Re-visitng the C Webb Hall of Fame debate 9/13/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, September 13th
Why was C Webb passed for another Hall of Fame spot?

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So mr. baseball what do you think is Anthony Rizzo is airplane stunt. For the cubs have. Are really tough stretch here that would thirty days are over 26 games 26 days. Whatever it is I apologize I can now check that for you but he's unhappy so last night. They lost to the brewers. And then they had to fly to Washington where their plane a maker of gaming internationals. Before heading back to Chicago for a weekend series against threats. So on the fly from Milwaukee. Member and they lost to. Washington and that game happens beyond now he wars full uniform. There's dating game ready. Paces I just kinda haven't fund rather tough stretch in the season. I mean we're flying into a state of emergency with rain in the forecast kind of a joke so why Nike joke around about it does have fun. I'll look at it. There bottoming out at us funny and he's right they're there in a long long stretch of games without rest and this was supposed to be enough day. Thursday marked the 24 straight there today marks the 24 straight day that the cubs about a scheduled game Newton. Trying to think what do differently next Thursday there it is yen after Cincinnati and after Arizona that after the travelers. So that did this returns return is for. Three games. And they're back on the road. And nothing easy about what they're doing yak. It's like wearing a uniform. But he's I I through cica throwing shade gap you've struggled shaped. Illness schedule make you know you don't want it and you're not crazy about the makeup scenario. I'm although with the cubs there's absolutely no way to eat cannot play that game have to play. Mean everything about the central's critical you know display against some when they're also not happy about the fact that they're six and eight and last fourteen while the brewers keep on a common including they took two or three from the cubs this week shouldn't. So was the dark schedule not a plane I mean I understand. But I mean but he's absolutely right just. Anything to operate government somebody left on your plan in Britain are remembered psyches walking on united flight it's a charter moment. He's he's hanging out at his mates had to deal. Yeah maybe Canada just gonna help the team joke about a tough situation yeah well I mean they're not on fire lately and they've got bullpen issues and you know there's a lot going on to team. They've they have talent and they have bodies but they haven't been able put it altogether and they. Did not separate when they look like they had a great chance to separate in the bin brewers. Smelled it in him brewers front office with crazy. Start requiring everybody they could added two or three guys the bullpen and four positions players. Get serious about it. So they've made it very interesting in the one thing no one count and on was at the cardinals which is rise from the dead and make you know they're they're the worst. Did that team that you actually don't wanna play by the Jacobs finished the season. I'm against the cardinals moon departments of the Dodgers coming up yes I guess is already easy schedule leader I'll just say this in a league Lanka's I'm pretty sure I'm real in the minority. I just think there's something wrong here that the carnal target team the brewers very good team the cubs are really good team. If you have three teams from the same division. At least he wondering why even have a regular season if three teams from the same division are advancing. I mean one of those teams will come in third place so no we know already what they're probably not the best team and does not help one of the schedule who's the best team well they're they're division. I mean it's certainly not third best just to their convention so how can they be well you have a chance to now play for all championship or that's the AL east. Mean if there at that yeah Red Sox yankees are both fantastic and doesn't mean that you noted that it. That your whole system is directed to clean can tell you want to ask better than the other but didn't played a 162. We write about W don't play you don't play. A 162 in your division barreled out of play and everybody else. Mean he's trying to gauge some overall strength. And I'd just laughed thirty in your division and UK okay you can keep going. You can't if you're third best record in the National League you've probably avert it. Just like second guessing your in the American League east ala the war that won't necessarily happy with. Third best record in the nationally to be third in their division they may not yeah. They may and I mean we'll see how it shakes out I mean is the NL west this is here that the analysts as a confirmed Erica team ending get them to lose you know. It could be they could wind up with a three strongest records solely the bottom line is you are really kinda cheapen your regular season which is long enough residents and I know it's probably worth it because people like extra wildcard but I think it's one reason why attendance goes down death later in the year I do appreciate that what the while cards said it does is rewards the division winner. Because that's if you win the division he don't have to worry about it you're not playing a one off. You win your division you don't have to do and that's why and it's. The other reason man and a second wild card is so that the two wild cards are in their own way penalized ya Rick Perry says like it or else we'll see we got. Playoffs coming up your post season on ESPN thirteen twenty wanna see what you thought of David Aldridge is peace that's. NBA dot com and actually posted this on the tenth. Little reason to think Chris Webber won't get his hall of fame moment someday we talked about it in the past. He points out that Chris Webber has once again was once in this year passed over for the hall of fame and David Aldridge says. Ball for one thing he says I work with a guy so. You know I don't know that I'm unbiased here but he says Chris Webber is a hall of Famer. David