconvenient by the way those teams have an off day Thursday. The Dodgers didn't wanna give up their off day. And probably the giants did neither but that's not the point the point is you got rained down. But they refuse to accept Iran announced that the plated starting eleven well apparently one of the factors was moon the forecast calling for more rain. Yeah it is there now yeah right now but at the time that was sent there were some. Possibility that more rain might come in and so as a otherwise that have a doubleheader. Today or tomorrow yeah yeah and Betsy was not. You know overly. We have to be fair and say there's not a great results here because if you play it last night. People get hosed Betty if you move it to another day people who paid for a night game has suddenly realize when my tickets now good for you know. A 12:45 PM game and it that I can't go seek and I work. They had an announcement on the scoreboard to earn a fourth inning pitching change saying that final Bart trains would leave downtown at 1220. Dog blew us all maverick. Even 1:25 AM yen during the seventh inning stretch yet but yet there was somebody out there. In a kayak. Did out there until the wee hours I don't know if they stayed the whole time I don't think they stay the Pakistan the whole time. Those are real fans right there I guess that's a way to put it bears fans build the word from the top we have I guess so I mean inning kidneys might have been people who were. You've been faced with a choice with a team is saying around its tonight. That's a ticking you bought we're not it's it's not we're not giving you a ticket for another game this is the TV bot that I don't quite get that I know they'd and one of the Dodgers and wanna get a Barack day. More rain in the forecast here's for a interracial and talked to Larry there isn't CEO and he's not a real bear actually. I'm now and he says the logistics of getting security and other personnel to AT&T for the day a half of a double header today. When you were only deciding last night at you know 11 PM would be tough. I'm the Dodgers didn't wanna give up the Thursday travel day. And it's not 100% Clearwire win state double header didn't work I understand why I double header went work. But it sounds like the team sort of said no let's just play. And the Dodgers are saying that we need our rest day when only given up. So that's that looks like an end. And by the way if you buy tickets to a night game because that's what you can do that's justice then didn't even as they're wrong what now than even Thursday would've helped you because under baseball's rules that would have had to have been a day game because it's a traveled. So you still probably for a lot of published an on going again that in some ways it's almost as bad as the 49ers refusing to. Listen the fans' complaints about how much sun areas on one so stating that leave us for years and years and years and it just yeah DO it that in some ways this is almost as bad there's a little bit of that but it's also. It it's it is true that there are too many solutions here please very many people. You you have arena. And you can reschedule it although he's now you're at the part of the season where there's not a later dates are scheduled to say it has to be maybe a double header and if that's a case. Mustn't give blew it last night probably can't get to a day. Does being fair on them so most of them earn their tickets worthless anyway. Moon meanwhile the of the Dodgers and they're not going real good right now and lost eleven and around sixteen. They lost sixteen of seventeen now Krantz. I'm that's correct yeah. And they they stand there's a Clayton Kershaw start a one nothing victory over the Padres that's all that stands between them and seventeen straight. Lost sixteen or more games in seventeen games in last ten seasons the Dodgers. Other 92 and 52 right now the 2015 braves they finished sixty was 67 winced when he twelve masters who went 55. 2011 Marlins who won 72 is a bad teeth he pretty bad team to lose sixty to 7111. Mariners won 67 games. 2011 twins went 63 and 99. So how bad is this team right now that's still what three and a half games up on. The nationals for best record in the National League easily just weird. It's religion dad team. And I've watched him probably in the last. Ten days I've probably seen in parts of five or six Dodgers game southern Diamondbacks game just seem quite a few different views of that team including last night. Limited atlas image it is they're just a bad team they might become a good team again. But they're doing and they have all the hallmarks of a bad baseball team might need a day. I'm including alas that's a great example. They'll have nights where they score planning can't hold because they're pitching stinks not nice when they pitch well and can't win because they cannot produce a run. And that's almost. Textbook definition of a bad team where you can not put your your elements of your game together mean for more than a day at a time well I. It's they're legitimately bad it's definition of team that's not going well but got the thing out at this a good team that's really aren't real slump are legitimately. While they're just they're just bad right now I. Tend to agree with you so I've seen him to jaw dropping him off a dollar seats that SI dot constant dollar about the Dodgers I'll be fine. Well I thought that last week I I did and I thought all right they stink in the truth is that very rarely. You know the mayor's one year in the yankees' one year but the very rarely does baseball. Now I'm sort of or or does a team get all the way through season unscathed you know even really good teams have terrible stretches. I'm in this case it's historically bad day you know even real good teams go through really dad here tunes by the notion that the Dodgers kind of went into cruise control little early because they were so far ahead. No. But but not because I might of course it's always possible that a guy might takes an off the gas but. To see depicting claps a way it has that's not that's not. Normal that that that is not guys easing up because a starters going every fifth day in a starters pitching for himself. And that she is you know. They. You your pitching determines how far you go and base almost the time anyway I am in Dave's been terrible and as their shot comes back they should be better. I mean to shock came back wanna start. Then got blasted by Colorado. And that's uncharacteristic and I expect to see him on a more consistent claim in the next two weeks in the probably start to level up again. Are the Indians is good as they've been playing lately. Man that I don't know Amin in numbers all say they are the numbers mean dared but they've they've hit. I mean when you're hitting. Plus 300 as a team for eighteen games that's ridiculous as a team. You know maybe in a first couple weeks of the season before everybody figures out what they're doing. But to be this late in the season and have your entire team batting average be over 300 is ridiculous nineteen game winning and ridiculous. And they have Kluivert going tonight for a's fans who arranged in in the money ball line. Corey clue overs going for the Indians as they try to win their twentieth and tie that record. So if I'm an a's fan I don't feel overly confident that it's gonna stand in less you can just argue with available lose. I saw something so stupid today somewhere in their quest was well as a union street more impressive than the eighth street. OKZ is 120 in the inning and won nineteen get back to me he went when he and maybe you'll talk about it what is going on world rides are people really that hard up for things to write about yes. Beaulieu power rankings are bad enough but what streak as more oppressive as the nineteen gamely treatment than the twenty game when he threw him I don't think it is type definition of 47365. Play catch them up with some and but you know the unions don't have Andrew Miller you understand it's more impressive right because they are having Andrew Miller whom I don't know but I do know this the a's announcing today. They're home game next season April 17. Free admission brilliant game against the pale hose in the shy Sox. Be the fiftieth anniversary of the team playing their first game at the Oakland coliseum. Team says it's they think this is the completely the first completely free. Damon first free Damon in MLB history or one of the first anyway. Right away away back approach to make about what's the ball game. They'll provide more details. And early 2018 on this pregame coming up do what they can write in doing everything they can't. Seriously they've done a lot just this year in terms of marketing trends and news stuff. The 1999 months pass like they tried a lot of different things during get people to experience baseball there. In the whole idea is the equivalent takes his game Ian. What general make Somalia a few that's it we just need to get to hear them if if you get in there you'll spend we both know you.