Aldridge says. Getting into the hall of fame requires. Yes answered to two questions in his mind one that. Were you among the very best secure position for a substantial period of time during your career to did you presence indoor play changed the game and a meaningful way while you played. And he says Chris Webber is an absolute yes to both those. In any also addresses you know the issue with Chris Webber and we don't like to talk about around here especially because he meant so much the community need so fun to watch. But out well for one thing it in went to him a tip okay if that happens. But the other thing is everything that happened. At Michigan chair and all that David Aldridge says about that is quote I will say as delicately as I can now. That there are coaches and players in the hall that have been accused of doing some of the very things they got Michigan and Weber in so much trouble that in and of itself should not be disqualifying. And the more I think about it and I look at some guys that are going to be in the hall fame some guys are in the hall of fame. And I think I've come around the think and yes he web's all Famer he was phenomenal. And he did so much for he had such an influence he and his teammates at Michigan had such an influence on the game. And he and his teammates in Sacramento had such an influence. I think perhaps his candidacy would be improved if he ever publicly would address. The Michigan situation. Thomas is if you just does not. Want to even acknowledge that any of that even happened sure you know I think that helps them known but I'm sure you know why I mean it's there's no. Once he starts answering questions are addressing it. There's no it and then you can't back out a conversation either deal with Peter you don't need just doesn't want a deal he never wanted to deal. I don't think that you know everybody. You know every detail of your life story but if you aspire to the hall of fame got to know that. It's fair game yeah and I'm not even saying I don't even know for a fact that's why he's not hall I'm just trying to figure out why is that the the guy who was that good. Just can't get the support. And I'm guessing that maybe that is all something to do that. I might be applying I'm a big baseball standards so forgive me we have forgiven you mr. baseball Britain but I'm armed let me just ask it this way. Would I nugget webos 'cause I covered him and needed to what we saw him play it's not like there's a question that. Was he good enough was he could long enough. Because remember at the point which became injured he was still he was a peak performer. And I would argue. That Chris probably had another five years of absolute peak performance. That would have guaranteed him. This hall of fame. Rush a major hall of fame rush mom so I'm just wondering. Is it possible that he just wasn't good long enough. Maybe so but he was a five time all star four times with the kings and he was rookie of the year he was first or second team all NBA four times. So you know wasn't like he was a flash in the pan it came in on one Goodyear and and always we never heard from again he got hurt. Yeah and I don't mean to approach it like tennis title right now right now you know where's the standard you know what if that basketball voters as they sit her down remember. It's cool because the basketball hall of fame they can consider college. Internationally you know all the you get to write everything not just to Indy and perhaps five don't you work do you well we can consider that because. They had to take down some of the banners I mean it did happen. Any player how many seasons he played in the NBA he was fifteen seasons in the NB. Will ya I mean that's another great point it was you know after those three. I and he played many more seasons. The difficult thing about his candidacy to me is that the stats are one thing in their impressive but there are some obviously some questions. But his real contributions were almost more stylistic. And I don't mean to say that they weren't significant. But they did change the way people thought about basketball I mean and it wasn't just him here but we saw at Sacramento who does big they helped. Two in some ways I don't think it's an overstatement to say they helped transform the way NBA basketball is played. And that's not just him but he was a huge part of it because they're very few players who could do that do things that he did. That's right without him and Vontae. Did none of what the kings and wanted. Tapped and would come to fruition because you have to have the most gifted passing bigger imminently to be Tamika all work and did. Same thing with a fab five I would argue. Dead. With the records vacated. You're still left with the fact that the fab five. I'm in Canada culture of how the game was played. And also how they looked I mean they they were so there're there. Did that it's I liked that one thing I like about the best offense weigh less rigid than the baseball hall of this hall of fame sun we sit Dylan drying on the numbers. And you know every so often thank goodness for Brian Kinney steroids or steroid but then we get back to numbers numbers numbers. You know it's like a super grind. And with the basketball hall of fame I a lot of times people sit back and say what an impact he had or or look at what she did for basketball season. Which tees closer to the spirit of a hall of fame yeah. Well RIA confess in the past have always been one of those who said he's very close but not quite. And I'm not sure why is that I'm feeling like yet he belongs I think it's because I look at other people that have gotten him. And I realize what those people are getting an OK and I don't have a problem that while Chris memorable ones and there was some of these people. It's inching and thought about it much I think him I'd still I'm still pretty reluctant to mention wanna go back and look at his record Ian and and look at all those years after he got hurt wonder I mean. You know we've assignment David Wright you can't it doesn't matter because. He did get hurt and it changed everything about his career that was a good long enough for him to be hall of Famer.